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Internet Marketing Strategy Offer

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

The Must Have Internet Marketing Strategy  For Small Medium Business Owners in Scotland with a Website

Planning to have your first website?
Looking to redevelop the website you have because you feel that it is not bringing you traffic and sales?
You need to have an Internet Marketing Strategy – so where do you start? 





WE ALL HOPE TO BE SPEAKING WITH YOU  SOON – First – grab a coffee, sit back and here is Jonathan to tell you more…………

 Implement the Complete Digital Marketing System and Increase Leads to Your Website 

Find out how you could be working with one of Scotland’s leading Internet Marketing Practitioners Brian Mathers of  ICTADVISOR and his UK Internet Marketing Partners DIGITAL LIGHTHOUSE.

Website Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers of ICTADVISOR based in Scotland has teamed up with Jonathan Jay at Digital Lighthouse in London

Together we are going to help businesses across Scotland build and market successful websites by helping you put in place an Internet Marketing Strategy 

Both Brian and Jonathan in their respective careers have helped business owners achieve multi-million pound turnover.  Now IICTADVISOR are pleased to announce that Digital Lighthouse have provided us with a partnership opportunity to deliver internet marketing services through a joint working relationship especially for businesses north of the border serious about trading online.

How Are You Going to Get More Traffic to Your Business Website?

If you are truly serious about marketing your website and willing to invest sufficient time with both Brian Mathers in Scotland and Jonathan Jay and his website design and marketing teams down at Digital Lighthouse in London and you are serious about growing your business online, then read on………….

How would you like to have someone locally here in Scotland to hold your hand through the process of professionally implementing an internet marketing strategy for your business website?

If you have just watched the video above presented by Jonathan Jay to find out about the ten step marketing system that will see your business being promoted effectively online by implementing a lead generation system that is going to get you more traffic to your website and ultimately more customers who want to do business with you.

THE FIRST – YOU HAVE JUST WATCHED THE VIDEO – it is absolutely essential viewing towards understanding the future success your business can have – because its going to provide you with a strategy.

THE NEXT STEP CALL 01592 745992 – get in touch with your local internet marketing consultant who will help you plan towards becoming engaged with a complete team of real world internet marketers that will spend considerable time devising an online marketing strategy that will get you more customers.

THE COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING SYSTEM – a marketing process that is essential to your needs: we are providing an internet marketing strategy that also comes with ongoing marketing support and advice you will need as your business develops and evolves. From helping you plan marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your web pages, making videos to promote your products or services, putting in place an email marketing system and much more, all done for you, quickly and efficiently, so your marketing evolves with you – and everyone at Digital Lighthouse in London and ICTADVISOR right here in Scotland become your marketing partners.

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