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How To Get More Website Traffic

How To Get More Website Traffic – Are You Looking for Answers?

Business Website owners in Scotland usually have just one question when they ask ICTADVISOR for help – How to get more website traffic which is quickly followed by if only I could get in front of more customers I know they would do business with me.
But having a website and trying to manage and market that website whether its a brochure or ecommerce site is no easy task for the small medium sized business owner. Your challenges are much tougher compared to the big brand names online who already have the four most important factors already addressed – TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE and most important of all BUDGET!

Enter The Complete Digital Marketing System Giving Website Owners The Solution Needed


ICTADVISOR LTD are a support partner here in Scotland working in partnership with Digital Lighthouse based in London educating and helping businesses in Scotland implement the complete digital marketing system making it part of your internet marketing strategy. The video in this post tells you all about the Complete Digital Marketing System and the approach that answers your need on how to get more traffic to your website using the lead generation methods used that will help to convert that traffic into paying customers who want to do business with you.

Digital Lighthouse led by successful online marketer Jonathan Jay.

Jonathan Jay Digital Lighthouse

Like us here at ICTADVISOR, Jonathan Jay recognised that small medium business owners tend to take a DIY approach to digital marketing  and try to deploy all the steps involved by themselves or with someone who claims to know what they are doing. But many businesses soon find out that even the cost to try and roll out  digital marketing strategy that does involve a multichannel marketing approach can soon rack up huge costs and not forgetting, that you the business owner has to try and orchestrate 6 different people or more who are all trying to bring traffic to your website. The problem ends up being that nothing is joined up. So, what is the alternative? The Complete Digital Marketing System where by everything is done for you. If you are seeking help with your digital marketing in order to get more customers to your website and considering which road to go down – the DIY route with limited support and possible headaches or have a competent team do all your Digital Marketing Tasks for you – then GET IN TOUCH!

Most Business Owners Aren’t Website Marketers

You can end up putting a lot of time and money into marketing your website, but are you getting it right. Who are all the marketing team members that are behind you, it can be tricky. What you need is a marketing strategy that works for your business.  You want a Digital Marketing Strategy that focuses on what you’re trying to sell and who you’re trying to sell it to.

If you want to find out how you can get more traffic to your website and have it convert into business for your company:


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