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How To Get More Website Traffic

February 6th, 2016

How To Get More Website Traffic – Are You Looking for Answers?

Business Website owners in Scotland usually have just one question when they ask ICTADVISOR for help – How to get more website traffic which is quickly followed by if only I could get in front of more customers I know they would do business with me.
But having a website and trying to manage and market that website whether its a brochure or ecommerce site is no easy task for the small medium sized business owner. Your challenges are much tougher compared to the big brand names online who already have the four most important factors already addressed – TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE and most important of all BUDGET!

A Must Have Digital Marketing Strategy to Help Website Owners achieve OnlineXcellence

When Digital Lighthouse was around a number of years ago this was their message.


ICTADVISOR LTD based in Scotland but delivering services across the UK and now in the USA are an established Internet Marketing Company delivering 1-2-1 support to its select customer base. Part of the support helps in educating the business to implement a digital marketing strategy. Just spending an hour of your time in talking with us will provide the answers you need on how to get more traffic to your website using our proven marketing methods that will help to convert traffic to your website into paying customers who want to do business with you.

A Successful online marketer Jonathan Jay

Jonathan Jay Digital Lighthouse

Before  Internet Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers of ICTADVISOR, met with marketing entreprenuer Jonathan Jay he read the book 1001 Ways to Get More Customers. It was recognised from reading the book and listening to Jonathan, then meeting with is marketing team, that many small medium business owners tend to take a DIY approach to digital marketing. The micro and small business SME try to deploy all the steps involved by themselves or tell you they are getting help from someone who claims to know what they are doing. But many businesses soon find out that the cost to try and roll out  a digital marketing strategy that will involve a multichannel marketing strategy can soon rack up huge costs. The business owner tries themselves to orchestrate 6 different people or more who are all trying to bring traffic to their website. The problem ends up nothing is joined up. So, what is the alternative? Getting the right people in to do some of the work for you. An added dimension is to provide knowledge transfer to someone who will have the responsibility and accountability for the website who is inside the business – should they want some of that responsibility.  If you are seeking help with your digital marketing, want to get more customers, and get your site making some money, then, if you realise the DIY route is not for you and all it will bring is possible headaches, consider what a competent team can do for you.

Most Business Owners Aren’t Website Marketers

Brian Mathers has seen many business owners in his 20years of marketing experience putting a lot of time and money into marketing their websites, but were just not getting it right. Many are driving the website blind. Not using any tools whatsoever to help with marketing decisions or when planning campaigns. Website marketing today has become more complex, and without a proper digital marketing strategy in place you will not know what is or isn’t working for your business.  The recommended advice is to get a Digital Marketing Strategy that focuses on what you’re trying to sell and who you’re trying to sell it to.

If you want to find out how you can get more traffic to your website and have it convert into business for your company:


Fife Business Week Generates More New Business For ICTADVISOR

November 17th, 2015

Small Business Owners in Fife Wanting to Achieve OnlineXcellence Learning Digital Marketing Strategies

Come and talk to us during Fife Business Week. We are Digital Marketing Practitioners who also deliver OnlineXcellence Practical Digital Marketing Workshops at City of Glasgow College and provide Expert Help support on behalf of the Public Sector to Scotland’s small business communit. Come and find out what support is available for small business owners to get help and support with your website projects. During Fife Business Week, we go beyond providing just a general overview of what you should be doing as a Small Business Owner with a website. The sessions we deliver usually involve some hands on sessions whereby we actually talk through with business owners issues we find by going through their website and offering recommendations and help to overcome issues you may have been struggling with.

The OnlineXcellence program is a complementary mix of business consultancy and training that is helping Company owners shape the future of their business. We focus on having the business doing what it set out to do when promoting itself online – make money and achieve getting effective results from specific landing pages in the website. We are regularly engaged with a variety of businesses from all over Scotland who have set out to deliver either products or services, and they all keep telling us one thing – we want more customers (and what business owner doesn’t?)

The only difference is today you have got to go looking for those customers you want.

Unfortunately, many small businesses have limited time and resource which is preventing them from being on top of their marketing game. If someone is still knocking on your door and talking about offering OLD SCHOOL SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you need to tell them you have moved on. And of you are fortunate enough to be working with us you will already be into trying new modern ways towards reaching out to new prospects.

If you want to find out how you can get more traffic to your website and have it convert into business for your company:


Internet Marketing Strategy

October 10th, 2015

The Must Have Internet Marketing Strategy  For Small Medium Business Owners in Scotland with a Website

Planning to have your first website – have you worked out your Internet Marketing Strategy?
Looking to redevelop the website because you feel that it is not bringing you traffic and sales – what is your internet marketing strategy?
You need to have an Internet Marketing Strategy – so where do you start? 





COME AND SPEAK TO ICTADVISOR SOON – First – grab a coffee, sit back and here what we learned when supporting Jonathan Jay back in 2015 when he used to run a company called Digital Lighthouse who we supported. What he says here about Small Businesses does make sense…………

 The Need to Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Traffic to Your Website 

Find out how you could be working with one of Scotland’s leading Internet Marketing Practitioners Brian Mathers of  ICTADVISOR and his Global Internet Marketing Partners

Website Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers of ICTADVISOR is helping businesses across Scotland build and market successful websites and can help your business put in place an Internet Marketing Strategy to help grow your business online. 

With 20years experience in Internet Marketing Brian has helped businesses large and small grow to achieve multi-million pound turnover.

ICTADVISOR whilst based in Scotland is also now working in Partnership with a new business venture based in PITTSBURGH USA covering the eastern Seaboard out to New Jersey. Massachusetts and over to Quebec and Ontario in Canada where we are delivering internet marketing services through a joint working relationship especially for businesses across those regions serious about being online.

How Are You Going to Get More Traffic to Your Business Website?

If you are truly serious about marketing your website and willing to invest sufficient time with Brian Mathers and his website design teams in both Scotland and the USA, then read on………….

How would you like to have someone locally to hold your hand through the process of professionally implementing an internet marketing strategy for your business website?

You are just ten steps away from implementing a digital marketing strategy that will see your business being promoted effectively online by implementing a marketing strategy that is going to get you more traffic to your website and ultimately more customers who want to do business with you.

THE NEXT STEP CALL 01592 745992 – get in touch with Real World Internet Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers who will help you plan towards becoming engaged with a complete team of real world internet marketers that will spend considerable time devising an online marketing strategy that will get you more customers.

GET A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY TAILORED FOR YOUR BUSINESS – a marketing process that is essential to your needs: we are providing an internet marketing strategy that comes with ongoing marketing support and advice to support your business as it evolves. From helping you plan marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your web pages, making videos to promote your products or services, putting in place an email marketing system and much more.

Rebranding Your Website or Redirecting Your Domain Name

May 30th, 2015

Are you thinking about rebranding your website?
Have you decided you are no longer going to use the domain name in use on your current website?

There has been a number of occasions where a business has said “we are going to rebrand our website” or “we are not using domain name X any more, instead we are going to use domain name Y”. This flags up a number of issues and you will have to take a traffic hit when you conducting a rebranding of our website, or your going to consolidate all the websites you have live into one site, and just how long will it take before we see some positive results from this move. Lots of decisions here and lots of questions that need answered.

Rand Fishkins Whiteboard Friday has tackled many subjects over the years, but we are grateful to Rand who has come forward to address this subject. Rand offers some guidance and clarity on the steps you should consider if you are going to either, rebrand your website or redirect the old domain name and associated pages of the website you have right now to point at a new website development. Watch the Video:

Should You Rebrand or Redirect Your Website Domain and Pages – What is the Way Forward?

These are very difficult decisions to make and yet we have watched businesses simply throw away the old website and replace it with a new one. Your website no matter what condition it is in should be seen as a pumping heart. And if you are going to undertake a transplant and move the website from one architecture to another or you are going to use the same hosting arrangement and retain using the same Content Management Software, but totally redesign the website and use a new domain, well. you have to be careful as to how you approach this task.

Did Your Website Rebranding or Redirect Lead to Website Failure

On many occasions ICTADVISOR and its OnlineXcellence Marketing Practitoners end up arriving at the bedside of your business – after – the operation has been done, and in a number of cases by someone who simply was not qualified and knowledgeable enough to carry out such a complex operation and this has led to website failure. There are a number of freelance developers and small website agencies who are more in the field of programming and don’t seem to take too much to do with the marketing of a website. In a lot of cases here this is simply because this is not the developers or agencies forte. We have lost count how many web agencies say “we only build websites, we don’t do marketing”. And even those who do make reference to website marketing on their websites, you can spot pretty quickly whether they are any good at doing internet marketing or not.

So, back to the operating theatre. The reason you might be conducting your website transplant is because you had more than one website and it has become difficult and to costly to try and manage them all. Or your business has decided to change it’s name and maybe its direction so you want to be known by a different name or you have decided that this new domain name that you have purchased is what you want to use now and get rid of the old domain name. How do you go about that?

If you are considering making some serious changes to your website and if you and your developer/web agency want support, then get in touch and let us know what you are considering doing with our website and explore whether we can help you in the operating theatre!


Doing SEO Website Marketing Everyday

May 28th, 2015

Website Marketing – What do SEO People Do Everyday?

If like us you are in the business of providing SEO Website Marketing Services to your clients, or you are the in-house website manager doing SEO tasks at your place of work and responsible for the company website to keep bringing in new business, then what is actually being done either by you or us to achieve that?

Why is it a web marketing practitioner or the person you have taken on as an employee to manage your website, gets challenged so much about – how much time they are spending doing website marketing? There are people out there in the SEO industry who are the most trusted voices that can tell you exactly how it is at the coal face when it comes down to marketing a website. One of those people that helps us do our job back here in Scotland, is Rand Fishkin CEO of SPARKTORO and former founder of MOZ  over in Seattle. Watch the following video and find out from Rand what us SEO’s are now doing every day in order to bring traffic to the company website.

All of us who deliver SEO Marketing Services are constantly asked to justify what we do in order to get paid. But trying to explain to business owners what is involved and how many hours will be required on a monthly basis to achieve improving the websites performance is often challenging.

If you are a company owner then once you have watched this video hopefully it will migrate many of you who are still locked into the old ways of doing SEO and introduce you as to how you should be doing SEO website marketing today. You need to forget about the old SEO model of here are some keywords, and some content now get me to position 1 on Google. And then have your website manager or support simply rinse and and repeat the process. That model does not work any more. This is not the reality of the way SEO tactics are applied today. And trying to get business owners to understand this is the challenge. Plus many cannot seem to grasp how much time us or their in-house website manager needs to create a page and a marketing strategy to support that page.

More often than not now, I have to find ways of actually educating those business owners I come into contact with who insist on using their own pre-conceived ideas towards trying to market their website rather than listen to sound advice from someone who has been working in the web marketing industry for nearly 20 years.

Let us ask you this question. Most of you want a car, a van or a truck to support your business activities. Do you really just turn away from all the brand names out there and say – no – look I can build a better truck than you myself. Now just how long is it going to take you to build that vehicle? You will probably spend more time trying to get it right rather than get on with what you set out to do and that was to deliver either your services and products, and do so with a reliable vehicle at your disposal built by someone who knows a thing or two about how to build a car, van or truck.

So, some questions for you business owners:
How are you tackling implementing your SEO website marketing?
Are you really confident you can do this all by yourself without the help of real world marketing practitioners who do this job day in day out?
Maybe you feel your employee needs help to become a website champion?
How much do you wish for that your company can achieve OnlineXcellence and beat off your competitors?

You know what you have to do now!


Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow Scotland

April 13th, 2015

Digital Marketing Course for Website Managers at City of Glasgow College

CoGC_LOGOCome and join other digital Marketers and sign up to the first of a number of Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow beginning with understanding Website Marketing Fundamentals. Sign up for this two part course for digital marketers if you work either in a large or small business and have the responsibility for managing the business website.

The Next Session Starts in September 2015 and will run between 6pm – 9pm dates to be confirmed

Are You The Website Marketing Manager in Your Business?

If you have the responsibility of being the website manager and your role day to day is driving the website by creating and managing pages that have to attract visitors and more importantly convert them into customers, then come and join this Digital Marketing Course being run at City of Glasgow College.

Website Marketing Fundamentals Course from Real World Internet Marketing Practitioners

These Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow will roll out a number of modules over time, but the first to be delivered is the Website Marketing Fundamentals Course that will run over two evenings at City of Glasgow College. This web marketing training program has been put together by the industry’s most respected practitioners, authors and speakers seen as the most knowledgeable both here in the UK and the USA. And so this internet marketing training program introduces to you real world Internet Marketing experiences that will teach you:

Traditional on-page concepts
• Keyword research to site architecture
• Link-building
• SEO measurement
• Create a standards document based on your business goals
• Make a new or redeveloped website search friendly and user friendly
• Defining the purpose and the goals of your website
• Respond to the calls to action on your website
• Assess your resources and budget
• How to develop your brand
• Researching the market
• Choosing web page editing software CMS (Content Management Software)


Matt Bailey – Author of Internet Marketing An Hour A Day

Mat Bailey Internet Marketer

Matt Bailey is is one of the highest rated speakers world-wide for his ability to communicate complex information in a practical, humorous way and since 1998, he has taught at over 1,000 companies, conferences and workshops.

Back in 2011 Matt teamed up with well known Internet Marketing Practitioner here in Scotland Brian Mathers and together they are helping to deliver their OnlineXcellence for Scotland Web Management Program to Scotland’s small and large business community that want to be successful with either a B2B or B2C website.

Whilst the course will involve looking at your website it will also refer to key parts of Matt’s book. The course is going to be jointly delivered by Brian and Matt who during the course join us on a video link. But, you will also be introduced to other leading Web Marketing Practioners in Scotland who have delivered a number of successful website projects.

Improve Your Digital Web Marketing Skills and Achieve OnlineXcellence

After you have completed the two part Website Marketing Fundamentals course, we invite you to join the second suite of Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow to further assist you in Achieving OnlineXcellence with YOUR website.

This two part course will run at City of Glasgow College from 6pm – 9pm on the 20 May and 27 May 2015

How to Optimise Your Website

A key objective for anybody involved in trying to market their website is to ensure they optimise their website pages to attract both visitors and search engines. A common thread known to many seasoned digital marketing managers is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. However, come and join this course and find out that SEO is just a component (one of many) that is part of the make-up that is infact Internet Marketing, which you will find is a much bigger subject and teaches you much more towards how you must work towards getting your website optimised if it is to rank in the search engines.

Website On The Page Conversion Tactics

There are still a lot of websites when analysed do not have any goals setup against important landing pages.

  • How do you know if content on your pages is actually bringing you quality traffic?
  • Have you applied clear call to actions on your landing pages and are you measuring their effectiveness?
  • How do you know whether the design of your page is helping to convert visitors into customers and clients?
  • What Tools are you using to measure the peformance of your Website?

These questions and more we will help you answer if you attend the course offered by City of Glasgow College that will Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills.


Kommand Your Website It is WordPress and Then Some

February 21st, 2015

Built Using Kommand

A Content Management Software Tool Easier than WordPress to Use

Being a fan of WordPress as it provides you with potential to help you create a beautiful and functional website despite their being some problems you might be faced with such as security and plugin issues. So, when you find such a product you are going to be reluctant to switch to another Content Management Software Editor, and there are many to choose from. That was of course until KOMMAND came along. This product has been developed in Scotland by Glasgow based ADEO GROUP who also have a presence in London, Newcastle and Dubai.

When ICTADVISOR first tested this CMS during early 2014, not unlike other Content Management Software KOMMAND did have some problems, but we hasten to add they were trivial when we compared the website editor to other CMS platforms in this affordable price bracket that came with their own limitations that prevented these other platforms being useful to marketers. If you are the Website Manager in your business, or you are the business owner who wants to manage their own website and be in control of its destiny, choosing Content Management Software is daunting. How do you know you what to look for by way of features in this very important piece of software you need to invest in?

Popular Content Management Software (CMS) Platforms

There are going to be Website Management Software packages that you will hear about, Joomla, Magento, Umbraco, Drupal, and of course WordPress. With any of these products if you are not someone with knowledge of actually attempting to build and design your own website, there is a good possibility your finished website is likely going to look somewhat ‘homemade‘ and not ‘professional‘ looking. So, to get the best out of these well known website management platforms, it is recommended you hire a professional web designer. But, after the web designer builds the website and hands it over to the business owner, there is a risk once you start to use it – you can break it and end up having to bring the web designer back to fix it again. And this problem even exists with WordPress. An additional risk everyone needs to be aware of when using WordPress is the problem surrounding Plugins! Plugins let you add in features to your website to enhance its usability. You might want an ‘Event Manager’ or SlideShow Rotator’ – that is just two plugins from the thousands that are out there. The problem is many Plugins get neglected, and become obsolete. So, why use KOMMAND?

The Challenges Faced By Small Business Owners When Choosing a CMS

KOMMAND has the features you are used to and will look familiar if you have been a user of WordPress. If you are going to be a successful Website Manager you will be looking for a CMS that has all the marketing features you need to be able to create successful website pages. And you want a Content Management Software (CMS) that is regularly updated and can generate for you a website that delivers to your website visitor the WOW factor.


The most important take-away from having experienced using KOMMAND now in 2015, is that the design team behind the creation of this product are listening to Marketers and Business Owners who want to be able to drive a website with confidence and now when you slip in behind the management dashboard to add, remove and update pages, you can do just that with the most versatile drag and drop content management software platform ICTADVISOR has been exposed to over the years. And, having witnessed usability tests watched Web Managers and Small/Medium Business Owners manage their website with ease and not worry that they might break their website when doing changes, because it is that easy to manage and make changes to ALL parts of the site that is supported by easy to understand training documentation and how to videos.

This Content Management Software is affordable to the business starting out on a tight budget and is a CMS that is scalable and can grow with your business.

Website Marketing Case Study That Increased Visitor Traffic

January 9th, 2015

How A Blog Page Generated over 17.5 Visitors in Just One Day

You know many adverts and soap programmes on television tend to show us Brian’s as not being that clever for example – there is Brian at that has got himself stuck to a magnet in a scrapyard, and some time ago we saw a soap star who played the role of Brian the teacher in Coronation Street. This isn’t fair, there are good Brian’s in the world – I would like to think I am one of them.

How to Better Yourself At Doing Website Marketing

And here in the business world of search marketing and web design which is the industry I am so passionate about, I have found another good deed person by the name of Brian, he is Web Marketing Consultant Brian Dean of Backlinko .

So the message today is about taking Brian’s more seriously. And I want to start by drawing your attention to an article here ( that Brian Dean has written, which I think is important for business owners with websites to have a read of.

In lots of the marketing forums I hang out in I find in a lot of cases it is only ‘gurus’ like myself that hang out there (OK ‘guru’ is the name some people use to describe me) but really I am just a humble Web Marketing Practitioner, delivering Search Marketing Services to business owners who want to see their websites perform better.

So I commented to Brian Dean of Backlinko today, and said I tell you what I am going to do ‘Deano’ – and that is simply to have any business owners who stumble upon my Facebook page to take a few moments to go and read the article this article that he has written.

Why Brian Deans Article on How to Get More New Visitors to a Website in Just One Day Got Me Excited

Well here is my ‘Because‘ answer. (Now don’t get mad) – but I think business owners, especially those in the Small Business Community are struggling to make their websites work for them.

Just in the last day or two I have spoken to a videographer, a tree surgeon, and a small business that sells manufacturing machinery, and all of them are not happy with how their business is performing online.

It is either the website design that is letting them down, or their marketing – but in most cases it was found to be both.

Did you know that web design really has become more important to Google when it comes to look at your website?

The search engine is looking much closer at your coding and how well the site’s architecture has been built. And you therefore want to ensure you put yourself in the hands of a web developer who is much more than just a ‘box builder‘.
That web developer, even if they don’t like doing or being involved with the marketing should at least know what the minimum design criteria has to be to meet and read Google coding guidelines.

Small business owners tend to try and go down that DIY route in order to try and keep their website cost down. But many small business owners are ‘dabblers‘ and don’t really know what to do or what it takes to market their website.
The biggest stumbling block is how to create website pages that will engage the customers you want.

And so I commend Brian Dean today who has put together an article that really maps out how to plan and then publish a web page and one that will convert the reader into a potential prospect.

Struggling to Create Content Your Website Pages Can Have Some Success With?

If you are a small business and run a website, I can bet the biggest challenge you face is you are having problems thinking like a journalist!

I bet you went out and bought an all singing all dancing website which you insisted must have a content management editor features that allows you to create edit or delete website pages, but now you have the website still wondering why you don’t have traffic and visitors.

Let me tell you, this article by Brian Dean – I for one will certainly be making reference to more in the coming months when I am delivering my OnlineXcellence Web Marketing Program to those small business owners who want me to improve their website. Brian’s article is just one of many steps involved to improve youe website, and it will teach you to become better page editors and probably lead you to squeeze more out of your website landing pages.

I remain of the opinion that there are still many business owners all over the UK that need to be educated if they are to achieve with their websites what I refer to – OnlineXcellence!

Search Engine Optimisation is Alive and Well

January 4th, 2015

Have You Stopped Doing SEO On Your Website?

During 2014 there were a handful of people in our search marketing industry, some of who are very well known here in the UK that go out of their way to poo poo SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

On a number of occasions, certainly during the last year, as I trawl through article after article I will stumble upon a few from those labelling themselves as ‘UK leading web marketers’ that say SEO is dead.

Thing is, what you find is these comments usually come from someone who is telling you they spend millions with Google on AdWords and that this is the only way to get traffic to your site. Don’t get me wrong, I agree you need AdWords.

But, for a moment consider those who are running an Ecommerce website, and making use of Google Shopping Ads (formerly known as PLAs – Product Listing Ads) that now involves the use of AdWords and your Google Merchant account.

An important component in the mix to achieve this advertising success using Google Shopping is that your actual website ‘landing page’ should have good quality content that should include your keywords against what you are promoting on the page. So, if this is not doing SEO for a page what is? And, if you get the content balance right for the page, won’t it do a bit better over time in organic listings once the page has built up its popularity from you promoting it?
Of course it will. So, during 2014 SEO is very much alive and continues to evolve.

The topic of SEO continues to spark some healthy debates and I came across one just recently online in an article about what happened in the SEO world during 2014, during which I clocked a great comment from a woman I have long admired on the SES circuit Shari Thurow who said:
“Is it me or am I the only person to notice that Google is trying to change the way that we (humans) interpret user interfaces?
Something as simple as changing a link color or feature might seem like a small change, but it is a significant one. Clickability and tappability are very important for usability and UX.”

Sheri went onto say:
“Also, I find Google’s interpretation of mobile UX to be very lacking. So the label as “mobile-friendly” means Google’s interpretation of a positive mobile experience, not what my usability and information architecture research, studies, and tests have indicated.”
Shari believes, sincerely, that websites and other computer interfaces should be more user centric than technocentric and says that from her observations Google tends to be more technocentric.”.

I have read a lot of Sheri’s articles and of course her book When Search Meets Usability.

Sheri also says that “No website needs to accommodate the latest trends. That is often a tremendous waste of time, staff, and money. Smart search marketers should know when to implement a tactic or strategy, and know when to dismiss flavor-of-the-month tactics. Don’t be an algoholic”.

Sheri’s Books deliver a lot of common sense and her knowledge on site architecture and usability should not be ignored. It would be wise for many a budding web developer to sit down for a moment and read this book before building your next website. Another comment from Sheri that endorses something I talk about at my workshops is on the subject of PageRank.

Sheri says PageRank (PR) – it’s still there. (and I agree) – and she goes a step further by saying “It’s more important to understand the principles behind PR than the gory details. PageRank is about validation…quality validation (And this I absolutely agree with her upon).
There are some great article links she provides here:

A Wikipedia entry (the HITS algorithm is a good read, too):

And not forgetting someone I often follow on Twitter Danny Sullivan and here is his article:

There are a few people in this world at the heart of our industry who are the leading lights for me, and during 2015 I have decided that I will spend a bit more time sharing with my community important stuff from the likes of Sheri Thurow who for me continues to write and endorse things I truly believe in when it comes to SEO, Search Marketing and Site Architecture issues and that is why also I continue to promote to the small business website owners how they can achieve OnlineXcellence.

AuthorBrian Mathers
Internet Marketing Practitioner in Scotland Building and Marketing Websites for Small Business Owners

Measuring Website Performance – Are You Doing This?

April 20th, 2014

Which Dashboards to Monitor and Measure To Improve Website Performance?

Are you measuring website performance? At ICTADVISOR measuring website performance and conducting deep drilling website audits has become a popular service that we deliver to clients, especially over the last 6-9 months where we have seen a substantial increase in the  number of website performance reviews being asked for on a regular basis. During the initial interview process we need to gather information from the business website owner and just one of those very important questions is:

As a small business website owner do you make use of both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to measure website performance?

The answer often is not surprising – “no, not really”.  Of the SME businesses asked, many are either not using either of these two products, or each google product has been set up but by the web developer and the data residing in the web developers Google Account. In lots of cases it has been found that the web developer had decided not to provide access to the data so the business owner could not see how well the website was performing. Maybe this is because it would show that the web agency has not done such a good job of building a successful website? Or maybe it is the website agency that was heard to say “Website Marketing – no – don’t talk to us about that – we just build websites” – Say What – Are You Kidding?

And of course even today, there are still Small Business Owners eager to tell you they have Google Analytics in place and are only using the tool to measure HITS! OMG! – Quick, get a doctor, this person needs help.

Another observation is that hardly any of the small business owners interviewed knew of the importance of Google Web Master Tools and making sure it was properly connected to Google Analytics.

So if the small business is not making good use of these important Google Products, what answer comes from the next question – How Many People small business owners are using Google Adwords?

Not surprisingly the answer is “Yes, used it once, lost a lot of money and wouldn’t use it again” or “I don’t click on those Adwords Ads, as these are Agressive marketers, and I am not one of those”.  Incredible answers. Yet, you ask some of Britain’s small business owners what is your most successful marketing channel? The answer is – Google Adwords – and many see it as the umbilical cord they would not cut.

It is amazing to find that it is always the small business community who tend to answer with a negative comment about the use of Adwords.

The Google Product Tools You Need for Measuring Website Performance

Yet, without the combination of the ANALYTICS, WEB MASTER TOOLS and ADWORDS, your website is not going to get off to a head start and could wait a very long time on gaining success. Because, all you are doing is flying blind with your website.

Other business owners leave these tools in the hands of their web developers, but this tends to create even more problems for the Small Business Owner. Look around at many of the small website agencies advertising online and they offer everything – website development – graphic design – copywriting – search engine optimisation, you name it they do it. Then you find that the web agency is made up of either all programmers, or all designers, and none have done any form of marketing. Like the quote from an agency interviewed – “we don’t do marketing, we just build websites”. This was because they were confronted by questions about their websites not performing, and yet they advertised on their website, how important search engine optimisation was!! Astonished is the only word that can describe this.

So, what is the reason for so many small business websites failing, it is because small business owners don’t take sufficient time to learn how to make best use of any of these dashboard tools. And, many SMEs think they will get away with just doing DIY WEBSITE MARKETING. Therefore, it is not surprising when asked to do a website performance review, the outcome in the report points towards many red lines of highlighted failure across the website, as the business does not really know what they should be doing with those tools, or how they and not the web agency should be responsible for the websites destiny.

Is Your Website A Racing Car – And is it Winning Races?

If you consider your website a racing car and you were preparing to go out on the track and win races, would you simply go to a mechanic and say – build me a racing car like that one over there?

This other racing car you looked at – over there – how do you know how good the performance is of that other racing car? Would it not be important to understand first of all, to analyse how your competitor is winning those races?And so from this intelligence thinking, you can take the approach towards building your next website by making sure from the intelligence you gather from these all important dashboards, that when you come to the web agency and ask them to build something that will be hopefully better than the competitors racing car, it is you who drives the website design project, not just the web agency.

Of course you might go down the route of building your own website? How long do you think that might take you? Will you be able to think like a web developer and be as creative as web designer and so, get the layout right so the page converts, or build the right menu infrastructure and a page architecture that is aesthetically pleasing to the visitors who you want to land on them?

If you decide to stick with the approach of using a web agency, an answer you might get from some of the small web agencies who you approach and ask them to build a website for you is, “yes, no problem we will have it ready in a few days”. Now, does that now sound like a recipe for disaster?

And so, you find that this type of web agency will not ask many important questions about the design, navigation, look and feel etc. They will just go off and build – what they think is right, based on their own level of skill. Therefore, what you might end up with is a website built simply to the knowledge skill level of the web designer who might simply be a ‘box builder’ and have no internet marketing knowledge.

Box builders are those who will just download a site like WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, (and there are others), and simply build on what they know. Whereas put these products in the hands of serious web developers and agencies who truly understand what web marketers have to achieve in order to win and make money, is like night and day.

Finding web agencies who actually demonstrate best practice and understands how important it will be for the site to meet with minimum coding standards and ensuring that scripts load swiftly along with a number of technical specifications that will be important if the website is to achieve its objectives, are far and few between. ICTADVISOR with its Website OnlineXcellence Program to assist small medium businesses has been exposed to hundreds of web agencies since 1998 having been engaged to joint share in projects where the web design team were already in place and in some cases had already built the site before our web marketing knowledge had been called upon to help the site make money.

So, this article looked at how to make use of the right dashboards so you can measure the performance of your website. And, it suggests to you that you must learn these dashboards and know what to look for, if you are to then manage your website developer or agency, because they might just be – box builders – and not have any knowledge of how to get your website to make money.