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Doing Online Marketing to Achieve OnlineXcellence

Internet Marketing Support Services for Small Businesses to achieve OnlineXcellence

This is an affordable website marketing support package with training included if required. We simply call it the OnlineXcellence package. A 1-2-1 support program developed by ICTADVISOR LTD who have a wealth of expertise in having managed multi-million pound turnover websites.

Bespoke Internet Marketing Services Package - What is Provided? 

This 1-2-1 internet marketing service package is tailored for micro and small business owners who want to manage their own website but don't yet have the skills of a web marketer, but want to have a level of control in managing their website marketing strategy.

Best Practice Digital Marketing Support Services

Ecommerce Consultancy that Delivers a Website that Sells

A chance to workwith Real World Marketing Practitioners

Learn How To Do Website Marketing and Website Management

Support from Mentors and Trainers Delivering Masterclass Support

Gain Marketing Knowledge At A Pace that Suits You

Test Your Website Page Performance so it Works To Make You Money

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Digital Excellence Scotland Digital Marketing Flexible Support Costs

We recognise the importance of businesses and individuals seeking to improve their business website. We want to help transfer knowledge and skills to those inside your business responsible for marketing the website.

And, when looking for help on how to manage and market a website costs can vary. Our 1-2-1 digital marketing support services deliver best practice website management support and skills from as little as £30 an hour

Our OnlineXcellence 1-2-1 Support initiative offers the following;

  • Learn How to Plan to Have a Successful Website Strategy
  • Increase the Marketing Knowledge of Your Staff
  • Work Together Doing Hand-Holding Website Marketing Task's
  • Learn How to Manage Your Website Responsibly
  • Understand How to Improve Your Website Technical Performance 

OnlineXcellence Helping Businesses Achieve Significant Online Growth

Our flexible 1-2-1 support to help micro and small business website managers is one of our most popular tailored services. And its already being delivered successfully to businesses in both Scotland and England  who are then experiencing greater wealth from their websites by implementing a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy that works.

Helping Businesses Achieve Significant Growth Online

Helping You find opportunities for Your Business to be More Competitive
Helping You to Sell Your Unique Selling Points via a Content Strategy
Helping you improve the Average Order Value from Your Web Pages