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Analytics Advanced Segments

Creating Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Custom Analytics Reporting to Improve Your Website Performance

ICTADVISOR deliver training on Google Products as part of the Internet Marketing Services we deliver to micros, SMEs and large Corporate. What we have found when engaged with small medium sized businesses, is that many of you out there, don't make enough use of Google Analytics, and often we find it has not been setup and configured correctly.

In most cases from those of you who have requested mentoring and training support (that is included with our internet marketing services), it is found once we deep dive into your Analytics with you, we find most of you are just scraping the surface and not measuring any meaningful and important data that will provide you with useful information to help with measuring marketing campaigns, planning future marketing tactics and helping with decision making towards better optimising your pages.

Learn What To Measure Using Segments in Google Analytics

From the official Google Analytics channel here is a video that gives you an insight into just one of the many ways to extract more meaningful data from your Google Analytics. This topic is about creating Segments in Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics - Using Advanced Segments

Do you want to learn more about how to create customised reports?
Do you just want someone to create for you custom reports that you can use in your Analytics?

Where to Get Help In Scotland on How to Make More Use of Your Google Analytics

With help from our Internet Marketing Training Consultants at ICTADVISOR LTD based in Glenrothes Fife but also with a location in Glasgow, we can either train you or create for you custom reporting templates and put in place advanced segments.


We offer tailored search marketing training packages that will teach you how to make more use of Google Analytics. You can either book a 1-2-1 training session that can either take place at your premises or watch out for our group training workshops that we deliver in Glasgow.