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At Last a FREE Website Built in Scotland that Works

Did you know that there is a Web Agency in Scotland that has Developed a Search Engine Friendly Website, which you can get for FREE, and it works.

If you are a small business with a limited budget and longed to find an affordable website to help grow your business online and needed a website that was easy to setup and easy to manage, well, we found one and it is called KOMMAND.

ICTADVISOR have over the years analysed many websites operated by small business owners who have either bought an off-the-shelf website platform or had a website designer build them a cheap website. 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 we found when delivering our website performance audits we had to tell the business owner we had found there WEBSITE WAS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

But, at last a Content Management Software platform has arrived on the market that is affordable and scalable, search engine friendly, and it allows you to build your own website, if you want, or you can get the website agency to build the website for you at a reasonable cost and in both scenarios, in a short space of time.


 Create Your KOMMAND Website


Once your website is built you can ADD MORE FEATURES from as little as £15 a month

Low Cost Websites

KOMMAND Content Management Software for Small Businesses


Small business owners have huge expectations from the website they buy.
Everyone wants a websie with Content Management Software to be able to edit their website pages.
There are many other cheap website packages that have very limited features and not search engine friendly.
So, a really good reason why you should KOMMAND your next WEBSITE PROJECT and have your website managed by this really easy to use Content Management Software.The first most obvious benefit is you can START WITH A FREE WEBSITE that looks professional and then continue to add more features to it. HERE IS A WEBSITE EXAMPLE.

Why Choose KOMMAND as Your Content Management Software

There are MANY REASONS why you should have a KOMMAND website.....Well for a start, history shows many things we now take for granted were invented in Scotland. ICTADVISOR LTD have on many occasions at our workshops and seminars highlighted websites with poor performance many of which were cheap low cost websites. Having a FINDABLE WEBSITE is essential, so, you can't imagine how pleased we were to partner with a Scots based Web Design Agency who have been addressing the issue of delivering Search Engine Friendly Websites since we first met back in 2007 and today can provide a website platform that YOU the small business owner can put YOUR faith in.


There are many agencies out there offering a FREE website or a very cheap website solution that you can buy for a ONE OFF PRICE - say £100. But what are you getting for you money?

In more cases than we care to list here we have over the years conducted many website audits and found lots of website platforms didn't measure up. Cheap websites, seen as bargains to the small business owner came with very limited features and more often than not we kept hearing the same statement over and over again from small business owners "my website IS NOT working, it DOES NOT bring me traffic". We would look at the vendor who provided the website and know straight away where the problems were, and so action was needed.
Now YOU can follow the SCENT towards buying a website that is value for money.
Affordable Websites

How to Have a Search Engine Friendly Website for FREE

Free Content Management Software

From watching, over two years of research and development take place, and having worked for a number of years with the developers of KOMMAND we feel ready to stick our neck out and say we are excited about the future of the KOMMAND WEBSITE PRODUCT.
It does what is says on the tin!

Marrketing Your Business Online using the KOMMAND WEBSITE 

Once you have built your KOMMAND WEBSITE you will still need to do Internet Marketing in order to get your message out there that you have an online presence. We have thought of that too by being able to offer you a very affordable SEO Marketing Package that allows you to LEARN HOW TO DO SEO for your website.

LEARN SEOAchieve OnlineXcellence With Your KOMMAND Website

Click on the GO SEO TRAINING BUTTON and you can achieve OnlineXcellence now with KOMMAND.

Just when you thought you couldn't do more with your website budget, now you can make it go further - SEO Your KOMMAND Website Pages and have a Search Engine Friendly Website

To be competitive online you will need to have some knowledge on Search Marketing to drive your website effectively towards getting visitor traffic and sales.

LEARN SEO at your own pace. Now the destiny of your website is in your hands allowing you to sell your products and services with your own FREE or Low cost KOMMAND website by learning how to make your website pages SEO friendly. 

You have a great website, your doing the marketing, now you have to measure your efforts - How can we Help?

OK you can use some FREE marketing tools that will tell you something about how your website is performing. But your website is a vehicle - its needs decent fuel  and we all know fuel is not FREE. How far does your company vehicle go on £100 a month spreading the word about your business? Ask us about the BEST WEB MARKETING TOOLS to measure your websites performance and gives you all the answers for £100 a month, you know what you have to do!