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Web Design and Marketing Expert Help for BG FIFE

Business Gateway Fife Expert Help Advisor from Brian Mathers

Brian Mathers is one of a handful of specialists based in Fife that work in support of Business Gateway Fife Expert Help scheme.

Local Web Design and SEO Marketing Expert Help in Fife

The time spent with each business varies depending on how much support the business is eligible for.

When called upon Brian will be asked to spend time with a business based in Fife providing them with tailored expert advice and expertise in areas such as:

  • Web Marketing
  • Review Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Making use of Google Products such as Analytics or My Business
  • Review the business owners digital strategy
  • Help the business build a marketing strategy
  • Assist the business if it needs a new or redeveloped website

Over 20+ years Brian Mathers has presented to all sizes of business from Edinburgh, up through Fife and into the Highlands of Scotland. He regularly contributes as a presenter delivering Business Gateway's Digital Boost Program and other public sector support programs that have come before it. Being involved in delivering the Digital Boost Workshops all across Scotland has seen Brian being introduced to many different business owners. Each of them are all seeking help to plan and put in place a findable website and roll out effective website marketing campaigns. During the journey he also gets to meet an abundance of website developers and graphic designers whether freelance or in agencies.

Successful Business Case Studies in Fife Who Have Benefited with Help from Brian Mathers at ICTADVISOR LTD

Scotplants (Hedgehogs Nursery) who obtained expert help and was eligible for a digital voucher scheme that had been available during 2015. Brian Mathers provided advice on how to improve the business digital marketing strategy and this also included how to increase conversions from their ecommerce website.

Brian using a number of advanced marketing tools assessed and analysed the websites performance to look closer at issues that had been highlighted from changes and updates that had been applied over the previous 2 years that had had a negative effect on some areas of their site.

With help from Brian he provided knowledge transfer to the business and in turn helped them put in place a support team that now looks after the site on a regular monthly basis today. So, Pat and Bob now have someone doing the day to day SEO, another person managing the AdWords and someone keeping an eye on the Social Media Marketing being done.

Brian continues to monitor and measure the websites activities using a variety of web marketing tools to conduct more in-depth analytics and see how further marketing campaigns being rolled out by Scotplants Direct is continuing to improve the overall performance of the website.

Read More on the Business Gateway Fife website about the changes implemented by Bob and Pat Kean to improve their ecommerce site.

Dynamic EMS received help by having Brian Mathers conduct an in-depth Website Audit to review the sites architecture and performance and highlighted a number of specific issues that most business owners would just not be aware of, and how these issues could have a negative effect on performance and ranking.

The amount of work required on this project justified the need for the site being redeveloped. Therefore, Brian helped the company put together a website specification brief to pass to their preferred developer who was based in London.

The web developer put together a new design and passed the wireframes back to Scotland for approval by Brian Mathers who checked off the designs against the requirements from the business specification brief. Brian Mathers continued to oversee the development and design right through to the soft launch phase to ensure that best practice coding and design principles were being applied. Once the site was relaunched Brian gave assistance to their in-house staff member who was responsible for marketing site as this became the next important phase in the strategy.

MHS Engineering based in Glenrothes has just recently had a website built but after a number of months the site was not being seen by Google or ranking for any of the expected keywords that the business felt it should rank for. Once again the best time spent by Brian Mathers was conducting one of his in-depth website audits that looks much deeper into the website architecture and its relationship with the major search engines. In a very short space of time Brian found where the problem lay and helped put in place a fix that saw the website begin to build better relations with the major search engines.

Brian has a passion towards spending time with smaller businesses who want to make a living from being online but just don't know where to start or find what they have done so far has failed to work for them.

Other areas where his expertise has been gratefully received are from those website business owners who are doing things single-handed.


One of those businesses is Jo Macfarlane who runs a candle making business in Anstruther. Jo had been working with a small website on her .CO.UK domain. Some analysis showed this website had very limited features to assist with her marketing online.

Jo was left with some advice and went off to rebuild the website on an ecommerce platform. But the platform was an enterprise level product that had been applied to the .COM domain that Jo had available. In a short space of time it was clear this Content Management Platform was far too complex for her size of business and was more suited to an enterprise level business.

So, with further help from Brian Mathers Jo went back to the drawing board with assistance from Brian and now has a much more manageable Content Management Software platform and both her .CO.UK and .COM domains are pointing at ONE WEBSITE - very important that step. Jo is now actively engaged in implementing her marketing strategy by making improvements to her website pages and conducting multi-channel marketing campaigns.