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Competitor Analysis Business Intelligence For Marketing Websites

Competitor Website Analysis

Have Us Analyse Your Competitors Website to Support Your Marketing Strategy

Competitor Analysis To Build Successful Websites

An important step if you are to have a website with successful landing pages is to start the process by doing Keyword Research and conducting Competitor Analysis. There is lots of business intelligence available if you use the right analysis tools. Working with ICTADVISOR who have Web Designers in Fife and Glasgow can give you access to some great website competitor analysis tools that can tell you a lot about the competitions website. Information that will help you brief your Website Design Team and have them build an ecommerce or brochure website, and you can start with a FREE Brochure Web Platform.

Business Intelligence To Support Your Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing starts by putting yourself in the shoes of your customer, find out what you like and don't like about your competitors web pages. Just like you would have the help of an architect to build your ideal house, we will help you design a website

We tend to call your website a 'vehicle' because it has to eventually go out onto the Internet racing track and win races for you. If your website can do this it means your company is making money. But you have to have a marketing strategy and blueprint for the web design team and understand how the website will market itself to your audience. This task requires a combination of talents to help you be successful online, right from the start.