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Do You Have The Skills of A Website Copywriter?

Content for website pages is what holds up any website project.

Listen to what one of the Worlds Best SEO Copywriters Heather Lloyd Martin has to say

Do You Have a Content Strategy?

Having a content strategy right at the beginning of our website project is vital. Content always seems to be the last item web agencies are always waiting on from the website owner? Find out why ICTADVISOR here in Scotland, based in both Fife and Glasgow can help improve your website content.

SEO Content Review

The lack of web page content can affect both your website performance and your internet marketing. Often we find businesses have just not created any or enough content for the website pages. Or the content we do find on your web page has been poorly written. A big challenge for web designers when building a website is getting content from the business owner.  A web agency like ours offers SEO Copywriting Services but we know for some Small Medium Businesses they feel that their website budget just won't allow for the luxury of a copywriter.

Some businesses do make a real effort to provide content for their website pages, but other business owners struggle to put into words why someone should do business with them. When content is received the copy is either sparse or just not compelling enough to convey the unique selling points that the business has to offer. And usually the copy lacks in having keywords within sentences.

Why You Need SEO Content Writing Services

Being a little creative with your web page content is absolutely crucial if your web page is to have any degree of online success.

Your Next Web Customer Only Scans Your Content

Whilst visitors to your web pages will only scan the content, that content still has to be created in such a way so that visitors in their quest to find information can scan it as quickly as possible. So, you have to organise your content to draw readers into the story you are trying to tell that will get the unique selling points of your business in front of your web page visitor. Hence writing for the web is a different skill when compared to someone who will write some content for a magazine. .

You Write the Web Page Copy or Hire a Copywriter?

How confident are you are writing copy for your web pages? Are you able to express yourself and be able to write creatively and with passion to promote what your business has to offer?

Is writing something you enjoy? If you are a small business with just a handful of employees and you are all at the coal face all day, then where will you get time to market your website, where, one of the tasks is sitting down to create a web page that will convert the visitor into a Customer. So, you just don't end up being the copywriter in your business, there are other things to consider such as the added skill of SEO (search engine optimisation) and understanding web page architecture and how you will approach laying out your content around images and where to place that all important Call To Action Enquiry Button or Telephone Number on your web landing page.

  • What Will the Web Copywriter Do?

There are a number of reasons you put the need for content in your web pages in the hands of a Web Copywriter. Usually the first priority you have is that you want to rank highly with search engines. But in reality not everyone can rank number 1 for a keyword in your type of business industry. Search Engine Optimisation is still a necessity but SEO is different today since Google came along with some interesting Algorithms that have changed the way we all do search marketing today.

The big three algorithms that came along which you should be aware of:

Google Panda
Google Penguin
Google Hummingbird

Spend a little time reading getting to know about these algorithms and what guidelines you should consider following as these will have an affect towards your approach in copywriting for the web.

Do You Want to Differentiate Your Business and Want to Convert Businesses into Customers? 
Your Website Copy Must Answer the Questions Your Web Visitors have.

There is no doubt nobody knows more about your business than you. But on your own you might not have the necessary copywriting skills to express yourself through your web pages.  

A professional copywriter and one who also understands SEO can look at the big picture as they are not as close to the business as you. And, a copywriter is an attentive listener and has the skill to distill your copy to get across the key unique selling points.  If you want to achieve OnlineXcellence, gain customers locally, nationally or internationally, Copywriters with Copywriting Skills who understand SEO are here waiting to help you. You know what you have to do!