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Digital Marketing Courses Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Courses Tailored for Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing Courses for Small Businesses in Fife - Need Help?

Learn what every small business owner needs to know about marketing a product or service. ICTADVISOR are Internet Marketing Practitioners in Fife Scotland with 20+years experience in digital marketing. There are lots of digital marketing workshops in Scotland that are delivered by those we partner with that we encourage small medium businesses who have websites to attend.

But we have found that there is also a need from small business owners who want to actually learn how to do something practically to help improve their website marketing visibility with the search engines.

What can I Learn To Do To Make a Difference Towards Marketing my Website?

This is a question we here a lot from those business owners who attend some of the national courses that might be covering a variety of topics squeezed into a 3 hour session. Many say they are told what they should be doing, but are really wanting to be shown - how to do it.

There are people who are in full time website manager roles that can easily end up doing over 200 tasks a month to manage their website and stay ahead of the visibility curve with search engines. The constant rinse and repeat exercises they must achieve in order for their business brand and what they offer by way of products and services is there primary goal.

Small business owners with websites don't have this luxury of a full time website manager, but do understand from what they are told from attending Digital Marketing Courses that they need to be working regularly at marketing their website.

4 Factors That Govern Website Marketing and How You Achieving OnlineXcellence

There are 4 factors that will determine how quickly you achieve what we refer to here at ICTADVISOR as OnlineXcellence.


You need some TIME to plan your next website landing page or digital marketing campaign

You need RESOURCE if you don't have TIME to do your own digital marketing

You need a certain amount of KNOWLEDGE about how search engines work, using your website CMS, laying out website pages, link building, analysis and more...

You need BUDGET. The days of just being dependent on FREE marketing across the Internet means you can end up waiting an awful long time on traffic.

Digital Marketing Courses Tailored to Support Small Businesses UK Wide

So, taking everything into account as to what we have said so far here, we understand from our engagement with lots of small businesses just in Fife, Edinburgh and Glasgow and from work done in other parts of the UK, that the small business website owner needs help - but - in a language they understand.

What we do therefore here at ICTADVISOR is either schedule in a digital marketing course on specific topic that will help a group of business owners who attend the session. Or do a session online, possibly even a 1-2-1 digital marketing consultancy session to actually teach you some stuff you really need to know that will help improve your websites footprint online.

Digital Marketing Courses Topics of Interest

  • Planning Your Website Design and Architecture
  • The Must Do Task of Practical Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
  • How to prepare and layout a website landing page for marketing
  • Setting Up and Marketing an Ecommerce Website so it Makes Money
  • Why and How to Make Use of Google Search Console
  • What You Really Need to Know to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • The Power of having a Google My Business Page & Google+
  • Planning a Google Shopping AdWords Campaign
  • Setting Up Pay Per Click Campaigns in AdWords
  • Setting Up Pay Per Click Campaigns in Facebook and Twitter
  • Learn How to use the Google Analytics Dashboard - Know What to Measure
  • Internet Marketing Tools What To Use when Marketing Your Website