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Fife Business Week 2020 Digital Marketing Workshops in Fife

Fife Business Week November 2021

Helping to Improve Your Digital Website Marketing Strategy

Fife Business Week 1-5 November 2021 with Brian Mathers and Your Website

ICTADVISOR are again looking towards delivering 2 interactive workshops during Fife Business Week om 2021. 

The aim is to try and deliver to workshops that micro and small business owners can benefit from and where the website business owner is able to practically participate.

The focus is to present workshops that are not in the mainstream topic list which Business Gateway Digital Boost Program already cover. Instead these workshop sessions focus upon things the business owners struggle to understand when they are trying to workout why their website is just not working for them.  Topics which are popular are on subjects such as:

  • What Do you really Do with Keywords?
  • How Do You Actually Optimise Your Page Content?
  • What is So Important About my Websites Domain Authority Score?
  • Does My Website Load Fast Enough to Satisfy Google?

Brian Mathers is a renowned and well seasoned Internet Marketing Practitioner who has a strong interest in delivering fast performing websites and ones, that will convert. In addition to this he explains to Business Owners about what the reality time line is to getting found online when you are governed by TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET - which is often overlooked and not explained so that business achieve what Brian calls OnlineXcellence

During Fife Business Week Brian's 2 workshop topics will again be around issues that business owners continue to fail to understand but need to know about if their website is to achieve any degree of success online. 

Is Your Website Optimised for Technical SEO?

Description -  Failing to address technical SEO (search engine optimisation) problemscan lead to rankings dips, negative engagement metrics, and crawl
errors. It could even lead to your website disappearing from search engine results pages altogether. Without being technical have your website tested and get a list of the SEO technical issues your web developer may have not optimised on your website for it to meet with Google Guidelines.

Why Keyword Research is so Important

Description -  Keyword Research is the most important part of your digital marketing
strategy. Optimisation problems can but, why do business owners never take part in doing some basic keyword research? It is the most important first step. What tools do you need to use? Why are long tail keywords important? What will you do with those keywords? Where will you place them on the page?


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Digital Excellence Scotland Internet Marketing Practitioner with 20years plus experience, Brian Mathers is a Google Partner and evaluates websites and demonstrates where to make improvements. Attend this event and Brian Mathers could be analysing your websites performance and Keywords during the live sessions.

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