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Google Adwords PPC Ads Management Services Fife Scotland

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Account Management Services in Scotland for SMEs

Google Adwords Account Management Services for Small Business Owners

Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising Supplemental Support Services for Micro and SME Businesses. 

Google Ads Support in Scotland 

We are a Google Partner in Scotland with 20 years Digital Marketing experience and our most popular Supplemental Support Service is hand holding business to help them manage their Paid Ad Campaigns. Or if required we help teach someone in-house how to plan and manage their Paid Ad Campaigns or w offer both services.

Google Ads Support Scotland

ICTADVISOR is a Digital Marketing Company in Scotland.  We hand hold businesses that struggle to do all their Digital Marketing Tasks including Google Ads Management. Our supplemental support services means we will work with you helping to target the customers you want, by setting up;

  • relevant text ads
  • display ads (re-marketing)
  • shopping ads
  • video ads.

More and more small business owners like you should be taking advantage of getting found on Page 1 of Google. Google Ads is a cost effective way to get targeted traffic to your website.
Be honest, did your DIY Ads Campaign prove to be a disaster?
Did you feel you simply lost money and gained nothing from your campaigns?

Google Ads Support Scotland

Why Small Businesses Tend to Fail doing Paid Ad Campaigns

Most PPC accounts end up not setup and managed correctly when simply left in the hands of a novice. We have seen lots of evidence of the years where Scotland's Micro Small Business Community need the help fo a Professional Web Marketer.

What tends to happen when you go down the DIY route of doing Paid Ads is you end up seeing the AdWords campaigns run away with the advertising budget - quickly!!

Digital Marketing Professional Brian Mathers at ICTADVISOR and his team have lost count of how many small business owners end up coming to us after their own attempts doing Google Ads failed. What happened? - You guessed - they ended up out of pocket. And so the answer is knowing who to hire?

Google Partners in Scotland

We Are A Google Partner in Scotland

Already our client base are benefiting from hanging out with us online that also allows them to get direct access to someone at Google. That's right meet Danny:

Google AdWords Digital Marketing Strategist

As a business owner you can have the opportunity of hanging out with Danny and ICTADVISOR and gain first-hand how your Ads are performing and how to get the most out of your AdWords Campaigns and the pages inside your website.

Clients so far who have spent just 1 hour hanging out online with both Danny and Internet Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers have learned a lot and saw their AdWords Campaigns go from strength to strength.

Google AdWords Explained by Hal Varian from Google

 PPC Services in Fife and Glasgow

We actually offer you two options:
a) we setup and manage your AdWords for you
b) you can get sign up for Google AdWords Training should you want to learn how to manage your Google AdWords Account.

The first option gets you the additional support from being able to join us on a Google Hangout Session online

The second option offers 1-2-1 Google AdWords Training that is focused around your AdWords account and getting supported by a Web Marketing Practitioner with 20years experience in optimising websites to have them attract visitor traffic and achieve on-the-page conversion.

Adwords Account Management Services Company in Scotland

AdWords Account Management Services for Small Medium Business owners who wants support from a web marketing partner to work on managing your Google AdWords Account. 

AdWords Management Services Scotland

Small Business owners are worried about how much they will spend on Google AdWords. We will work with you to ensure that your Google AdWords account won't drain all your marketing budget away. Already supporting clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Scottish Borders etc. with a wide range of web marketing services across that also includes regions of England, those clients are all operating with different sizes of AdWords Marketing Budget. Some of those clients have been with us for over 10 years AdWords, the reason for this being is we have managed their advertising budget effectively.

Google  Adwords Training Supported by Real World Markting Practitioners at OnlineXcellence

The alternative to us managing your Google AdWords account is to offer Google AdWords Training. This is a one-to-one training service or we can deliver to groups of people in your business. Our Google AdWords Training will introduce you to the skills and disciplines you will need to manage a Google AdWords account effectively and get results.

Google AdWords Training Courses Scotland

Google  Adwords Training Supported by Real World Marketing Practitioners

ICTADVISOR Ltd are Google Partners based in Fife but also have offices in Glasgow Scotland. We are a Digital Marketing Agency committed to helping small medium business owners with websites to achieve OnlineXcellence f

Google Adwords Services For Small Medium Businesses

So, if you have read this far, you will know the offer is to deliver Google Adwords Account Managed Services or Google AdWords Training for Small Medium Businesses.

If your Company does not have the time to spend on managing an AdWords account, or you need some training, you know what you have to do:

  • Find out about the benefits of having Google Adwords 
  • Let us show you how to manage a PPC Account successfully 

Our Google Adwords Services for small medium businesses specially designed to support companies who have limited resources, limited budget, and just want somebody knowledgeable and sufficiently skilled to manage help them with Google AdWords. Go ahead and make effective use of this valuable advertising channel. 

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