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Google Adwords Pay Per Click PPC Training Fife Scotland

Google Adwords Training

Google Adwords to Turbo Boost Your Website

Google AdWords Training Services Fife Scotland

Google Ads Pay Per Click Advertising Support for Small Businesses

ICTADVISOR Ltd is a Google Engage Partner based in Glenrothes Fife Scotland and has developed a number of tailored web marketing training programs to help small medium businesses achieve OnlineXcellence. We have seen many Google Adwords accounts managed so badly, leading to website owners enthusiasm becoming quickly deflated, and so we put together a training program to help those who want to manage their own Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns.

How Google AdWords Works

Google AdWords Training can be delivered directly to small medium business owners who want to get started in doing Pay Per Click Advertising for themselves and seeking some mentor and training support.

Alternatively if you don't want to Manage Your Own AdWords and want someone to do it for you, then we can arrange to deliver that service to you also.

Either way you will engage with real world web marketing practitioners who has over 20+Years of Internet Marketing Experience having been trained by some of the most talented people in the AdWords Paid Advertising industry today.

This is affordable an affordable web marketing service to either train you on How to Set Up and Manage a Google AdWords account, or for someone to do this job for you.

Either way we will ensure you get the most out of doing paid for advertising to promote the products or services your business has to offer.

Learn How To Setup Google Adwords 

There are lots of videos and free help around the internet on how to setup and manage Google Adwords, like this one:

However, even though you have just watched the above video it is surprising to us how many businesses still make mistakes when trying to do Google Adwords.

For example some business owners just don't have sufficient other skills also needed to ensure you get the most out of your Google AdWords Campiagns.

You will need to know how best to configure tracking code so your AdWords is communicating correctly with your Google Analytics. After your AdWords account is setup, the biggest challenge for many small business owners is how to interpret the data generated by both the Google AdWords and Analytics products. Again this is where we can help.

Benefits of Having a Personal Google AdWords Account Manager

Rather than bring you having to travel to a training room, the way ICTADVISOR web marketing practitioners work with you on a 1-2-1 arrangement .

The AdWords support consisting of consultancy and training services can either delivered by visiting your premises or done online via Skype, GoTo Meeting etc.

Small medium business owners find the rates being charged by larger agencies less affordable to them, and there are many small business owners that just like the personal touch and someone they can deal with direct.

So, why not try our affordable AdWords training service delivered by an experienced and pioneering web marketing consultant that will help you every step of the way.

You are not obliged to sign up to some minimum contract. Instead, you simply buy some blocks of time that will gain you access to Google AdWords Training that will help you learn at a pace to suit you,

Affordable and Flexible Pay Per Click Advertising Training to Support Your SEO

Your Pay Per Click Advertising should go hand in hand with your organic Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

If you are a website owner that is in the first 12 months of having launched your website, this will be very important to getting your website some decent exposure to search traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising is that Turbo Switch that can accelerate your website onto page 1 of a search engine, whilst you continue to apply your SEO efforts  that will take a little longer to mature depending on the following TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE and BUDGET.

You may have done PPC before but all you remember is losing money and getting no sales. It is never a good idea to do DIY PPC advertising.

Adwords is a skill and we as a Google Engage Partner can learn you do it properly.

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