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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Training

GOOGLE Analytics Web Analysis Company in Scotland

Helping business owners in Scotland to understand and learn about the importance of Google Analytics.

If you are just one of the many small businesses who are:

  • Not using Google Analytics
  • Have Google Analytics setup think its not configured properly
  • Don't know where to start interpreting Analytics as to what data to interpret

Google Analytics Setup

Here at ICTADVISOR we help hand hold those businesses in Scotland that need help with their Digital Marketing. Many businesses we engage with are found not to be using Google Analytics or if they do have it in place, it has not been setup correctly. Our industry network there is a handful of great people in the top tier who demonstrate best practice. You will find us refer to them when helping you get to grips with your problems. Here is a great video from Andy Crestodina at Orbit Digital on setting up Google Analytics;

Google Analytics in Real Life 

Does Your Website Ecommerce Checkout Process Run Smoothly?

Google Analytics is probably the most important measuring tool for those who are involved in website marketing decision making for their online business. The Google Analytics Marketing Tool is for all businesses large or small, because without it, is like flying an aeroplane without windows.

Google Analytics Expert Supplemental Service for Small and Large Businesses

Not looking at the big picture to understand where there might be issues with web pages not ranking or converting, means your website is not being driven towards your target market audience. There are people who are likely to be searching for what you offer, but without doing analysis that means you are missing out on your primary aim for your business - to make money. Where do you start?

Ask yourself - Why Do You Have a Website?

Your answer - I want people to find my Business. Why?
Your answer - I want get more customers and I want my business to...make money.

Exactly. Whether your marketing strategy is to found locally for your services or products or you intend reaching out nationally or internationally with your website, if you don't measure that progress, how will you know if your marketing strategy is actually working. So, now, find out why you decided to have a website support your business, by measuring its power!

Website Benchmarking for Small Businesses in Scotland

If you don't have time to get into Google Analytics or no desire to learn all about this important measuring tool, then the second choice which is popular amongst micro and small businesses in Scotland is to have ICTADVISOR carry out monthly analysis of your websites pages.

We provide you with no nonsense details that are easy to understand about which pages are working and those which are not. And we will discuss with you what steps you should take to improve those Goal Pages that you have decided should be able to generate sales and profits for your business.

Google Analytics in Real Life - Your Website Landing Page


Learn Analytics and Make Important Marketing Decisions to Achieve Conversions and Have Your Business Make Money

Learn how to analyse your website and you will gain sufficient analytical date from the likes of Google Analytics so you can make important marketing decisions.

We deliver web analytics to both large and small companies in both Scotland and England. It is important that you measure the performance of either your brochure or ecommerce website. Each of these type of website have the ability to increase your bank balance but if you don't measure website performance how will you know what marketing decisions to make?

What you don't want to experience is having a customer come to your website once, do a one time visit and not ever come back.

What you really want is customers that come back many times and you gain increased revenues from your website pages for your business.

What is Your Primary Website Goal?

Their is only one goal, to make money. And the next goal is getting visitors to your website, buy into the services or products you offer and make you more money. With us, you learn how to use the analytical data to better optimise your website pages that will improve your ranking, increase your traffic volume and have those best revenue generating pages make you even more money.

Google Analytics Website Analysis

Google Analytics (GA) is not something that every micro SME business owner understands or knows anything about. There is a lot to learn and even just a short crash course of a few hours won't make you an expert.

Google Analytics Basics If you are flying your website without looking at an Analysis Dashboard and don't know how well your website landing pages are doing - STOP - and let us ensure you are properly setup with your Analytics Account and help you get better results to increase your revenue.

ANALYTICS ACCORDING TO CAPTAIN KIRK Find out the changes that have been made to Google Analytics and find out what you are missing out on...

Don't attempt to drive your website without knowing what to measure. 
The Analytics Setup and Dashboards are complex.
Setup Analytics incorrectly and it will just bring you bad data.  
CONVINCED? You know what you have to do!

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