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Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics Training Practitioners in Scotland

Google Analytics Training Courses in Scotland

Google analytics courses from ICTADVISOR based in Scotland who are a Google Engage Partner are a website marketing company delivering training courses in both Fife Edinburgh and Glasgow or we can deliver to your staff at your business premises, plus we deliver tutor led 1-2-1 training online.

Google analytics is one of the most optimal web measurement tools in use today. Google Analytics the software is FREE from Google, but how confident are YOU at setting up google analytics within your website?

Are you getting the most out of your data analysis?

What are the pros and cons of web analytics reports?

Getting Started with Google Analytics

AVINASH KAUSHIK - The Analytics Evangelist for Google

We met and continue to learn from the most passionate man in the world about Google Analytics - Avinash Kaushik. It is true what is described of him, he is a man of exquisite manners and the glow from his passion rubs off on you and this is most definitely what happened to us when we first met up with him in New York at the Search Engine Strategies event and spent valuable time in his company listening and learning.

We see ourselves as converted disciples of Avinash. We maintain contact with him and regularly learn from his blogs.

Our wish is to now work with your business here in the UK and share what we have learnt from Avinash so we can help you improve YOUR SKILLS.

We can also setup you up with our online training partners where you can sign up to be trained by Avinash Kaushik and other top 10 talented web marketing people.

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