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Google Ranking How to Improve SEO

Google Ranking Services Improve SEO

How to Get Ranked Higher In Google

Google Ranking SEO Services to Achieve OnlineXcellence

Google's search engine uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the results. Their exact formula is a secret, but there are always a few things you can do to improve your positioning.

The term for this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

These Google Ranking Tips may not make your website the first one to appear in the list, but they just may help you move up in the search results a little.

What you have to do right from the start when having a website is to ensure you build a site that is mobile and search engine friendly. Provide your visitors with pages they will want to visit, engage with and hopefully endorse. What contributes to that is the way you have written the content that a human would want to read. Never try and game the system, because sooner or later Google will figure it out.

Do you know how many times Google makes updates to its algorithms in a year?  

Even the biggest brand websites have been served a few penalties and saw their website plummet in the search results and then wonder why.

Do not write content that looks like spam and don't be drawn in by website agencies that offer to submit your website to hundreds of search engines.

If You Don't Want to Hurt Your Web Page Rankings Get Best Practice Advice from a Web Marketing Practitioner

Help with Keyword Analysis - Choosing Keyword Phrases

A keyword phrase is, generally speaking, the words you think someone is most likely to put into a search engine to find your content. They should appear in your body content and in other relevant areas of your page.

But you must not overdo it when it comes down to how many times you use your keyword across the page. If your content reads and looks spammy, it probably is.

It is recommended you write like as though you were speaking like a human. Use the words that humans are most likely to use when searching for your web page which should be on the subject of your topic. If you use obscure words, define them, otherwise, just use natural language.

Check That You are Using a Keyword that is actually being Searched for - Make Use of Google's Keyword Planner

Searching for your own website in Google. What keyword phrase would you type into Google's search bar to have the engine serve up your most important Landing Page known as your GOAL Page?

If you have an AdWords Campaign running inside Google AdWords then take advantage of their Keyword Planning Tool once you are signed up.

Alternatively, if you just want to do some Keyword Research and find out how much it might cost to do Paid Advertising with a particular Keyword Term, then begin by using this Keyword Planning Tool that will be helpful to get a different perspective.

Get someone else to read your page and suggest what they think your keyword phrase might be.

Make use of products such as Google Trends to see if even one of your phrases is starting to gain popularity.

When constructing a page for your website try and stick to one subject topic/theme per page. That page theme or topic should focus on one primary keyword what we refer to as your HERO KEYWORD.

However, you will likely have a secondary keyword term that is also relevant to the page theme. At most optimise your page for no more than 3 keywords associated with your page topic/theme.

Google talks about having your page serve up quality content. That is content which must be written clearly despite the fact people don't always read all your content but in stead scan your content. So make it easy to read.

  • How long should your page be?
  • How much content do you actually apply to the page?

It all depends on the subject matter and how much content you feel is needed to get your message across to the reader. Don't be afraid to end up with a long and detailed page on your topic. We recommend that to get the best approach towards content and see best practice at work towards putting in place a content strategy take a look at Wikipedia.

Will the Use of Social Media Marketing in my Business Work?

Making use of Social Media Channels

Networking using a variety of Social Media Marketng channels can be a good way to promote your website. Notice we use the word 'can' in that opening statement.

Web Marketing Practitioner Matt Bailey says "Depending on a person's comfort level with online communications and interaction, will you find a social media type that will fit for you and your business. You will have to consider whether it will be worthwhile putting the time and effort into building your social media network".

For those business owners who might operate alone, or only have 2-3 employees, there might not be enough time to dedicate to doing social media marketing.

Time and effort might not always be on your side to make use of social channels and it is unclear how much this will affect your rankings if you don't become involved.

But many site operators have demonstrated that not being seen in the most popular channels could prevent your website from increasing its online visibility. If you are going to make use of channels such as twitter, facebook, google+ etc. where you may find you can acquire a great deal of traffic, be sure to make a regular contribution to these channels and not wait for months between posting up your next message, and ensure your content is 'social friendly'.

Help to Optimise Website Graphics and Pictures so they are Search Friendly

Apart from getting a graphic designer to provide you with some of the images your website might need, there are now so many other devices for capturing pictures.

However, when you come to download them onto your computer and to then upload them onto your website pages, many tend to forget about giving that picture (or graphical image) a proper name that is aligned to the theme and topic of the website page.

Did you know by doing so helps your website to meet with accessibility guidelines for the visually impaired?

Consider using keywords when naming images. Ensure the image is also supported by an ALT TAG but don't stuff that ALT TAG full of keywords.

Hire Best Practice Website Designers laser focused on Website Page Speed Performance

It has been found that websites can look good from a design perspective but still fail to perform when it comes to marketing. And of course on the surface, a website can look aesthetically pleasing but when you go and look at behind the scenes at the coding, here it can be an absolute mess.

If your pages are well organized with regards content layout and meet with Google's Marketing Guidelines on Page Speeed. This is where it is crucial that the coding behind the scenes is clean and tidy to meet with Google Coding Guidelines as Page Speed is a ranking factor. If your website pages achieve loading in 2.0 seconds or less this will contribute to you potentially ranking higher. as Google rewards pages that follow such performance guidelines.

The most common problem found with business owners who want to have a website support their business is that many simply don't know what they are looking for when it comes down to purchasing a website. 

Who leads the website project - Web Developer or Web Marketer - call us to find out.

Do We Still Talk About Keyword Density?

What are the rules in relation towards how much you make of Keyword Usage within your page? Why mention this? Because Google looks at when it comes to crawl and index your pages.

It will look at how often your keyword occurs. It is recommended you use natural phrasing and don't try to trick the search engine by repeating the same word over and over.

And even in 2015 we are still seeing some less reputable marketers trying to make text on the page invisible.

Google is clever and gets better at being so every day. Don't do the spammy black hat stuff that doesn't work. You don't want to end up getting your website BANNED.

The first opening paragraph of content referred to as the FINDERS CONTENT should be strong and outline what your page is actually about, and create empathy with the visitor. That visitor has a need, and your page could then answer that need and provide what we refer to as the BENEFIT CONTENT. This is a good best practice approach therefore to that opening content, and may help search engines find your page, too.

A Good TITLE TAG Can influence Your Ranking in Google.

Having Trouble Naming Web Pages

ICTADVISOR does a lot of website audits, which are very popular.

Literally in every audit conducted, pages are found with either very short URL names, or short descriptive TITLE TAGS and even shorter HEADLINES that sit on the page.

It is therefore recommended you give your web pages a descriptive on the page HEADLINE name along with a unique but descriptive URL page address name along with an optimised TITLE TAG. These are all vital. Think carefully about what Google will display as a search result as how your pages is listed in the rankings will be important if you are to achieve having the searcher CLICK THROUGH to your website page. A badly scripted TITLE TAG is not going to be in your favour. If possible and where appropriate try and position your keyword phrase in the TITLE TAG and if it can be the first words in the tag even better still

Your Link Building Strategy in 2015

Another common weakness observed when auditing website pages is the lack of an INTERNAL LINK BUILDING STRATEGY. This is a definite ranking factor that Google looks for also known as a hyperlink.

INTERNAL LINK BUILDING provides the ability for PAGE A to VOTE for PAGE B and for PAGE B to VOTE for PAGE A and PAGE C in your website. We also refer to this as INFORMATION SCENT.

Google also looks for INBOUND LINKS to your website pages. These are links from EXTERNAL SOURCES, in other words another website that is signposting the visitor to your page because that site is suggesting there might be something of interest on your website which the other website might consider as a worthy link to you.

An OUTBOUND LINK from your website to another website can also contribute to your websites performance. If you consider another website having relevant information in relation to your websites page topic, then linking out to that data is also worthwhile.

Again, take a look at Wikepedia as to how it's content is structured.

Google will also look at the words you use in links to help determine the content of your page. It is recommended that you use links within web pages as a way to emphasize your keywords.

There has been some debate amongst marketers about the use of links where the working says LEARN MORE | READ MORE etc rather than using a keyword loaded term such as this for example - find out more about search engine optimisation training or learn more about how to achieve OnlineXcellence

You can improve your Google Page Rank Score by exchanging text links with other relevant websites.

You should also take heed that over egging your LINK BUILDING can then have a negative effect on your website. If your website page is nothing but a list of links this is considered as spam.

What do you look for when buying a website? How will you know you have a search engine friendly fit for purpose website? 

Look at your website like it was your next racing car. You want to win a few races and be rewarded by your business doing better so it makes money and increases its profits. If this is you - but you are just not sure what makes for a good website - get in touch with ICTADVISOR and let us help you achieve OnlineXcellence.