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Greg Jarboe YouTube and Video Marketing Practitioner

Greg Jarboe Knowledgeable Video Marketer

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Mr YouTube

If you are thinking about promoting your business online by making a small film but want to get a bit more clued up and have your questions answered as to how or why you should get a promotional video made for your business, let ICTADVISOR your small business promotional film makers in Scotland introduce you to another friend of ours we want you to get to know who we call Mr You Tube.

Global video marketing expert Greg Jarboe is the most knowledgeable and reputable global speaker and author on the topic of Video Marketing that we know who talks a lot of sense when it comes to YouTube and Video Marketing,

A key point that Greg makes "Most videos steadily lose viewers once 'play' is clicked, with an average 10.39% of viewers clicking away after ten seconds and 53.56% leaving after one minute."

Greg also goes onto say "You might see YouTube as the centre of your video marketing strategy, but it is not the circumference, you should not ignore other video sharing platforms.

You Tube and Video Marketing An Hour A Day

Brian Mathers first met and listened attentively to Greg Jarboe on a number of occasions at SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conferences in both London and New York, and was also honoured to have the opportunity in having dinner with him listening to some great stories about his film making experiences.

That experience reiterated a point made by my colleague Matt Bailey author of Internet Marketing An Hour A Day who said "Greg Jarboe makes the principles of successful video marketing easily accessible to business owners". And you have to agree when the opportunity arises to have a private audience with him presents itself.

Now, YOU to can get to know Greg Jarboe even better by reading his book. Find out why we consider him the leading guru and video marketing expert, who we know produces winning results

You Tube and Video Marketing Book
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