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Improve Google Ranking

How To Improve Google Ranking

How To Improve Your Google Ranking if Your a Micro Small Business in Scotland

Google Search Ranking is challenging. There is no magic wand recipe that is going to fast track your website to rank higher in Google in like 24 hours.

If you are a micro or small medium business with a website, that has limited TIME, limited RESOURCE, limited KNOWLEDGE, and LIMITED BUDGET, we need to help you set a realistic expectation as towards to how to improve your Google ranking.


ICTADVISOR LTD are based in Glenrothes Fife and we are a Google Engage Partner. We will assist you in how to improve your Google ranking but let's start by making sure you have a number of Google products that you will need to help market your website in order to improve your Google ranking for your important website pages. Once these foundation steps are completed we will assist you through knowledge transfer towards putting in place best practice marketing tactics that you will need to help improve your google ranking.

Get a Google Account

To begin with you will need to own a Google Account. You may already have this in place. But if not, we can help you or you might be able to tackle this task by watch this How to Google on How To Set Up A Google Account.

A Google Account is probably the most important of all Google Products you need to setup first. Without a Google Account you won't be able to import the all important Google Marketing Tools we will recommend you have.  

Google Account Setup Help
Once you have your Google Account in place you can begin to import all the important Google Products you will need to help manage your website marketing strategy. You will need to populate the account with more important Google Products that will help your website improve its performance. They are:

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google My Business

These, are just some of the important Google Products that should be supporting your online marketing strategy. 

We recommend you get our help towards importing and setting up these products. The reason being is we have seen so many incorrect configuration and setup issues surrounding the products listed above. 

From our experience in helping businesses to grow online, one of the first things we recommend you do is to put in place the most important tools Google makes available to you that wil help support your website in order that it be tuned for optimal performance.

Over the years we have found that both businesses and the freelance web developer or small website agencies have made mistakes in trying to setup and optimise these Google products. This is where we can help being your Google Engage Partner based here in Scotland.

If you want advice or guidance on how to put in place a Google Account, setup Google Applications and make best use of the above Google products, and learn how they can support your website marketing strategy CALL 01592 745992 or EMAIL US