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Improve Your Website Home Page Creative Web Page Design Ideas

Improve Your Website's HomePage

Website HomePage Design Best Practice

How To Improve Your Website's Home Page

Whilst the Homepage of your website is not necessarily where your website visitors might land first, it is by far the most important page on your website.

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If you are able to afford the luxury of developers and designers from a city based web agency, hopefully the chances are you will work with a company who are really creative and not just web programmers. But, what is always a stumbling block, and mainly for the small medium business owner is finding an affordable web design team and website marketer that meets their budget. Some of you as small businesses will consider not using a web agency and instead decide to build your own website?

Do You Have Time to Plan, Design, Build and Market Your Own Website?

Your website page is governed by design and having a good content strategy. Do you have sufficient knowledge to build your own website and ensure it will meet with all of today's coding and marketing guidelines to satisfy both search engines and your target market audience?

Small businesses involved in building their own website with little or no creative knowledge can end up holding back their websites performance, becasue the business owner consider DIY website building never really set out to be a web designer or study web marketing as a subject. People like dabbling, but never really finish the job to the standard of a professional tradesman. Hence, why so many websites fail right after launch.

Do You Need Help to Improve Your Websites Performance?

Before you decide whether you do need our help here at ICTADVISOR Let us start, by looking at how you can start by improving the Home Page of your website.

We are keen to share with you what is best practice, so you achieve what we like to promote - OnlineXcellence. So,  begin by inviting you to watch and listen to globally renowned SEO Guru Rand Fishkin known as the Wizard of MOZ who knows a thing or two about Search Engine Optimisation and has a great video on what you should put on your HomePage.

Web Marketing Tip - Plan Carefully The Layout of Content and Images on ALL your primary Website Landing Pages.

Many SME businesses have a habit by starting their website projec by putting all their energy into the websites Home Page. Agreed, it is a page that is critically important for many reasons. But ideally, you want all your website pages optimised with good quality, well written content that includes your most important keywords.

A Considered Approach to Creating Your Website HomePage

What we suggest is that you look at the HomePage of your website as though you were looking at your business from across the street.

Think about when you are walking through a shopping mall and the shop windows are trying to encourage to come through the front door of that business. What triggers your mind that indicates to you a particular shop window message indicates that business might be able to service your need?

Does the shop clearly indicate from the outside what their primary proposition is?

Considering all this, think about the steps you would take walking through a shopping mall or down your high street. This is going to help you plan out what your Home Page should display outwardly to those who arrive their.

Small business owners who have opted to both build and manage their own website do this without any prior knowledge or learning and tend to struggle the most with planning the layout of both the website pages followed by the navigation and then not knowing how to market the website.

So, you have to admit to just become your own Editor and Chief of your own magazine (the website) and all of a sudden build and manage a website you are going to need new skills such as becoming a creative journalist.

If you are struggling to get the best from your website, you may want to talk to a developer or web agency that has both the skills of building a website and an understanding of how to market a website. Or, talk to us about our Web Marketing Services.

Learn a Little About the Search Engines before Optimising Your Website

There are some great resources out there that can help educate you about search engines, how they work and what they look for. The following are websites, some with related page links we suggest you become familiar with if it is going to be your job to drive the company website on a regular basis.

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Serious about Marketing Your Website - then this is a must!

Want to Learn SEO at Your Own PACE and Understand How Search Engines Work

Creative Website Design and SEO Marketing Services from a Fife based Marketing Company

It doesn't matter if you are a one man band business or a large company that has decided you need a website. Without proper advice, consultancy and planning, knowing how to brief your web designer, having to choose content management software, and after launch continually work at marketing the website, you don't want to end up doing this the wrong way. You know what you have to do!