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Keyword Research Services for Small Businesses Scotland

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Services for Small and Large Businesses

Keyword Research Services in Fife Scotland

ICTADVISOR provide Keyword Research Services for Small Medium Businesses in Scotland. Our keyword research helps you to write Keyword Optimised content for your website landing pages. Without the use of a variety of Keyword Tools most small businesses end up flying their website blind. You do need to either learn ore get help with your Keyword Research. Help is at hand from Internet Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers and his Digital Marketing team at ICTAdvisor Ltd.

Why Do You Need Keyword Research Services? 

Every month of of every year leading Digital Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers gets the opportunity to deliver workshops across Scotland. The audiences are primarily micro, small, medium businesses with either a brochure or ecommerce website.

Asking that audience - how many of them are doing Keyword Research?
Not many hands go up and most business owners in the audience have NOT used a keyword tool to conduct keyword research. This is like driving a car with the windows blacked out!! You have no idea where the website is going. Plus, How are you going to conduct Competitor Analysis? And your wondering why it is not engaging with those who have Searcher Intent. A few have found the Google Keyword Planner, but Google is making it much harder for businesses to use this tool without having you put some paid for advertising in place.

The Importance of Doing Keyword Research

Keyword Research. This is probably the most important thing you will do to help your website be successful.   One of the most important SEO component areas where you need to add keywords on your page is  - the title tag. Many Micro Small Medium Business Owners don't know where that Title Tag is on the page, or how to edit it within the CMS (Content Management Software).

Before we get into all that - watch and learn more about how we should be looking at doing Keyword Research from Rand Fishkin of formerly of MOZ 

Keyword Research Whiteboard Friday

ICTADVISOR was honoured when Rand helped launch its OnlineXcellence for Scotland Support Program to assist SMEs in Scotland. His He has since left his former company MOZ, and today is CEO of his new company SPARKTORO

Affordable Keyword Research Services

Now that you have watched the Video you will have learned not just how to approach having a great Home Page, but realise you need to do some Keyword Research.

You are going to have to work on ALL your IMPORTANT website pages.

Bigger Company's have the luxury of having someone in-house who is a 40 hour a week Digital Marketing Professional with extensive keyword research skills.
That person will be doing some Keyword Research on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The reality for you as a micro, small, medium business is you are limited by resource and don't really have enough time or in-depth knowledge to conduct keyword research.

You want people to visit your site, but at the end of the day, ranking #1 in Google is completely worthless if your website is not designed properly to convert that traffic into leads and sales!

Those customers you seek are searching in Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find your products or services. But guaranteed you don't have in place an SEO strategy to direct those prospects in your websites direction. And, more and more people are using multiple channels to research products and services and search engines are part of the mix.

It is THE most important task, which creates the most important 'FUEL' to power up your website.

We Offer Affordable Keyword Research Services in Scotland

Keyword Research that leads people and search engines in the direction towards your quality website pages........


ICTADVISOR an Internet Digital Marketing Company located in both Glenrothes in Fife and in the heart of Glasgow is assisting more and more Small Businesses on limited budgets, with limited knowledge and hardly no time to focus on Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.

We are Web Marketing Practitioners for Hire who are regularly helping SME clients websites to attract traffic, achieve conversion and have the business make money.

Our Keyword Research will support your:

Keyword research will always be a crucial step in your rinse and repeat SEO process to fine tune your web pages as its no secret that those first few organic search results get more traffic than any other. 

Keyword research is also going to be at the heart of your Pay Per Click (PPC) efforts as you will need to do some PPC Google Adwords campaigns. This is a vital 'fuel pipe' to turbo boost your website, especially when your website is in its infancy. 

Keywords Generate Interest, give information and Persuade Customers

ICTADVISOR came through the pioneering years when there were only a few savvy website owners and then there was us pioneer marketers, learning the search marketing trade, and everyone in the web marketing industry is still learning  – EVERYDAY.

An innovator and Pioneer from that era who we all followed was Jill Whalen of High Rankings.

Jill coined the phrase SEO COPYWRITING, and taught us all about optimising content with Keywords.

The art of Copywriting and Keyword research is what creates the steady flow so your content will first of be found in the search engine listings, and so generate the interest for the surfer to click through to your page, where you will serve up valuable information and then more importantly persuade the visitor to do business with you. Other tasks you will have to include in your website marketing strategy are:

Let Us Work on Your Keyword Research

Lots of micro small, medium businesses have had us tailor for them a Keyword Research Support Package as part of Internet Marketing Services we deliver at affordable rates to to support our clients website marketing activities.
These tailored website marketing packages includes some mentoring and training if you want that included.
With us working with you to help power up your website puts you firmly in the driving seat and us riding right alongside you working together on:

  • how to do keyword research
  • how to do copywriting
  • how to plan landing pages


You can also enquire about our Online SEO Courses.

Alternatively you can simply do some keyword research on your own using the biggest keyword research tool outside of Google Keyword Planner.



Doing keyword analysis starts by finding out if people are actually searching for what it is you offer. Spending time analysing keywords that leads to competitor analysis that will indicate how much competition there is. If you are short of time and need to get on with running your business, we can do your keyword research and competitor analysis for you.

All our services are tailored packages that you find very affordable and flexible, and no contracts.

Achieve having a successful website, hire our internet marketing consultant practitioners who are highly experienced at conducting extremely comprehensive keyword analyses for a broad range of client website types.

ICTADVISOR Keyword Research Services in Scotland

Work with us and start by doing an initial brainstorming session. 
From this time spent together we can agree with you about your top 10 HERO VALUE KEYWORDS.
Hero keywords relate to your primary proposition - what your is it you offer - products or services. 
Keyword search terms are thoroughly analysed using our in-house keyword tools
Get keyword research data reports that expand upon the initial list of keywords you provide us with. 
Our Keyword research and analysis service will provide you with details of hundreds of keyword search terms you need to use within your page content

Spend just one hour FREE with our internet marketing or web design consultants to discuss your Keyword Strategy

Keyword Research - Essential if Your Website is to be Successful What will you do next to achieve OnlineXcellence?

Small medium business websites are notorious for failing to achieve delivering on the business owners expectations. The bottom line is you want to make money and fully reach your trading potential online. 

Whether you want to do KEYWORD RESEARCH yourself or have us research all your keyword needs, we can help. You know what you have to do!