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Ethical Link Building Services from ICTADVISOR in Fife

Link building is a time consuming job no matter which way you try and tackle it. The job has also become much more in-depth and the process towards getting quality links is now overshadowed by Google's introduction of its PENGUIN algorithm.

There are guidelines you need to follow if you are to have better quality links coming to your website that will assist in improving your sites performance online.

You can no longer chase links just for the sake of having many point at your website from as many different external websites that you can find. This was the tactic of a few years ago, but today and with the introduction of the Google Penguin Algorithm, that task is you still need to gain links, and in some cases optimise those links you place in external websites and refine those you may already have pointing at your website pages.

Internal and External Linking Building Strategies And Analysis Company in Scotland

Having an internal link building strategy is important - it is called - information scent - where a keyword link within a paragraph could take you from page to page b because there is some relevance behind that link. But of course the most important bottom line task is to get links that you do want pointing at your pages you ideally want to come from other channels, websites that would be relevant to get a backlink from in a natural way that points at your high value goal pages on your website. Another reason you want to attract links is to demonstrate that your content on your goal page is seen as trustworthy content and worth linking to.

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