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How To Make A Website What Makes a Good Website

Make A Website

DIY Web Design or Hire a Web Agency

How Do You Design a Website?

Business Start Ups tend to search on this question, and that is understandable as there is a lot of start up costs when going into business. But, do business owners, Start Ups or those who have been established for a few years have the time to build a website? What is your own business model - would a web designer have the time to learn what you offer or do as a business? So, are you confident you can build your own website and have it make money for you?

From the beginning of the relationship, here at ICTADVISOR we want to be involved in helping you put in place a website that works. Look upon it like a racing car.

Planning a website is vital

Plan to Make and Build Your Next Website With Us

It is important for us that you wanted a website built, it does what it says on the tin. We know you want to succeed online and whether you decide to build the website yourself or put in place professional developers to make a website for you, neither you or us must not neglect all the other necessary components that will also need to be on your checklist. Such as having a search engine friendly website, that uses design architecture that will support your marketing campaigns to meet with a mobile first indexing search engine - Google - so that it can give your visitors a positive experience as they navigate through your website on a mobile phone or tablet.

Technical SEO is now a top 3 must have skill. You need to understand the basics of web design and website architecture

Working With Web Designers

We have been Internet Marketing Company for over 20 years, yet we still have many business owners simply ask - can you help get us a website and do some basic SEO marketing? We can, but things have changed. Getting a website has changed. Designing a website has changed. Web designers have to be more than just LEGO builders these days. Coding practices have definitely changed because we are in a mobile first environment now.

It's getting harder to market a website and get site visitors on a budget

Becoming a Confident Web Manager

We can help towards you planning to build your first website or redevelop your current website. But rest assured when partnering with us an important step is finding the right type of developer and graphic designer to support you . And your website is not going to be built in just a few hours like it says on YouTube. Well not if you want it to function properly.

We are not in the business of simply helping you get a website and some basic SEO Marketing. Agreed it is much more easier to manage a website now with less dependency on the web developer all the time. But businesses today, even though they want to be much more involved in the management and destiny of their website must still get to grips with website design principles. You cannot ever guarantee to have a successful website. There are really teams of people you need behind it to ensure you can drive it towards success.

Talk to us about our OnlineXcellence Training Program For Website Managers.

Website Marketing Manager Training in Scotland

Find out more about our website marketing training for website managers that we do here in Scotland. Get more information about achieving OnlineXcellence delivered by real world marketing practitioners

Get Help Getting a Website for Your Business that is fit for purpose.

Great websites, designed for your business to support your marketing strategy. Websites with Goal Pages that are designed to convert your customer into a paying customer. You can do this with either an Ecommerce or Brochure Website. If you want to be successful online, you know what you have to do!