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Importance of Mobile SEO

Building a Website?

Are You Thinking About How You Will Engage Your Mobile Visitors?

Avoid Impacting Your SEO Traffic Through Not Following Guidelines

Make Sure Your During Your Web Design You Implement Google's Optimisation Guidelines

If you think when having your website built it is just about creating a responsive website, you will find that there is a bit more to Mobile SEO than just having that responsive web page.

You want to get familiar with and find out more about Googles announced changes to rankings in smartphone search results based on mobile user experience. Plus, well renowned contributing editor at Search Engine Land Vanessa Fox (who actually built Google Webmaster Central) produced an excellent document on technical SEO for mobile sites.

Google Webmaster Mobile Guide


Your website might already be optimised for search engines but there additional things you need to think about and implement when optimising your website for mobile.

  • Page Speed and Load Time is Important
  • Not Blocking CSS, JavaScropt or Images
  • Don't use Flash
  • Don't use Pop Ups
  • Design Your Site for the Fat Finger
  • Optimise Title and Meta Description
  • Use structured data
  • Optimise for Local Search
How To Configure Your Website for Mobile

As a small medium business getting a web developer to built your website which has to be optimised for mobile and tablet platforms you may not understand all the jargon. With the help of our friends over at MOZ in Seattle they have produced graphic that helps you understand some of the jargon surrounding decisions that have to be made when configuring a website for mobile. Three terms you might here mentioned are:

  • responsive
  • dynamic serving
  • seperate site configuration

Each of the above have their advantages and disadvantages. What can be made clear is Google prefers responsive design but does support the other options.

Mobile SEO Marketing Company Fife

Mobile SEO Audit Services

Over the years SEO has changed - forever. We began in the pioneer years back in the last 1990s and therefore understand the importance of conducting regular Mobile SEO Audits on clients websites. 

There are some who have tried to say that SEO is dead. That is just not true. Whether you plan to do AdWords or build any type of campaign landing page you have to 'optimise' your website page so it wil meet with Google best practice marketing guidelines.

If you want your website to do better online there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider getting help from ICTADVISOR to put in place your multi-channel web marketing strategy and ensure your website will meet with technical SEO guidelines so your website and pages are mobile friendly. Reasons why you would want our help in getting your website to be mobile friendly:

  • Customers do not recommend a business with a bad mobile site
  • Customers have said they would actually go to a competitor site if a better mobile experience could be had there
  • As website owner dependent on gaining customers via your website, you cannot wait any longer and end up being left behind

Powerful Mobile Marketing Services from a Web Marketing Company in Fife Scotland

We help you build websites that meet with best practice coding guidelines. We also help you optimise your website so it meets with Google marketing guidelines. And you cannot win online without a proper web marketing strategy or you will just end up marketing your website the wrong way. Hire us, we are Google Engage Partners in Scotland, helping clients achieve OnlineXcellence. Follow our web marketing blueprint, for online success. You know what you have to do!