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Pay Per Click Advertising Google Adwords Services Fife Scotland

Pay Per Click

Affordable Pay Per Click Advertising Support for SMEs

Pay Per Click AdWords Services for Small Businesses in Scotland

  • Struggling in getting to grips with Google Adwords?
  • Looking for AdWords Training whilst getting help with PPC Management?
  • Simply needing to learn Pay Per Clicking Marketing using Google Adwords?

Whether you are starting out with a new website, or having an existing website but getting little or no traffic, get the support you need from ICTADVISOR to have Google AdWords as part of your strategy and start advertising on Google. If you are still waiting to see your website rank highly in Google's organic listings and your marketing strategy is just focusing on doing Search Engine Optimisation you could be in for a long wait in getting the traffic to your website that you are looking for. 

Our AdWords Spport Service is for the Micro and Small Business Owner who is wanting both support and assistance with the management of their AdWords Account . We help you put in place the most relevant ads.
Our service is transparent so you have a clear insight into the key components of ad rank: bid, quality and formats. We share with you the way all of this works together to determine your ad's position and cost, and help you decide how much you should spend on your Ads. 


How much Do You need to spend a month so you get return from doing Pay Per Click Advertising? Just Ask Us....

Google AdWords Account Managed Services

Get Help Managing Google AdWords and STOP Losing Money

As a Google Partner here in Scotland we offer an AdWords PPC Management Service that specialists in helping you implement PPC Pay Per Click Campaigns to help jump start your website marketing.

  • We help you setup and manage your Google Adwords Account.
  • We put in place total transparency PPC Management Services to help with your multi channel marketing strategy.
  • We deliver Pay Per Click Training Programs
  • We can teach you how to managing your PPC Account.
  • We help you configure your Conversion Tracking and Optimise Your Google Analytics.

If you have tried Paid for Advertising in the past, and were immediately put off after your first attempt.

If you tried using Google Adwords and got no new business or enquiries.

Let us help Your  business get it right this time by providing you with AdWords Training OR Account Management Services.
PPC Account Management Support until you get the hang of it.

PPC Advertising to Support Lead Generation 

Let us show you how adwords can be an effective part of your website marketing strategy, especially in your first year of being in business where your priority is going to be Lead Generation.

Online Paid Advertising has become increasingly more important whether you manage either a brochure or ecommerce website.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Work for Your Business 

Per Click Advertising (PPC) is not something that everyone understands or knows But - let us change that and show you how to manage and roll out effective PPC Campaigns.

Google Adwords If you are doing PPC right now and seeing nothing but poor results - STOP - and let us review your AdWords Account and help you get better results and increase your revenue.

STEP INSIDE ADWORDS  Find out the changes that have been made to Google Advertising and find out what you are missing out on...

Is Doing DIY PPC costing you money rather than make you money?.
The dashboards are complex.
You need to learn how to make best use of them.  
Achieve  INCREASED CONVERSIONS from using AdWords effectively - CONVINCED? You know what you have to do!