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PPC For SEO Strategies

Tailored PPC for SEO Marketing Services for Large and Small Businesses across Scotland and UK

Affordable PPC with SEO Services To Effectively Market Your Website

  • How many websites have you visited so far offering SEO?
  • Is it just SEO Services that your business website needs?
  • There is more to SEO Marketing than just asking to achieve better rankings - so find out what we can really offer?
  • Why are our Web Marketing Packages different?

Everyone asks - can you do SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, and of course our answer is Yes. Infact here is a video produced by Google:

SEO For Start Ups in Under 10 Minutes

So, you can go and try doing SEO on your own. But from experience we have lost track just how many clients start off here on this page, get some assistance towards SEO, then decide they will try doing it on their own, but after about 6 months usually they are come back saying - this is harder to do than I thought, and simply realise that like any skill it is everyone to their own.

But don't get us wrong, we want our client's seeking SEO Services to know what they are doing and how they can contribute to the process of SEO. Because marketing a website is today a team effort.

All website owners realise that SEO is something they should all be doing to bring more traffic to their website and get visitors convert into leads or sales. But there is something else many businesses have learned.


Are You Still Doing Old School SEO?

"OK, listen up everyone, we have these keywords that we want to rank better for.
So, we shall simply go and and optimize our content, and get some links - right?
Now, let us check the rankings for these keywords and.....and...

We are sorry to about those of you who might still be doing OLD SCHOOL SEO. We need to inform you that this model is pretty broken and not reflective of the reality of opportunities that doing SEO today will bring to your website or the reality of the tactics that work today.

The PPC and SEO You Need for Website Succes

The fact is SEO is just one component of what is really Internet Marketing as this is what you should be doing - its called Internet Marketing. And we, are, Internet Marketing real world practitioners and been in this industry for over 18years now.

And that is another reason why we think you should talk to us before looking at the next low budget cheap SEO service being promoted online as it might not be all that you think to help improve your website and have your business make more money.

The SEO & PPC Focused Website Audit

There is more to marketing a website than just simply doing SEO too. Your SEO should start with an SEO Focused Website Audit that will contribute to the blueprint to improve your website and help raise your business brand online. Because, if your your idea is just to do SEO and with that DIY approach, this will simply not solve your problem to getting more visitor traffic to your website.


What traffic are we getting - if any?
What's missing from our landing pages?
What is broken on the website we don't know about?
How wrong is our website strategy?" 

What are you going to need to do fix the website problems? - your strategy and goals are based on doing incremental steps. How are your going to inform your audience better? How do we fix our website landing pages so they are evolving with modern day SEO tactics. What are the short term wins we can do thought web marketing that the business needs to focus upon right now?

Are You Thinking Through Your SEO Strategy yet?
Are you thinking You might want to work with us?
Great, we have more questions for you:

  • What are your top level company and marketing goals overall?
  • For everyone in the company, what have they to accomplish this year, this quarter, over your next three year plan?
  • What are you really trying to achieve with your website?"

Together we work with you to figure out areas where not just SEO, but a multi-channel marketing strategy can best contribute to that task. From here we create tactical lists of project work to tackle issues that have been identified, evaluate those and prioritize which ones will be implemented first, second, and third and in what order to then test and implement those changes that are going to positively move the right needles on your dashboard.

DIY Web Marketing - Stop Being A Dabbler - Become a Doer

So, if you have read this much and you are still of the mentality that all you want to do is rank number one for your keywords and your dabbling at SEO via the DIY methods - well we are probably not the SEO Marketing Company you need.

FREE 1-2-1 15 Minute Digital Marketing Advice in implementing a PPC and SEO strategy.

Take at least 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and talk us about your website. At least you get some sound advice and us stop you doing SEO and PPC THE OLD WAY as doing that type of Web Marketing will not make you successful online.

Doing Paid Ads with Mentoring and Training

Supplemental Marketing Services To Help You Make a Difference

ICTADVISOR are a company that has done web marketing for over 18+ years and know how important it is to offer you affordable Supplemental Marketing Services that will suit your budget. But, more than that, the difference is you don't just get SEO.

Why We Are Different To Other Digital Marketing Company's?

Yes, we know what  you are saying "Oh yeh - heard this one before". But honestly, we are different, our customer base has told us this. It is not until business owners like you talk to us or meet us do they then realise that what we provide as your web marketing partner is different,

Our customers, some who have been with us since the early 2000's also find out how flexible and affordable our Search Marketing Services are. You can mix and match what web marketing services you need, when you need it in order to do internet marketing - effectively - so your website achieve its aim - to achieve OnlineXcellence and your business to make money.

Web Marketing Services Using Industry Leading SEO Tools 

We have invested heavily in only the Best SEO Marketing Tools in use across our industry today. SEO Tools used by some of the best well known real world web marketing practitioners across the globe, some of whom have working partnerships with us. The SEO Software tools we use provides our customers with the information they need. You can have very detailed reporting or tailored one page reports to help you make online marketing decisions for your small or large business and the information can provide details on your competitors.

Now Do You Need PPC and SEO Marketing Services? - Get In Touch

Get in touch with us and see just how affordable our SEO Services are to support your website marketing, and if you also want the combination of 1-2-1 mentoring and training and this appeals to you also, then talk us about how we can help you steer your website's destiny to achieve onlineXcellence.

SEO Web Marketing Services from Fife - Find Out How Affordable and Flexible We Are

You just need to ask our customers about the relationships we have with them. We visit them onsite - regularly - we phone them - regularly - we increase there traffic - regularly, they make money - regularly. Convinced? Why not follow our web marketing blueprint, you know what you have to do!