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How to Use Google Shopping Product Listing Ads in Adwords

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads Using Adwords and Google Merchant

Google Adwords Product Listing Ads

  • Have you started making use of Product Listing Ads?
  • Are you running an Ecommerce website and doing multichannel marketing?
  • Do you know if your competitor is making use of the Google Shopping Channel?
  • Do you know how to increase your revenue by putting in place shopping feed management? 

Ask the top 1% of businesses in the UK who are using Google Adwords and all its enriched features such as Google Merchant Shopping formerly known as Product Listing Ads and ask them if they would switch this channel off - the answer they would give is a simple - NO!

Product Listing Ads

Setting Up Google Shopping to List Your Product Image Ads with Your Merchant Account 

If you own and operate an ecommerce website you want to ensure that your web marketing strategy includes doing Pay Per Click Advertising that involves making use of Paid Marketing Tools such as Google Adwords.

To take advantage of Google Shopping Campaigns previously referred to as Product Listing Ads and have them appear on Page 1 of Google like as demonstrated in the above image, you first need to Create a Google Account. Once your Google Account is in place it is ready for you to import the vital Google Products you need to assist you with your online marketing strategy. One of those Google Products is Google Merchant.

f you are an SME (Small Business Enterprise) doing web marketing you might not be familiar with this popular paid for advertising hangout where your competitors might already be.

Google Merchant Shopping formerly Known as Product Listing Ads




Google Merchant Shopping has become an interesting development for retailers. Until someone else comes along and say they are now, the number 1 search engine destination, the audience you want as customers are continuing to 'Google' for what they need.

And, if you are the ecommerce shop owner they want to purchase products from, then you will agree that a picture paints a thousand words, and therefore your customers are more likely to click on an image ad rather than a text ad.

Find Out How Much it Costs to Setup and Run a Google Merchant Account.

Google Shopping (formerly Product Listing Ads -PLAs) Helping You Sell Online 

If you have tried DIY PPC and found it cost you money rather than make you money, then take a fresh look at PAY PER CLICK ADVERTSING by investing in Product Listing Ads. We will learn you how to make best use of PLAs and not have you waste your advertising budget.

Let us put you in touch with our other customers and let them tell you how we decreased their ADWORDS BUDGET but brought them INCREASED TRAFFIC.  Convinced? You know what you have to do!