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How To Make A Business Video What It Costs

Promotional Video Costs

What It Costs To Make a Promotional Video

Want to Make a Video so it Goes Viral to Promote Your Business

So you want to make a video to promote your business by doing video marketing?

Let us ensure you have fun making your video, but once filmed it gives off the desired effective, and that is to ensure you make videos worth watching. And that has your customers buy services or products from you and not your competitor.

If you want to achieve that then consider working with film makers ICTADVISOR based in Fife.

Get in touch and ask for Tosh Lubek who will help you plan, produce and make your business video to promote your business.

When making your corporate promotional video you may even want to put yourself in front of the camera. But before you consider getting into make-up, let us first put you in front of the people here at ICTADVISOR to prepare you for film making who come from a broadcasting background. Those who will produce and direct your short film specialise in creative corporate film and video making, and are already delivering video and film making productions to the television and radio industry. And have even been up for Bafta Awards!

So - How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Corporate Film Video?

We must first of all point out that each job is fairly bespoke.

From dealing with small business customers we know some find it difficult to contemplate normal live action shoot prices, even though they are not huge.

So, if you are a small business and happy to have us make a short 30 sec video commercial, we can do this and put together your promotional video from your own photos or existing images (note - make sure you own the images or have fully licensed stock images) and even footage you have shot yourself on your iphone/camcorder.

Essentially we have made it as cheap as we can considering the time involved

Our Video Film Making Products

1) Short videos made from our clients own images and videos - Slide and Photo Rate Card

2) Live action video where the film crew go and shoot at your business premises (single location). Live Action Rate Card

The Rate Cards provide details of the two services showing what clients would get but here are summaries.

1) 30 sec “Animated” client photos


    Animated slide/photo video 30 sec (includes music and on screen text) £200

    Animated slide/photo video 30 sec (includes music and my pro voice-over) £275

    Animated slide/photo video 30 sec (includes music and outside pro voice-over) £385 

(Addition length at £100 per 30 sec)

Extras on rate card for additional stock images etc.

2) 1 min or 1-3 min Live action shoot


    Live action video shoot up to 1min for £495 (1/2 day shoot with our own pro voice-over)

    Live action video shoot 1-3 min for £595 (1 day shoot with our own pro voice-over)

    Live action video shoot 1-3 min for £795 (1 day shoot with outside pro voice-over)

 (ADDITIONAL COSTS For 1 & 2 above - travel costs)

There are extras on the rate card should a client want simple green screen in their office, extra days shoots etc.