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Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services Company Scotland Supporting Small and Large Businesses

Search Engine Marketing Services for Small and Large Businesses

ICTADVISOR is a search engine marketing company in Scotland with office locations in both Fife and Glasgow.

SEO Marketing Services that are Affordable

We deliver strategic Search Engine Marketing services throughout the UK and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing PPC Campaign Management 

As a website marketing company we like to think we are a little different to our competitors. We spend time with both YOU the business owner and sit alongside your Website Driver to deliver our services. We want to grow your business, but we want to also educate and help understand more about the service you are paying for. Because you have only one outcome, having successful Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. So, we empower your staff to be skilful in:

a) Planning your Website Strategy
b) Getting to know your Website Content Management System - this is important
c) Learning Technical SEO so you are more knowledgeable to brief web designers
d) How to optimise for search engine marketing multi-channel campaigns.
e) Learning SEO at your own pace through online training programs.
Website Page Management - the effects of adding or deleting a page from your site
g) Managing Google Adwords campaigns -
how to optimise so you don't spend a fortune

SEO Marketing Company in Fife Offering Affordably Priced Web Marketing

ICTADVISOR are an SEO Marketing Company in Fife who are always on the side of the client in these turbulent economic climates. Knowing what to pay and when to pay for SEO marketing services is often seen as a minefield for the micro and small business owners trying to balance its marketing budget. So we tailor or website marketing packages around what you can afford, hence we can offer the following:

  • A 1 Hour Adhoc Service that provides a mini audit of your site
  • A 4 Hour Half Day Consultancy providing you with some immediate fixes
  • A 8 Hour Consultancy either delivered across 1 day or during a calendar month.

How to Market a Website - The Cost and Time

With pricing ranging from £50 per hour depending on how much support time you need. But, you can be guaranteed whether you want a 1 hour web marketing service or need us for up to 50 hours with our supplemental marketing support services, you could be working with some great Digital Marketing Experts

The most popular supplemental support service many of our customers go for is the 8 Hours per month package. The initial minimum hire time is over a 6 month period in order to gain maximum benefit from the analysis and website work we do.

What we do is help you either build a website, or help implement technical improvements to your website design, such as coding fixes to improve your websites Technical SEO Performance through to putting in place a better Digital Marketing Strategy to increase your visibility and footprint with search engines and have your visitors find you so you achieve click through and conversion on your landing pages. 

Search Engine Optimisation, plays its role when conducting Search Engine Marketing. But whatever we do, let us be straight with you, it is not going to be some miracle fix to your site in a few days or even 30 days. We will ensure first, that you know how Search Marketing works!! SEO is a component that is also addressed when doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEO without Pay Per Click Marketing would take a long time to mature. That timeline could be 6, 12, 18 or 24 months or more. PPC acts as a turbo switch to help put you on Page 1 of search engines immediately. It is a sure fire way of testing your most important landing pages.

You will need a budget from as little as £5 - £10 a day, but depending on what your selling and how competitive the sector this maybe more.

Your product or services might be in a competitive online market and that could see you needing a bigger PPC budget. 

If your website project is at the planning stage, then you need to consider having a Search Engine Marketing Strategy. We can help you compile this and put in place realistic expectations, timelines and goals to help you get listed in Search Engines and help you find your customers.

What if you build a website and don't pay a penny towards marketing?

You might not like the answer, if your goal is - to you reach page 1 on Google days after launch.
The likes of Google will crawl and index your pages almost immediately, but ranking for your keywords is going to take a little longer depending on how you approach this. But, lets set the record straight - internet marketing - it doesn't happen overnight.

ICTADVISOR Your Internet Marketing Company Partner

ICTADVISOR currently have in place a number of long term relationships with small medium enterprises who are serious about marketing their ecommerce or brochure website. Many of the projects see us onsite at their premises or assisting them through online channels. Along with our own strong network of marketing partners from around the globe, this means everything we do for your business is transparent and measurable:

  • We could go on and on, and if you want to you can read more about the Google Algorithm Changes that will give you some insight to the challenges you are faced with as a website owner. So let us help you with your website design, marketing, search engine optimisation and how to measure website performance using analytical tools.You know what you have to do!