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Minimum Viable SEO by MOz


We see lots of small business owners come forward seeking help with their SEO, but when they find out how much it is to hire a professional, usually because they don't even want to spend £40 an hour for someones specialist skills, then you are going to have to do SEO on your own until you can have it done properly.

Doing SEO When You Have NO MONEY!

So, funds are tight. You have just blew the budget you had on a website that might even have cost you more than you had planned for. Did they charge too much for the website build. This is where ICTADVISOR come in handy.

Anyway, here is a great Video from an industry colleague friend of mine Rand Fishkin from MOZ who demonstrates the minimum you could at least do on your own when you realise you have no money left to market your website until you can make enough money to hire a professional Internet Marketer. Because, guaranteed at some point you will need help with your overall internet marketing strategy. But, for now, let's get you started with the basics!!

Minimum Viable DIY SEO by Rand Fishkin of MOZ

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Minimum Viable SEO DIY