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Social Media Marketing Consultant in Scotland

Social Media Consultants

Research, Analysts and Practitioners in Scotland

Social Media Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

There are a number of Social Media Marketing Consultants who are collaborative partners with ICTADVISOR helping you in How to use Social Media Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business and have it achieve OnlineXcellence.

ICTADVISOR are fortunate to have a number of digital and social media marketing practitioners as our partners on the team all of whom have many years of experience and been amongst the pioneers of social media adopters.

Some of our business Digital Marketing Services will help you engage with your target market audience and have them engage more with your website. ICTADVISOR is committed in having your business achieve OnlineXcellence and all are passionately committed to helping businesses and individuals utilize social and digital media to maximize their potential and compete effectively in the digital age.

Social Media Research and Analysis Practitioners in Fife Scotland

Whether you have yet to launch a website, or already have in place a brochure or ecommerce website your content management strategy should include what your Social Media Marketing Strategy should include.

If your website is already in place you might want to enquire about our Social Media Platform audit, that will highlight strengths and weaknesses after taking a glance at what you are doing right now in your approach to engage with others via Social Media Channels. Our Social Media best practice audit will help you focus on the 7 core steps required to increase engagement with your target market audience.

The business acumen, knowledge, and best practice methodologies that we bring to your website project has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals improve their conversion rates through the use of Social Media  and improve where ecommerce websites were involved - ROI (Return on Investment). 

A good starting point for any website project starts by conducting research and analysis on:

  • Each Social Media Marketing Platform such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Start by having us produce a SWOT of how you are making use of each SMM channel
  • What are your competitors doing in their Social Media Marketing Channels
  • Best Practice approach towards making best use of Social Media
  • Best Time of Day to Tweet or Post
  • How best to make use of Shortened URLs and limited characters
  • Breaking into target markets and how to broadcast in each of the channels
  • How to listen to customers and learn of their lifestyle so better communicate with them
  • How to create and include Hashtags in Tweets and make specific campaigns easy to measure

Social Media and Content Marketing

Content Marketing directly results in improving engagement with prospects and customers, but what type of content should be posted? Right now, do you think the content your posting is useful and informative? Did you know that when deciding on the type of content to post you should consider the 80:20 rule?

Social Media Marketing Resource Allocation

Implementing a successful Social Media strategy requires time, how much of that time will be dependent on the size of business you are and hence how many hours a day you can commit to this task. The decision you have to make is whether you choose to conduct Social Media activities in-house or outsource to a 3rd party. With help from ICTADVISOR we will work with you to breakdown a required list of tasks that will help you to establish the resources required to implement a successful Social Media strategy: