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Is posting on social media channels at the bottom of your to-do list. For over 20yrs we have been supporting the micro small business community whereby in most cases there is no dedicated marketing person on the business payroll. 

Making Social Media work for Your Business

So, keeping up with posting in several social media channels can be both stressful and in many cases has you faced with what is called writers block. Not only that, but when you are a self-employed micro small business owner you have a million other things you have to think about let alone do marketing to support your website and maintain some sort of online visibility. 

You know you cannot afford not to be online. Your customers are there and so are your competitors. But you know you have to do social media because everyone keeps telling you that you have to do it. In working for yourself you are already the accountant in your own company and possibly the delivery driver to. You might even be the product of the business and you not selling other products or services. So, there is a lot to do when it comes to running your own business. 

How Much will Social Media Marketing Contribute to Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

When you come and sit down to actually create content, well, you never set out to become a journalist did you?  And now, you have no idea where to start, and this content marketing is more like a chore rather than a positive task that you are going to enjoy.

Maybe you have already tried social media marketing and felt you didn't get the results you wanted?
It happens. Then there are all the excuses we hear from business owners when it comes to considering where or if Social Media is to fit into their online marketing strategy:

  • I am not a creative content writer able to produce engaging content
  • I don't have an eye for design to create a Facebook business page
  • I don't have time to tweet on twitter
  • What am I going to blog about to my potential audience?
  • Is facebook ads really worth investing time in to support my business?
  • I have heard putting videos on my website can increase conversion 
  • I am not a film producer nor technically minded to make a video
  • Surely hiring someone to make a video must be expensive?

After all that, is Social Media Marketing right for your business? Before you go and jump in with both feet and think you should be doing Social Media Marketing just because your competitors are doing it, spend a few moments here and then talk to us at ICTADVISOR

You want to ensure you are going to implement a Social Media Marketing strategy for all the right reasons. We have some real world practitioners that are constantly engaged in helping businesses put in place internet marketing strategies that outlines where Social Media fits into the businesses digital marketing strategy.

Social Commerce

When we talk about social commerce it is about the direct purchasing of products through social channels.  Sure, we may have all done this at some point. But its miniscule compared to other channels you trust to you use when purchasing a product or even a service you pay for online. 

The following statistic and infographic were recently highlighted in a popular newsletter and brought to our attention by seasoned global marketer Matt Bailey of Sitelogic Marketing: 

82% of shoppers use social media to make a purchase.

Friend and colleague Matt Bailey based in Canton Ohio says that, immediately , there should be warning lights and alarms sounding in your head. For starters, the headline is a bold statement. Anyone familiar with eCommerce marketing analytics will question this dubious claim. 

Matt goes on to highlight in more detail what is being presented in the data: 
Statement 1: 82% of survey respondents discovered and purchased a product on social media through their phone – at least once.
Statement 2: The majority of people prefer a combination of online shopping and in-store shopping.
Conclusion (Headline): Therefore, 82% of shoppers use social media to make a purchase

Matt points out - do you see how statement 2 does not follow statement 1? 

He says it is a deliberate misdirection. It is associating two different activities in attempting to support the conclusion. The second dataset does not mention social commerce, it only asks about in-store, online, or both. This is called a non sequitur, as it does not logically follow from the previous data. 

From the online article that Matt refers to he comments on some more interesting statistics: 

"Some 57% of the 1,000 customers surveyed said they previously bought something while watching a livestream on a social media app with 72% rating the experience highly. 
A whopping 29% purchase items on social media at least once a week while 24% purchase more than once a week."

This is the problem with percentages says Matt Bailey 
Without real numbers as an anchor, percentages are abstract concepts. This is why decision-makers don't get excited about percentages. Unless you show the real economic impact by moving away from the percentage and into real currency, it won’t move a data-driven organization.

Another signal that you might be reading propaganda instead of news is the choice of sensationalized adjectives.  Regardless of this as a news article, blog, or otherwise, using "whopping," "booming," etc. to describe only 29% should clue the reader into the sensationalizing of this information.


You might want someone else to take care of your social media marketing tasks, or you might want to learn how to be a creative marketer using a variety of social media marketing channels including how to make a video.

Arrange to speak with one of our Social Media Marketing Coordinator who will help you harness together your competitive marketing strategy that includes how best to use social media channels.