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How To Make Use of Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Tools

More and more of your customers are now constantly connected. They want to move seamlessly between screens, between websites and apps whilst they are on-the-go. We know some business owners have tried using Google Adwords and got no new business or enquiries, but had you considered you were not skilled enough to get any leverage out of this vital advertising tool?

Pay Per Click Adwords Training in Scotland

If you need to understand how to do Per Click Advertising (PPC) and know how to manage your PPC account effectively, we are an Adwords mentoring and training company here in Fife, Scotland.  If you don;t want to end up with poor results and lost marketing revenue, why not get help with the support of our OnlineXcellence Marketing Practitioners and sign up for our Google Adwords Training Course If you have never used Google Adwords, we can start by teaching you the basics so you can start gaining new customers by visiting your website via this paid for advertising channel.   If you feel you are beyond the basics and want to learn more advanced techniques just GET IN TOUCH as we can help. Keep reading and learn more about new stuff at Google.......

Getting Customers To Your Website Page That Makes You Money

This makes YOUR best ads more than just messages sent to various devices.  Instead, YOUR ads are most effective when they connect people with the information, content and places that matter most to them, at the moments they are looking. Watch the Video and see the exciting things going on at Google......

That information about the products and services they seek is the content that could be on YOUR websites, or sometimes in your mobile apps for those of you who have deployed them.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

When you start out with a new website, the chance of it ranking high in Google's organic listings in the first week of launch is a tall order. Even after 3 months if you strategy does not include any type of paid for advertising, you website is going to take a while to achieve good positions in organic rankings, so if you are expecting this from just doing Search Engine Optimisation you could be in for a long wait. 

The customers you want are living their lives online, looking for the content that’s most useful for them and you want your tills to ring as soon as possible after launch.


The Next Generation of Advertising from Google

For many years, Google has offered popular formats through Google Search Ads and their AdMob network  to help your business promote your app.  Since they launched, Google has helped businesses drive hundreds of millions of app downloads with these offerings.  Google has announced the next generation of these features across Google search ads, their Display Network and YouTube.

Here at ICTADVISOR a website marketing company in Scotland, as a Google Engage and Help Out Partner we are so excited about the next generation of ADWORDS features. Despite being based in Glenrothes Fife, we are already engaging with clients across the UK and assisting them in how to roll out and engage with these new ADWORDS features. It is yet another SEO service we deliver when helping your to implement your website marketing strategy. An important key tool you will need in your arsenal, especially in the first 6 to 12 months will be GOOGLE ADWORDS.

Let ICTADVISOR OnlineXcellence SEO Practitioners Jump Start Your Website Marketing

The ICTADVISOR OnlineXcellence Web Marketing MasterClass Service can help you jump start your website, so you get off to a good start marketing your important website pages. Our success is that we have been helping businesses for over 15 years in how to setup and manage effective website marketing campaigns that includes making use of Google Adwords and putting in place reporting mechanisms with transparency so you know how both we and you are doing at Pay Per Click Marketing. More importantly, together we do what you set out to do with your website - MAKE MONEY!

Step Inside Adwords And Have It Get You More Sales For Your Business 

Some Business Owners say PPC costs them money rather than makes them money.
The Adwords dashboards are complex to some business website owners, but if you want your website to make money, let us learn you how to make best use of this valuable Pay Per Click Advertising Tool.  You know what you have to do!