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Video Marketing Services Scotland

Video Production Services from Scotland

Video Filming Services From Scotland to Support Your Web Marketing

Who said Video Marketing is not doable for the micro or small medium business?
How much do you think it costs to put a video together for your website?
So, you have heard that video can keep a visitor on your page longer but not having an epic. But how easy will be to put something together that you have your visitor engage?

ICTADVISOR Limited has pulled together a team of people who are all about making videos or helping businesses make a video to put on their website.

Look at the middle section of our client's Home Page at Log Cabins Scotland.

We are small business film makers based in Glenrothes Fife, who offer Video Marketing Services helping you make low cost videos.

We can help you make your own video - even with your iPhone if you want.

Or we can come and do a small video shoot for you using 1 or more cameras, even fly a drone with our CAA qualified pilot to shoot something you need or want filmed from the air.

And if you think a corporate promotional video costs a lot, think again, get in touch with us and speak to our small business professional Videographer Tosh Lubek. and

If you want to see your visitors time on page in your website increase, if you want to see how your online sales can increase by up to 200% then talk to us about video marketing for your small business website. Give your customers the confidence to buy from you by making a corporate film or put together a video on a budget that is affordable so you can sell your products or services. 


Making Corporate Films or Videos to Market Your Small Business Website

  • You can have a Digital HD quality video to promote your business.
  • If you want to be the voice and the person in front of the camera, then we shall help you achieve this.

Our collaborative partners who make up our video team colleagues are already well renowned video makers for small businesses not just in Scotland but across the rest of the UK, Europe, and some are also renowned speakers around the globe.Just look at these Videos

1) 30sec “Animated” client photos


2) 1min or 1-3min Live action shoot


Make a Video to Market and Grow Your Business Online

If you want to make a video, we can help. Your video marketing strategy starts here. 

  • Believe that you can create a video that is worth watching on your website?
  • Be confident you can get your video found on You Tube with professional help?
  • Believe your next promotional video will not have you pulling a lampshade over your head and going - Oh My God!
  • Get to know how long your video clip should be to keep the visitor interested and help you achieve conversion from your page

Video Marketing and Video SEO Services from Scotland helping your business reach larger audiences

Global Video Marketing expert Greg Jarboe who we call Mr YouTube said that "Most videos steadily lose viewers once 'play' is clicked, with an average 10.39% of viewers clicking away after ten seconds and 53.56% leaving after one minute."

So how long should your promotional video be? CONTACT US - AND WE WILL HELP YOU.