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Write Better Website Content for Your Landing Pages

Writing content for your website pages is a completely different skill to writing content for an article that you would find in a magazine. When constructing content for your website pages, you need to have the ability of being able to write something that is compelling and unique.

How do you begin planning content for you website pages?

Well, your visitor has a need. You want to be the supplier to fulfil that need. So, your opening paragraph includes some keywords used by your visitor in order for them to find your page. Content for your website landing page would begin with a HEADLINE followed by your opening paragraph empathising with your visitor. This approach is referred to as your FINDERS content. 

Next you may apply a second SUB HEADING that leads into what we call your BENEFIT content. Because now, you want to tell your visitor how you can help with their need and provide them with what they are looking for.

Why Bother Constructing Content For Your Web Pages?

People don't really read web pages word by word, do they? Visitors tend to scan web page content and pick out relevant words and sentences in relation to what they were searching upon. This approach helps them to quickly identify whether they should stay on your page, in the hope that the sentences and words they find are beginning to paint a picture of how your business can help them with their need.

Becoming A Website Content Manager

Many business owners did not set out to be the editor and chief of their own magazine or become a creative journalist. But, it is important to have a website the page with content that has been written by the website owner.

ICTADVISOR Copywriting Services Glenrothes Fife

You have a choice. We can either do all your COPYWRITING for you, or you can get some support training to help you become more of a proficient copywriter. The latter approach can help in the long term to keep your web marketing costs down. Because if you can content manage your own web pages, means you can then deliver fresh content regularly when you want. This will help you achieve better results online.

It is recommended that you try and create 1 new blog a week for example. And on occasion revisit core content pages to further improve copy there.

When it comes to ranking your web pages towards being found stick to a rinse and repeat prescription of creating great content on monthly. 

Website SEO Copywriter Practitioners in Scotland and England

ICTADVISOR can provide you with copywriters who also understand the importance of SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. Our copywriting partners are in our opinion some of the most versatile and creative copywriters we know. If you want to get trained in web copywriting skills you might want to getting trained by a professional copywriter who understands SEO. One of the most experienced website copywriters we know is the great and well respected Heather Lloydd Martin globally renowned for her copywriting skills. 


Heather Lloyd Martin, voted one of the top women in SEO 2012 a lady Brian Mathers describes as the fast talking fiery redhead who is a pioneer of SEO Copywriting. Why not check out Heather's SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Course, which is also endorsed by after a year long evaluation.

Brian Mathers speaks highly of Heather Lloyd Martin says 'this is our own wee bit of Heather in Scotland' and for some reason it always reminds him from the first time he had met he to - cue that Roberta Flack just sums up how talented she is.

Despite being based in the USA, Heather is always in demand all over the World along with our other copywriters who we use.