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Website Marketing Strategy

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Web Marketing and Web Design Strategy Help From Scotland

Here at Web Marketing and Design Company ICTADVISOR we help both small and large businesses plan and implement their web design and website marketing strategy. When we are asked to help a small medium sized business, our first question is whether you have a marketing strategy. The answer usually is a vacant stare from most small medium business owners we engage with. Why? Because, to many SME business owners this is kind of an industry speak and language that could be alien to them. Let's admit that, all of us in our respective industries have this alienated language we speak about our products and services and so you could be asking us web marketers, so what is a website marketing strategy, how do I compile one?

Are Small Medium Business Owners Capable of Managing their Own Website?

Some business owners are not interested in managing their own website on a day to day basis.
The small medium business has very few choices if their sole aim is to have a successful website
A business owner tends to put a lot of faith into the web developer. Why?

Because their definition of the web developer is that this developer or design agency build websites to help them market their business online. Unfortunately, there are many web developers and web design agencies that can be great mechanics - they can build websites, but have little or no marketing experience.

So, when the business owner finds their website is not meeting with their expectations and not bringing in the traffic, sales or enquiries they were expecting to get. The finger will immediately point at the web developer or design agency.

Should you Really Blame the Web Designer for Your Failed Website?

That is a difficult question to answer, because the website might have failed under the management of the business owner. But another reason is that the web developer just builds websites and there are many that won't even used the words Marketing Strategy and discuss this with the business before starting to build the website.

Business owners wanting a website either approach the task with a DIY mindset and want to manage the website themselves without any help. Alternatively, they leave all responsibility for the website with the web agency or developer and have them do all the work, or maybe go as far as working in partnership with the developer or agency to put a website together. But even here, problems can arise that can still lead towards having a website that fails.

Website Marketing Strategies Company in Scotland

Today, more small medium business owners are coming to terms with the fact to have a successful website, you have to gain some basic knowledge first and of course lay aside a reasonable amount of time to work at managing your website and not leaving your website project totally in the hands of a web agency or freelance developer.

Having arrived on this page of our website, it might be, that right now you have two issues. One, is that you are looking to have a website for your business and you do have a strategy and so engaged in some research to find out how best to approach building a website for your business. The second issue, is that you might already be the owner of a website, and you have for some time being unhappy with your website performance, and there could be a number of reasons for that. Now you want to have a successful website and have learned you must start by having a website strategy, and more importantly a website marketing strategy.

This web page is about putting together a website marketing strategy as it will map out the journey towards putting in place a website that meets with your expectations.

In recent years having a website marketing strategy has become a relatively new discipline for the small medium business owners. It is easier today for a business owner to have a strategy towards buying a new car than how to plan a website project. To have to look at your website project like you were planning to buy a racing car. In our opinion, the website owner has to act like a racing driver. You have to drive your website towards winning races - in other words to make money for your business.

Driving the Website with a Marketing Strategy That is Your Fuel

If you or someone in your business has the responsibility of actually managing the website everyday, then it is vital that the business owner gets some guidance towards that first step of either building a website or redeveloping the website they already have. You need to have a marketing plan from the outset.

It is strongly recommended you explore how to implement a marketing strategy.

You will read lots of content on a number of websites that will provide details on how to do that. In most cases you are going to find that many of us who are experienced Internet Marketing Practitioners are going to offer you a strategy plan associated with numbers, such as get at least 10 things you need to implement a marketing strategy, or 109 questions answered so achieve online marketing success.

Everyone wants to help you put in place a website strategy

Let's face it, the web marketing industry is not regulated by any authority. So, you are going to compile lots of lists, gathering lots of information, some of it conflicting, to help you start implementing Website strategy.
You need to be a little knowledgeable in knowing how to implement:

  • website build strategy
  • a web content strategy
  • an on-the-page optimisation strategy

and we could go on and on listing more steps for you to take.

Accelerate Your Website Project Today

You really just want to cut to the chase, and have a website.
You need a website that is search engine friendly, end user design friendly and admin friendly so you can manage the website pages effectively and easily. And, to do all that you probably just want to get help from someone you can trust. We, hear your next question already.

Why Should You Trust ICTADVISOR?

The answer is simple, let us introduce you to people we listened to in order to deliver our Internet Marketing Services. We got up close and personal with these people who we consider are the most trusted voices in this industry.

What we learned from them was ' Best Practice'. Because best practice methodologies are key to your web project when it comes to, planning, designing, implementing and then marketing a website.

We implemented Best Practice into our most affordable websites should you have limited budgets.

We did all this, because we were tired of listening to thousands, millions infact of so called 'experts' from around the globe. We felt we had got as close to authority voices for our industry that were considered both trust worthy and in our opinion were promoting best practice website strategies. 

That organisation was the Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board.

More About Search Engine Strategies And The Advisory Board

SES (Search Engine Strategies) deliver the biggest and best and well attended Search Engine Strategies Conferences in the world. At these SES conferences, the greatest minds associated with the Search Marketing Industry gather in places like London, New York, San Fransisco and other major city locations around the Globe.

After being introduced to SES back in 2006, 8 years on and ICTADVISOR continue to network closely with a number of trusted voices, many of whom are a recognised authority and are renowned speakers around the globe. We regularly get together with those leading edge marketers in order to bring back to our customer base our web marketing and web design services that brings you the guarantees, that our website and marketing strategies we help you put in place to support your website project will bring to your business an ROI which we call OnlineXcellence.

If you are tired getting the wool pulled down over your eyes and seek to have a website that will be fit for purpose, your website strategy starts here. Talk to us today and find out how successful you can be online.

Online Marketing Strategies from a Fife based Marketing Company

Geared up to help the Small Medium Enterprise, our Internet Marketing and Web Design Company have a simple aim, to help you have a successful website and grow your business online. Don't end up doing online marketing the wrong way. If you are willing to follow our web marketing blueprint, you know what you have to do!