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How To Setup Google Merchant Account for Google Shopping Advertising

Google Merchant

Setting Up Google Merchant to Show Large Amounts of Product to a Targeted Audience

How to Setup Google Merchant Shopping?

Google Merchant Centre needs to be imported into your Google Account Dashboard. Google Merchant is going to be the place to upload your store and product data that is managed using an easy to understand Dashboard. Once configured this product will feed information to your Google Shopping Ads Campaign inside Google Ads. And here at ICTADVISOR is your local Google Ads Helpers in Scotland that can help you get everything setup so you can trade online doing using Paid Ads.  

How Much Does it Cost to Setup Google Merchant?

There is never any billing attached to a Merchant Center itself, and you may have your feed there for free even if you are not running Google Shopping (formerly PLAs) through AdWords. If you find your web developer looking to charge a fortune - talk to us first as your Google Engage and Helpout Partner as we can help you get the most out of your Google Products such as Adwords and Google Merchant.

There are companies that have been found that will charge you a fortune to setup your Google Merchant Account. The truth is there is never any cost associated with having a merchant center activated or to keep it running, as it only functions to support AdWords based Google Shopping Campaigns and remarketing campaigns.

Watch the following video from Google that explains How to Create a Shopping Campaign

How to Structure a Paid for Listing Ad Your Next Step

Talk to ICTADVISOR and take advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising and learn how to make use of features such as Google Merchant and so turbo boost your website marketing campaigns.

We can help you be more competitive with your ecommerce site. As a Google Engage and Help Out Partner we can help you setup your Google Merchant Account and harness this to Google Adwords so you can take full advantage of this affordable advertising channel.

You might need some support from your Web Developer in setting up to take advantage of Google Merchant during the process a data feed file is created in order for Google Merchant to work with your Google Adwords. The data feed will need to be uploaded onto your hosting server where your website files reside.

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Web Marketing Strategies to Help You Sell Online 

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