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Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

SEO Keyword Research Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Planner Tool

A lot of businesses will look towards using the Keyword Planner Tool from Google, howevever, there is one very important tool you should consider investing in if you are looking to be a serious marketer and grow the website you have responsibility for.

Using Wordtracker's keyword tool can help you reveal high performing keywords that the Google Keyword Planner might not list. Let us just say that the Google Keyword Planner Tool will help you get started but if you are to keep going then you have to look at the other alternatives to get a handle on the big picture.

What is the Alternative Keyword Research Tool after Google Keyword Planner?

The answer quite simply is WORDTRACKER, and you can beging your 7 day trial right now. 

Why We Use The WordTracker Keyword Tool For Our Client Research

It is an Industry Standard Keyword Research Tool

It is a trusted Keyword Tool for Analysts

It provides related words and terms that PEOPLE have typed into search engines

Google Keyword Planner VS Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Remember what Google says about their tool "We cannot buarantee that these keywords will improve your campaign performance"

The Keyword Planner Tool offered by Google, will only get you so far and of course the search engine is keen to list those keywords that will be profitable for you and them should you conduct Pay Per Click Marketing, and we encourage you to do Adwords with the help of Google, especially if your website is in its infancy.

Google Keyword Planning Tool

Since Google announced the replacement for their keyword tool by putting in place their keyword planner tool which integrates keyword research with users Pay Per Click Accounts.

This move has been seen my many Google's intentions to support PPC advertisers opposed to organic search marketers. Those wanting to use the keyword tool now must have an Adwords account and is more focused towards PPC campaigns. So, you will have to part with a few dollars or pounds to gain access to the Google Keyword Planner. But, don't get us wrong it is still a useful tool for SEO agencies and those of you who want to dabble into learning how to do in-depth keyword research.

However, the paid for version of the Wordtracker Keyword tool does deliver more than any free tools you may stumble upon. There is a vast database behind Wordtracker that gives you more keywords. Its ease of use takes away the pain out of keyword research. You can get valuable competitive data so you can narrow down your keyword list to gain high potential keyword terms.

Since the early 2000s ICTADVISOR LTD have been doing Keyword Research for Clients when these valuable tools really took centre stage. And so fo us, Wordtracker has become a life long friend giving us world class support, Not just the tool, but also the people behind the tool.