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Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

SEO Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Services Using Wordtracker Keyword Tool

The micro and SME business owner has little time to invest in doing keyword research. Yet it is important that the business understands which important keywords to focus upon and optimise their website pages for. That is why when working with our clients Keyword Research Tool from Wordtracker is one of a few we have in our analysts tool box when helping to support our clients in doing keyword research. 

Using the keyword tool from Wordtracker helps to reveal high performing keywords and it doesn't just list those keywords extracted from Google's Keyword Planner. We can check what keywords people use when searching in other channels such as Amazon or YouTube.

Wordtracker - The Alternative Keyword Research Tool to Google Keyword Planner?

Why Use The Wordtracker Keyword Tool For Research

It is an Industry Standard Keyword Research Tool helping agencies like us to help your business

It is the trusted Keyword Tool of the Analyst to help you be competitive online

It provides related words and terms that PEOPLE have typed into other search engines.

The full licenced version of the Wordtracker Keyword tool we use delivers a vast amount of information that other tools just don't give. There is a vast database of keyword information behind Wordtracker. Its ease of use takes away the pain of keyword research. You can get valuable competitive data so you can narrow down your keyword list to gain high potential keyword terms.

Google Keyword Planner VS Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Don't forget what Google says about their tool "We cannot guarantee that these keywords will improve your campaign performance"

And the above quote is correct. No matter what keyword tools are used for analysis. You have to be prepared to work with a rinse and repeat content strategy month on month if your keyword research is to help you achieve your ranking objectives.

Google Keyword Planning Tool

The Keyword Planner Tool offered by Google is only available if you are signed up to an AdWords Account.  You must be prepared to actually have ads running with Google. Some experts have suggested that the keyword lists supplied by Google show only those words that Google consider will be profitable for you.

Other Keyword Research Tools

When doing analysis for you we also use alternative keyword tools such as the keyword research tool provided by Neil Patel which is also great for doing in-depth keyword research.

ICTADVISOR LTD have been doing Keyword Research for Clients since early 2000 when these valuable tools really took centre stage. And so for us, Wordtracker has become a life long friend giving us world class support, Not just the tool, but also the people behind the tool.