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Creative Writing Blogs Strategy

June 16th, 2019

Creative Writing Blogs – How often should You do this?

You have to be creative writing blogs, but are you struggling?
Do you do this frequently, daily, weekly or monthly?

Recently I was running a Digital Marketing Workshop for a closed group and one person arrived a little late.
There first words were, “I was trying to write a blog for my business and didn’t realise how difficult it was to create 300 words for YOAST SEO!!”

Let’s face it, for some small businesses, it is hard to constantly create new content, especially when you didn’t set out to be a journalist. But, having your own website has meant you have had to be creative writing blogs in order to tell your story. You don’t want to write blogs though, just for the sake it. There was a time people were doing just that. Usually writing articles for every possible keyword search term just to fill up their website with keywords. There were some folks out there writing hundreds of pages just so the page could be splattered with keywords, thinking by doing this it would help a site to rank better. One of the biggest issues still faced by micro small business owners is their ability or lack of knowledge towards doing Keyword Research.

Smart marketers now are consolidating their content into what has become a high value page. If it is interesting, people will read that content, happily working their way down the page, often referred to as following ‘Information Scent’.

There will be occasions though where you will identify a strong keyword term you want to be found for. And you will then have good reason to give a page over to that keyword topic leading your headlines etc.

If you study some of the top well-known search marketers they barely create new content on a regular basis. In a lot cases they re-purpose it. Avinash Kaushik author of Web Analytics an Hour A Day is a shining example of this. He has blogs he revisits every now and then that he first created way back years ago and tops them up with some freshness relevant content.

When you do create a blog or re-purpose a previous blog, create a ‘snippet’ of your blog article and amplify that via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. But don’t forget to have the article lead your audience back to the most important goal – your website’s landing page.

Some suggest that you totally post all the article in each social media channel. I am not such a fan of this when I think about the issues that duplicate content can create which you don’t want, just incase you incur a duplicate content penalty.

What Else Can You Do with Your Blog Content?

If your confident to go on camera then script your content and post it out on a video. Take a snippet of your content and amplify your message in Social Media Channels, but drive your traffic over to your YouTube channel. Don’t try putting your whole video on say – Facebook.

There was an article not so long back by Social Media Examiner who broadcast the message ‘Goodbye Facebook Video‘. They had found to their cost the traffic they wanted was whizzing by so fast in the feed, that their analysis showed people were shooting past their video masterpiece.  The answer was move the video to YouTube. This also helps you to promote your your YouTube video channel. This made all the difference to the Social Media Examiner crew. Ensure you also make use of all of YouTube’s optimisation features.

Depending on the popularity of your blog topic re-purpose it at least once a year. There has been lots of analysis we have seen that supports this.

So you start off with say a 300 word blog. You then return around 4-6 months later and increase that content to 500-600 words. Then after 12 months you may increase it again by another 300-400 words. Make sure of course you break it up with a reasonable image to content ratio. Creeping into year 2 and your blog reaches a known sweet spot for Google of around 1300-1600 words of content (according to the SIA – SEO Intelligence Agency – watch this myth busting video). And this observation has shown a page reaching this status ranks better.

So you have good ranking blog page. This page should include a few ‘BACKLINKS‘ that lead to your most important core landing pages within your Website. What that helps to address is what is called your internal link building.

If you are a micro small business owner you are not going to escape from not having to write any content. Your website without content is going to take much longer towards having anyone find your most important pages which you deem should be making you money. If you find you can’t write content and simply have writers block – then hire those who can help you. All they need to do is listen to what you want to say or offer, and create an article that makes your content compelling. And if they are an SEO Copywriter, then better still.

Google Analytics Training for Small Businesses

January 6th, 2019


We offer Website Analysis  Training either online via SKYPE or at your company’s premises.

Start by just learning or have us deliver basic Analytics and when your ready, aim to achieve doing “Advanced Website Analysis”.

We train the business website manager to understand the critical components of Google’s website analysis tool.

When you learn Google Analytics with us we help you put together a successful web analytics strategy to support your online marketing campaigns.

If you don’t want trained in how to use Google Analytics, but still want to have a successful website, we can be your Google Analytics Partner and provide a monthly website supplemental web analysis service.

CALL NOW ON 01592 745992 or Email us

Website Analysis for Small Businesses in Scotland

Google Analytics Beginner Training For both Micro and Small Business Owners in Scotland

Analytics training so you learn how to do this important task on a regular basis. We offer Google Analytics Beginner Training and it can be delivered on a 1-2-1 basis or to a group of people in your business. This is a handholding session of helping you setup and implement Google Analytics. Lots of business owners and even website developers get the setup of this product wrong. In doing so it can hurt your data analysis in the long term.

Website Analysis Services from Real World Web Marketing Practitioners

Businesses realise the web is a very effective marketing channel, but if you don’t measure each website page or carry out regular website analysis how will you know your website is really working for you? Can you confidently say right now that your website was built properly? That the website is fit for the purpose towards getting conversions from customers as they journey through your website pages. Has your website actually been properly optimised to get potential people wanting to those landing pages and actually do business with you?

Apart from keeping you informed of where your web pages might not be achieving their marketing objective, Google Analytics can do much more, such as measure your Google Adwords campaigns or any other offline marketing campaigns.

Finding Your Business in the Google Story

January 6th, 2019

Where is Your Website On Google Today?

Getting ready for another year as a self-employed business owner being online?

The challenges are big if not bigger. For the micro small medium business owner there is still a lot of learning to do in order to take advantage of everything you need to know in making your website be the go to destination. Once the audience arrives does your website pages clearly communicate WHO YOU ARE | WHAT YOU DO | HOW YOU DO IT.

ICTADVISOR reviewed and audited over 100 websites last year to provide business owners with some very detailed feedback that answered their question as to WHY they were NOT BEING FOUND ON GOOGLE!!

Some of those business owners had put all their effort into being found inside social media channels such as Facebook to raise your brand awareness, Twitter to reach out to various groups, Instagram to visually share high resolution pics of products,  and Linkedin to put themselves in front of other business owners to promote what they had to offer.

A lot of the time, for those who had websites they forgot while creating content in their social media channels to generate a backlink in order to drive people over to where it mattered – THEIR OWN WEBSITE!! And yet asking, why is my website not getting any visitors?

There is no getting away from what is the most obvious thing a business owner must do if they want to be in control of their online destiny. It will be what you say and offer on your website that will help with your prospects decision making.

And. don’t forget. The most common sentence said by all those people you are hoping to have visit your site say – I AM JUST GOING TO GO AND GOOGLE THAT! Closely followed by – I BET I CAN WATCH THIS ON YOUTUBE!! – Not – I AM JUST GOING TO FACEBOOK THAT or I WILL JUST SEE IF THAT IS ON INSTAGRAM etc…

If you are to be the GOTO website where you have something to offer, then our prediction is that it will be unlikely that you are going to achieve this task on your own.

Your Website is like a RACING CAR. You will want to win some races, but firstly at the level you are able to enter and be able to compete at.

Don’t thnk that right away you can compete for keywords that are being used by the BIG BRAND NAMES. Unless of course you adopt ADWORDS early into your strategy. But many small businesses just DABBLE with this product. Simply because they have had no proper training or be better off working with Digital Marketing Professionals who know how this and other Google products work so that they end up with a successful online marketing strategy.

You need to work at having a strategy that will ease you into the market. That strategy will involve TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET.

Racing driver Louis Hamilton had another great year in the world of motorsport. But he didn’t go around that track all alone to achieve what he did. He had a team of people with specialist skills behind him in order to win the race. He could not have done everything by himself.

Last year I saw hundreds of micro and small medium business owners all across Scotland. Some of those I saw was whilst delivering informational workshops on behalf of Business Gateway.

Those micro and SME businesses large and small who came to listen and learn and get help, quickly found out what they didn’t know. Many were trying to run their website single-handed. Many of these business owners without a doubt still have a very long way to go.

Being realistic many are going to need at least 3years or more to achieve their aims.
All of them are being governed by these 4 factors TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET – especially these latter two.

Let us reflect on what Google has allowed you to find during the last 12 months. WATCH THIS VIDEO LINK.

Now, consider how best you will be part of the online story during the next 12 months.

Our advice? Get together a TEAM and get geared up so that you can go out there and WIN THE RACE you need to compete in if your aim is to have your business MAKE MONEY.

Using Facebook

October 18th, 2018

Social Media Examiner Stops Posting its Videos on Facebook

Social Media Examiner Video Posting on Facebook

Here at ICTADVISOR we are avid followers of Social Media Examiner which is a well established U.S.based media company, founded by Mike Stelzner. It publishes online magazines, blogs and podcasts about how business people can use social networks.

So, when Mike Stelzner comes online with a VERY SHORT TO THE POINT VIDEO about a decision he has taken regarding the amount of effort he and his team had been putting into promoting the business via Facebook, then you have to sit down and listen.

Social Media Examiner has taken a very difficult decision to cancel doing any more of their long form content videos for their Facebook Channel. So, for example their weekly tips and tricks show and their ask me anything shows answered by Social Media Experts are amongst those being cancelled.

If you are a micro small business reading this, what we are talking about here is a very established Social Media Company. And, they were doing what you are probably doing right now – creating long form content – but sticking it up on Facebook, and wondering why you are only seeing less than a handful of likes or shares.

Mike Stelzner at Social Media Examiner says, long form content does not necessarily have home when it comes to Facebook

Mike Stelzner said,  “when putting their video stuff up on Facebook it was like putting a TV Show on a screen at the side of the motorway, and people watch it as they went zipping by. Facebook is a motorway.” And so Social Media Examiner are not going to publish 3 out of the 4 videos they published every week on Facebook anymore for this very reason.

How Often Are You Analying Your Marketing Efforts?

Mike Stelzner and his team came to this hard decision to stop posting their videos on Facebook after anlaysing their data and looking at things like;

  • Rention Time
  • How Many People are Actually Watching their Videos etc.

They came to the sad conclusion that hardly anyone is watching their videos!!

Social Media Examiner said the metrics are very deceptive.
Well, take what you will from this article Facebook’s algorithm HAS been commented upon as being so hard and cruel

What now for Social Media Examiner?

Mike Stelzner and his team at Social Media Examiner have decided to publish one of their favourite shows exclusively on………You Tube.
They are doing what is right because this is a rapidly changing world online, always has been.

What Hope for The Micro Small Business Owners here in Scotland?

Well if an organisation like Social Media Examiner is taking such important steps – bearing in mind their brand was known and established, then what hope has the micro small business owner who is yet trying to be found online and still hanging all their strategy in just being on Facebook?

There are many businesses and not just here in Scotland putting all their hard earned efforts just into the Facebook Platform. But the more you read about the facts when it comes to marketing online and being regularly involved in measuring the ever changing dynamics, there is a clear message that businesses need to rethink their digital marketing strategy.

Be ready to adapt Yoour Digital Marketing Strategy and Consider What Next?

There are still a lot of micro small businesses who are not guided from measuring data. Many still don’t use or understand any of the free Analytics dashboards that are available for them to use. But a bigger problem is, for those who have the analytical dashboards in place, they either can’t interpret the data, or simply don’t have time

So this story serves as more evidence about what leading marketers are constantly discussing re FaceBook and the use of video.

If Social Examiner is bailing, that says a lot.

So if you continue to post your 7 min, 30 min or 60 min videos up onto Facebook – think about cutting that video footage to about 2 mins or less which has always been seen as the sweet spot in amplifier channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

YouTube the Number 1 Channel for Video?

It’s no surprise that YouTube is regarded the platform for longer form videos – has been for ever (despite what has been said or seen from efforts towards using FB)
When it comes to online video strategy, it becomes more and more apparent that the “blast it everywhere” technique isn’t what people think it is.
People realized years ago that there is no revenue sharing on Facebook, all you have to do is create a 30 sec or 1 min preview video and let the viewers know that the full version of the video is available on the YouTube channel.

It can be guaranteed that 90% of videos that people actually watch on Facebook it’s a YouTube Video link that was shared.

Keyword Research Standing the Test of Time

July 30th, 2018

Keyword Research Still Overlooked by Small Business Owners in Scotland

Lots of small business owners across Scotland are still not doing enough Keyword Research.

I have come across a huge amount of evidence from Edinburgh up through Fife and across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland of no keyword research being done. This is especially ubiquitous in the micro and small business communities where large swathe have not used a Keyword Research Tool. I find this absolutely astonishing.
The reason being when speaking with these micro small business owners, you ask what their biggest challenge is with their website, and they answer – I am not getting any traffic.

And when looking at the content on their pages sure enough, you find that the pages are not using any keywords that their audience is actually searching with and yet that small business could be offering the solution. The problem – keyword research, followed by no on-the-page optimisation to tune pages towards Searchers Intent.

I thought therefore that I would air here again a Video Blog by Rand Fishkin back in 2016 on the topic  titled;

A Step By Step Process for Discovering Keywords – Your Best Keywords

In Rand’s video he shows a step by step process a step-by-step process to choose and prioritize the best possible keywords that you can use for your SEO campaigns.
What he says in the video is that a lot of people use just a single source like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Or, they go to Ubbersuggest, which is now the very popular Neil Patel Ubbersuggest keyword tool. Rand only referred to it as UBBERSUGGEST, but since 2016 Neil has bought this tool and incorporated it into his website and spruced the tool up.
Also you should note that the reference to the ALCHEMY API tool is unfortunately no longer available. But that aside the rest of the information in this video blog is still relevant with regards the process in doing Keyword Research.
Once you have a bunch of keyword research tools in your toolbox the video blog goes onto the next important step:

Selecting Keywords that Match Searchers Intent

This involves picking which keywords from the keyword suggestion lists you have created that you are actually going to try targeting. To do that, it’s not really a tool-based thing. You will want to build up your keyword bucket list in something like Excel. You are going to want to sort your list to support what you are trying to accomplish with your SEO, and the quality content you are intent on adding to your pages. This is where Rand’s video blog comes into its own with him highlighting the process you will need to go through.
The next step that is looming is where you have to get very data-driven;

Collecting Keyword Metrics and Sort Filter Prioritise them based on Goals

What you want to do is take all the keywords in each of the lists and get the metrics for them so you can prioritize them properly. Your list of keywords will have metrics for:

  • Volume – how often each month are they searched for
  • Keyword difficulty
  • How hard will this keyword rank in the organic results
  • Does the keyword have click-through rate opportunity

Rand’s video blog provides more in-depth steps to the above process before you reach your fourth step which is;

Determine Keyword Targeting for New Content Creation – Prioritise Your List

By the time you reach this final step you will understand this is a phenomenal way to go through keyword research and keyword targeting. This will help you get the content and the optimization priorities that you need, if you are going to have any degree of success from your SEO efforts.  You will have to choose the right data and the right tools, and use multiple sources. You will have to intelligently build the right kinds of keyword lists. Then, use that metrics data to prioritize your page content etc. The morale of the story is you cannot just throw content onto a page with just pure intuition. Spend the time doing some serious  keyword research and based on what you have read here and saw in Rand’s video blog, you can have phenomenal success.

Of course if you don’t have any time to do this on your own because you are busily doing what you set out to do as a business owner, then consider hiring a professional digital marketing practitioner who has access to all the tools required for this task. And then you could also get help in crafting some quality content if you suffer from writers block!!

Small Business Success Stories in Scotland

July 14th, 2018

Small Business Success Stories in Scotland from Web Design and Marketing Company ICTADVISOR

We are constantly on the lookout for small business success stories in Scotland. We want to inspire those who are considering looking at great business ideas. Are you preparing to promote your small business online? If you haven’t been on the ICTADVISOR website before or had us do any work for you, hello, and a warm welcome from me Brian Mathers.

My Website Design and Marketing Company is regularly involved in small business consulting at stages across the process of putting a website in place. If you are preparing to build your first website, redesign a website, require some website performance analysis, or simply want help with small business marketing support services, that is what we have done since 1997.

Good Business Ideas

ICTADVISOR has been part of many good business ideas. Working together with these small businesses helped them find greater business opportunities.  Even before we began building them a website which had to be fit for purpose, the exploratory phase was both exciting and important. More importantly the marketing support provided thereafter helped grow many of those business substantially over the years online.

20 Years on and ICTADVISOR are still delivering business services for small businesses. We love helping the micro and small business owners reach the key objective with our input and that is helping his or her business make money online.

Today, as someone who is also passionately involved in working in partnership with Business Gateway helping to deliver the Digital Boost 1-2-1 program where there are many small business success stories we contribute towards across Scotland. So, in this post we wanted to put the spotlight on a small business owner who has a company in Kirkcaldy Fife called Den Electrics. Why?

We don’t actually have any responsibility for this business online regarding the marketing or website design for Den Electrics. And this post is not to critique the website about whether it is mobile responsive or search engine friendly etc.

This post is commenting on the excellent service delivered by Den Electrics. But want to draw attention to something important inside this website – the content. Producing Engaging Content for website pages is what we talk about all the time. There is even a Business Gateway Workshop that we deliver on this very important topic.

Successful Small Business in Fife Producing Engaging Content

Den Electrics is in our opinion a trusted small business to us locally here in Fife. Why is the brand so memorable to us when we find ourselves with a broken down appliance?
Because, Den Electrics website menu headings and content tells us about;

  • Who They Are
  • What They Do
  • Where Do they Work

Those three important menu links they have and the content within those pages on the website, clearly explain what is on offer and how the business will help you. The content is helping to lead you towards the decision of hiring the business.
There is no doubt, if this business owner at Den Electrics had more time, we bet, there could be an abundance of success stories that they have. Stories like how he fixed our washing machine. The story telling you about how the business has overcome issues and conducted problem solving in order to have happy customers. Those stories install confidence and that business owner becomes the GOTO guy you can trust and whose services you will use again, and so that leads to loyalty.

So, it is worthwhile us highlighting small business success stories? Of course its is. 

Small Business Success Stories in Fife – Den Electrics

Telling the story of how this business delivers customer service might inspire those of you who have your own small business, or thinking about starting one.

You could fall into one of the following categories;

  • Your already a small business trying to grow your brand online
  • Are you someone with a home based business idea getting ready to plan to be online
  • It might be you are setting out to deliver good business ideas towards filling a niche

So, with the help of this story, let us tell you about our experience with services delivered by Den Electrics that impressed us.

In our opinion, Den Electrics is a successful small business owner who cares, who is passionate, and who delivers customer service.

Den Electrics is the type of customer we like supporting. Here is someone that has been in business for a number of years and we have used them on more than one occasion over the last 5 years. The reason being, this business (in our opinion) went above and beyond every time they provided help. Isn’t that what you want from a small business owner?
And if you are a small business setting out to market yourself online wouldn’t you be focused on delivering great customer service?

What Makes a Small Business like Den Electrics Successful?

So, the scenario. The washing machine door would not open after a wash cycle.

Den Electrics arrived and the engineer successfully got the door open. It was found on closer inspection that the door handle on the inside had broken. There was a need for a new door handle. However, he needed to order a new part. But Den Electrics went a step further and lived up to what we truly look for in a Small Business – Help. Because this engineer did not leave us without a non functional washing machine until his business could source a new part. NO SIR. He improvised, so that the washing machine remained functional.
It is amazing what some electrical block connector and a small piece of fence wire can do in order to keep your washing machine door functional. So, we were able to continue keeping our clothes clean until the proper replacement part arrived. Look at this;

Small Business Success Stories

All of the problem surrounding the washing machine was dealt with within 7 days by Den Electrics. The engineer arrived promptly. He assessed the problem. He went away, leaving us that same day still with a functional washing machine, having applied a temporary fix. The engineer returned 6 days later having sourced a replacement part and the washing machine is back to normal.

Small Business Success Stories in Scotland

TADA – This is why we like working with small businesses who have become clients of ours in both Scotland and England.

Because, we, like Den Electrics, like to work with great small businesses that help other small businesses who go out their way to assist customers.

Companies that Help Small Businesses

It makes it all worthwhile when ICTADVISOR become part of the successful small businesses out there that we  get the opportunity to work with.
We believe in being as passionate about being part of your great business idea when getting the opportunity to support your online marketing journey.

Small business success stories like this one about the washing machine engineer reminds me here at ICTADVISOR why, we are a company, that wants to help small businesses.  We begin with trying to find you short term solution. We might find you are short of the following;

  • Time
  • Resource
  • Knowledge
  • Budget

The aim from day one is to help keep the business moving towards increasing their online footprint by helping to address these issues. You need a website because you want your small business to be found. But you might be the only person in this business, and so most of your time is taken up doing what you set out to do – deliver goods or services. So, having a resource to manage the website might not be high on the agenda. On the other hand you might have some time to attend to the marketing support your website needs, but lack website marketing knowledge. And for many small businesses starting out or within their first 2-3 years of business, budget is tight. How do you therefore build and market a website on a very tight budget?

Business Opportunities to Make Money Online – How To Start?

Yet, there you are, sitting with small business opportunities we see business owners come forward with everyday. You know you can make money online but you need to get your marketing message out there. When engaging with our small business consulting services the first thing we do is is help you build an affordable website. Next, we put in place a LOCAL SEO Marketing Strategy. Then, as the business brand becomes better known and your reputation spreads you move to the next level. This is like being in motor racing!!

You might have to start by competing in formula 3 racing. This begins by getting your small business known locally online. The focus might be to get better known in your local region. Next you tackle being the GOTO company in Scotland.  A lot will depend on how much effort you put in during year 1 and 2 to increase your visibility and footprint online.

  • You will need to work hard to better relationships with the likes of Google.
  • You have to work your way up from formula 3 to compete at formula 1. 
  • It takes time to grow nationwide or even have your brand on an international stage.

Watch out for more small business success stories on the ICTADVISOR website.

Because everyone has a story to tell and our aim is to have a Digital Excellence Scotland that is filled with successful small businesses.

The Future of Ecommerce

July 13th, 2018

What is the Future of Ecommerce?

The future of ecommerce – what should small business owners with ecommerce websites be looking out for in 2018? Our Friends over at Subscriptionaly who share their love for subscription boxes with everyone and help you to find the best deals possible and compare the offer of similar services have allowed ICTADVISOR to share this Future of Ecommerce Infographic with our audience. There is some useful stats and references within this infographic.  Why not check it out. But

Also, if you are an budding entreprenuer looking at setting up an online shop, managing an ecommerce website will require you to have a minimum number of website marketing skills?

As an Internet Marketing Practitioner delivering lots of speaking engagements across Scotland delivering Digital Marketing Workshops, the audience consists of lots of micro and small business owners whose core skills are neither in website design or website marketing. Many business owners did not set out to be qualified SEO Copywriters and end up with ‘Writers Block’ when there is a need to produce engaging content for their website pages.  It has been observed that many micro and small business owners either leave their ecommerce website project in the hands of their developer or just someone they know who has something to do with IT or computers.  That person might not be the best person to lead your next website project.

There are lots of people who will want to build your small business website. But, many will be just website builders and not website marketers. In today’s market place if you are a micro or small business considering going into business and selling stuff online be prepared to work hard at actually managing and marketing your ecommerce website. There is a lot to do, especially if you also have to run your business and you are the only person behind the brand you are trying to grow.

If you are based in Scotland maybe a good starting point for you is the Business Gateway Digital Boost Workshops, online tutorials and if eligible you get some 1-2-1 support to help get you started.

The Future of Ecommerce in 2018 and beyond

Surrender Your EU Domain Name

April 3rd, 2018

Get Ready to Surrender Your EU Domain Name after #Brexit

The European Commission announces that UK based companies and residents that own .EU ccTLDs will have to surrender your domain names after Brexit.

Surrender EU Domain NamesOver the years when working with business owners taking them on hand-held journey to provide them with an affordable website solution, part of the process was sorting out their domain names. Securing the domain names that mattered would ensure the business had locked down its brand. One of those recommendations was to purchase the .EU domain.

#Brexit – Not Knowing Which Way the Wind Might Blow?

By recommending a business purchase the .EU domain meant at least action was being taken to secure and lock down the business brand. Even before Brexit came into our vocabularly – I was simply poinitng out back then – you just didn’t know which way the wind might blow in the future.

With our own client base I insist that the .COM domain should if possible be the primary domain to house the business website under. Unless of course the business believes that 99.99% of its business was going to come from within the UK. The, the recommendation is flip the coin and make the .CO.UK the primary domain. And simply point the .COM at the website but still have the website serve up in the browser on the .CO.UK – Buy the way, I find it amazing how many businesses still don’t configure their domains properly.

So, here we are getting back to exit from Brexit, the issue of having to surrender your EU Domain Name that will affect website owners.

We hear important Bexit news from one of our trusted voices from across the pond Barry Schwartz, who is Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns his own agency RustyBrick.  Barry is a NY based web consultant who we recognise as one of the trusted voices of real news.  I tell people here in Scotland that Barry is to our industry what our trusted political voice Brian Taylor of Reporting Scotland is to the BBC when standing outside Holyrood in Edinburg giving us his take on Scottish politics.

Barry like Brian reports on the issues as and when they happen. It is so important to have people like them in those respective industries.

Anyway, Barry’s headline post on March 30 2018 over at Search Engine Land could not be more clearer –

UK Webmasters Prepare for #Brexit

Shock and Horror – as he added to his compelling headline story that the EU is coming for your .EU domains.
The urgency towards taking any action is going to be with business owners who decided to actually hang their online website off the end of a .EU Domain.

For those of you have ever attended my Internet Marketing Workshops I deliver across Scotland on behalf of Business Gateway, or experienced some 1-2-1 support time with me helping to grow Scotland’s small business community online, then at most for you people, and me, we are simply going to be left without this domain name being a future asset.

But for anybody who has decided to put a website on their .EU domain – well its like what Barry Schwartz message suggests – you might want to consider migrating to a new domain now.

Understanding Website Conversion Strategy

March 20th, 2018

How Small Businesses Can Choose the Right Website Conversion Strategy for Their Website

As a micro or small medium business do you have a Website Conversion Strategy?

For a small business that is looking to grow, nothing is more important than converting viewers and traffic into engagement and successful calls-to-action. Let’s face it, traffic is hard to come by in the modern saturated Internet marketplace.  Wasting traffic, is a sin most businesses, especially small businesses, can’t afford. With that in mind it is imperative for a small business to know how to choose the best conversion strategy for their needs. Thanks to tips and hacks from Websitebuilder, a lot of the top strategies are readily available with proven market research to back your choice or choices into what is best for you. Here are some tips in choosing the best one for you.

Test, Test, Test Your Website Conversion Strategy

One of the most important things to do when choosing your conversion strategy is to test what works for your sector or niche. For example, adding video tends to increase conversion by over 100%, however, that may not be the case for everyone, a good testing strategy is key. Make changes slowly and see what is working best for your site and traffic. AB testing is another great strategy and worked for Barrack Obama, raising him over $60 million in campaign donations.

Simplify and Improve Website Navigation

Simplifying and improving site navigation is a great place to start. If your site is not converting the way you want, it may be as simple as improving navigation or de-cluttering landing pages. Choose a few key pages and improve their navigation. Streamlining the checkout process has worked for many other firms and will likely work for yours, too.

Keep Optimizing Your Website

When choosing a strategy, it is important to remember that no website is ever beyond improvement. Just because one this is working doesn’t mean another wont work better. The key to maximizing conversion is to constantly be looking to improve it. Even once you have gotten your conversion rate to a happy median, keep trying and testing different things to make it even better.

Where to Get Ideas for Conversion Optimisation

For those looking to take some of the guesswork out of conversion optimization, we recommend who has curated 46 conversion hacks that have worked for a variety of businesses, across a plethora of sectors. These are great ideas to get you started in choosing strategies that are tried and tested and have proven results. ᐧ

Website Marketing Best Practice Standards

March 18th, 2018

Globally Renowned Digital Marketing Practitioner Matt Bailey on Website Marketing Best Practice

Hear What Matt Bailey Says about Website Marketing Best Practice Standards…..



Matt Bailey Says


Marketing Standards are important. More so when you are a micro or small medium business trying to get your website found online. But, apart from writing great content for a website page a business, there are other challenges that go with this task. Often the rules that go with laying out the content on the website is just one of many obstacles the website business owner has to overcome. It might be that the website platform itself might not be fit for purpose and you could be wasting your time trying to get found, because the content management software platform was not fit for purpose. Such things are often overlooked by the micro small medium business.

Is your website meeting your objectives and adhering to website marketing standards?

Best-Selling Author, Marketing Expert, Trainer, and Speaker. Matt Bailey has taught:

• Google employees how to use Google Analytics,

• Experian how to present data,

• Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson SEO & online marketing,

• Microsoft’s International Teams paid search and programmatic marketing.

Matt’s has worked with a vast and widely-known clientele, including;

  • Microsoft
  • ESPN
  • IBM
  • Gerber Life
  • American Medical Association
  • Disney,
  • Toys R’ Us, and countless more.

Matt keynotes conferences around the globe, speaking at more than 20 engagements a year, and ICTADVISOR are glad to either have him drop into Scotland every wee while to share with us his vast knowledge in Search Marketing or spend time with him on Skype or recording podcasts when his schedule allows.


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