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Attract qualified prospects to your website with our Digital Marketing Blueprint to convert visitors to sales.

Still Spending Time Pursuing a Digital Marketing Strategy that doesn't Work?

Digital Marketing Services from Scotland

ICTADVISOR an Internet Marketing Company in Glenrothes Scotland is a digital marketing business helping micro and small medium Company's grow online. We help you to do things radically different to your competitor and not simply copy what they do.

Today, you can't simply hire someone just to do your Website Design. Did anyone tell you that Marketing leads your website project? And, we are not going to help you do Old School SEO, that approach has gone a long time ago. Web marketing has changed forever. You have to work harder now at your Digital Marketing Strategy to bring those much needed visitors to your website. But what if you are not skilled enough to tackle this yourself?

Digital Marketing Agency in Fife Helping SMEs Grow Online

We are a digital marketing business in Fife that takes web design and website marketing very seriously. We all know that design and marketing go hand in hand to contribute towards the task of improving your website performance. The aim for you and us working together is to help you get more traffic that leads to more sales and increased profits. 

  • The winning formula for Web Marketing is Traffic x Conversion
  • You need to start by getting Website Traffic
  • Once you have Landing Pages with Traffic We Focus on Conversion
  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis will play a key role
  • Just ranking for a keyword is not just the magic to increasing sales.
  • And it is not just about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

99% of business owners feel their website is not that effective

You Will Also Need a Search Engine Marketing Strategy

There could be a number of very good reasons your website project might be failing right now. That is why you are considering hiring us. And when you do hire us will will make you take a step back. We will revisit what it was you set out to achieve online. We make you revisit the original web marketing plan if there was one? But this time, we ensure you put in place a digital marketing strategy that will work. We will also ensure that digital marketing strategy is supported by marketing analysis dashboards you can understand.

These marketing dashboards are made up of Google Products that will assist and measure whatever you do to improve your website, so that this time you are successful?

How to Make Your Website Profitable?

Well, you cannot simply leave your digital marketing to the web developer to work out, unless you know that this person or agency you hired has evidence of having proved to be good web marketing practitioners.

Believe it or not, many web design companies are not marketers.

The two vital elements for your Internet Marketing Strategy

Getting visitors to your site and converting them into paying customers is your goal. If you simply think a nicely designed website will bring those visitors to do business with you, then your website will fail. It doesn't matter whether you have a brochure website or an ecommerce website, both have the same objective, to make money for your business.

That old saying 'build it and they will come', well those days are long gone.

Multiple Marketing Approaches to Attract Website Visitors

Today getting that traffic to your website is not just a case of trying to get yourself to rank number one for your keyword. So, whilst our search engine marketing services will help you focus in getting you qualified traffic, work needs to be done on attracting the right audience to the right page that has the right information to answer what that person is looking for. 

Website Copy That Sells Your Web Page And Convert Visitors

A key task will be to write strong persuasive sales content for your web pages. Content that is bold, content that is conversational and brings benefits to the reader.

Interesting copy is crucial in building relationships, but there are other important elements that will help you convert visitors:
Video Marketing is also within your reach
You will also need a Social Media Marketing strategy

Today you have to participate in a number of online marketing channels that will contribute towards turbo boosting your website. All of these efforts are important as the will help to generate natural backlinks which should point towards your web pages that house this good quality content you must craft. Content which people actually want to link too and indeed tell others about..

Have An Excellent Content Strategy To Market Your Website Online

You need to write content that sells benefits and asks for the money or sale.
Your marketing strategy in your first 12 months should be supported by Pay Per Click advertising, as you simply cannot just depend on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plan. 

Let us put the record straight - SEO has changed forever. And that is a good enough first reason to consider getting help from us to put in place a multi-channel web marketing strategy.

Our web marketing company helps you sell your products and services on benefits not features. We want to get people talking and engaging with the right prospects via your web pages.

  • We help you write compelling headlines to get your online audiences attention
  • We ensure that first line of marketing headline copy on the page is compelling
  • We get your web copy to tell a story and move your visitor towards engagement

Tap into Powerful Online Marketing Services from a Fife based Marketing Company

Good websites build relationships. But without a proper web marketing strategy you may end up doing online marketing the wrong way. If you are willing to follow our web marketing blueprint, you know what you have to do!