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Kommand Your Website It is WordPress and Then Some

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Built Using Kommand

A Content Management Software Tool Easier than WordPress to Use

Being a fan of WordPress as it provides you with potential to help you create a beautiful and functional website despite their being some problems you might be faced with such as security and plugin issues. So, when you find such a product you are going to be reluctant to switch to another Content Management Software Editor, and there are many to choose from. That was of course until KOMMAND came along. This product has been developed in Scotland by Glasgow based ADEO GROUP who also have a presence in London, Newcastle and Dubai.

When ICTADVISOR first tested this CMS during early 2014, not unlike other Content Management Software KOMMAND did have some problems, but we hasten to add they were trivial when we compared the website editor to other CMS platforms in this affordable price bracket that came with their own limitations that prevented these other platforms being useful to marketers. If you are the Website Manager in your business, or you are the business owner who wants to manage their own website and be in control of its destiny, choosing Content Management Software is daunting. How do you know you what to look for by way of features in this very important piece of software you need to invest in?

Popular Content Management Software (CMS) Platforms

There are going to be Website Management Software packages that you will hear about, Joomla, Magento, Umbraco, Drupal, and of course WordPress. With any of these products if you are not someone with knowledge of actually attempting to build and design your own website, there is a good possibility your finished website is likely going to look somewhat ‘homemade‘ and not ‘professional‘ looking. So, to get the best out of these well known website management platforms, it is recommended you hire a professional web designer. But, after the web designer builds the website and hands it over to the business owner, there is a risk once you start to use it – you can break it and end up having to bring the web designer back to fix it again. And this problem even exists with WordPress. An additional risk everyone needs to be aware of when using WordPress is the problem surrounding Plugins! Plugins let you add in features to your website to enhance its usability. You might want an ‘Event Manager’ or SlideShow Rotator’ – that is just two plugins from the thousands that are out there. The problem is many Plugins get neglected, and become obsolete. So, why use KOMMAND?

The Challenges Faced By Small Business Owners When Choosing a CMS

KOMMAND has the features you are used to and will look familiar if you have been a user of WordPress. If you are going to be a successful Website Manager you will be looking for a CMS that has all the marketing features you need to be able to create successful website pages. And you want a Content Management Software (CMS) that is regularly updated and can generate for you a website that delivers to your website visitor the WOW factor.


The most important take-away from having experienced using KOMMAND now in 2015, is that the design team behind the creation of this product are listening to Marketers and Business Owners who want to be able to drive a website with confidence and now when you slip in behind the management dashboard to add, remove and update pages, you can do just that with the most versatile drag and drop content management software platform ICTADVISOR has been exposed to over the years. And, having witnessed usability tests watched Web Managers and Small/Medium Business Owners manage their website with ease and not worry that they might break their website when doing changes, because it is that easy to manage and make changes to ALL parts of the site that is supported by easy to understand training documentation and how to videos.

This Content Management Software is affordable to the business starting out on a tight budget and is a CMS that is scalable and can grow with your business.

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