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Video Marketing Techniques For Your Online Business

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Shooting a Successful Corporate Video for Your Business

More and more businesses are improving their website conversion rate by learning about video marketing techniques that can be implemented quickly and cheaply in order to promote their business online.

 ICTADVISOR based in Scotland are able to offer affordable video production services through their collaborative partnership with a well established film crew based here in Scotland.  Marketing your products and services using video on your landing pages can generate much greater impact from the target audience you are trying to attract.

One very simple video marketing technique is to just point and click your iPhone and create your own video in minutes and then upload that to your YouTube Channel. But if you want to do things a bit more professionally and really want the search engines to find that directed master piece, there are optimizing dos and don’ts you will have to consider when it comes to video marketing.

The success of any internet marketing campaign hangs on how well you do your market research, this is a must first step that many smaller businesses tend to miss out or just expect their web designer to do.

But what if your web designer just likes building website and does not possess a reasonable level of marketing skills? Unlike large businesses who are likely to have a full time website manager in their company, the smaller business leans on their web developer to do everything in relation to keeping the website powered up. It is vital though that you as a business owner should be involved in competitor analysis and keyword research if you are to perform effective optimization of your text pages or your video.

Apart from making sure your video is recorded in the right format and the piece of film provides the specifics, has a target message in the middle, evaluates then what you are offering and then rounds up the key points, there are also other elements you have to consider that can make or break your video marketing campaign. Here are just a few effective video optimization tips we want to tell you about:

1)You need to have an understanding about the production and script development so your video will provide impact and is able to ask for the money from your target audience

2) The video should clearly demonstrate the brand value, create loyalty and acquire your audience to follow you and keep coming back into your target niche.

3) Having a video on You Tube doesn’t mean you have to be a large company or have a huge filming budget to create your own brand on film.

4) You want to make sure that the lighting is correct, especially if you are filming products you want to sell

5) Good quality audio and sound will also have to be considered

6) Consider how long your video should be

7) What will be the primary CALLS TO ACTION that you want as the primary take-away

Once your video is complete and uploaded into your dedicated Video Channel such as YouTube, the next step will be getting your video seen and viewed.

YouTube is currently the number one video sharing site, but there are many other sites preparing to go for as equally a big share of the video market globally. Watch out for other names coming up alongside YouTube.

If you want to look reasonably professional making a video will take time.

There is no doubt you will get more use and mileage out of your video marketing strategy if you take a more professional approach to making your video.

Video Marketing Guru Greg Jarboe, who we tend to refer to as Mr YouTube, has proved on many occasions how video is more and more becoming an important aspect of  your SEO (Search Engine Optimsation) strategy and has demonstrated on many occasions how a video can rank well within in Google in a very short space of time.  But you have got to have a certain amount of marketing savvy and some optimisation knowledge in order to make that happen.

So in summary if you are planning to make a video and rather than doing a DIY video, hiring a video production company, consider the above tips and the following:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Hook Your Viewer
  • Focus on Your Audience
  • Write Conversationally
  • Read Your Script Out Loud Before You Press Record (Even do a small audio recording and listen to the tone of your voice)
  • Have a clear Call To Action – remember the audience is still asking – what’s in it for me?
  • Ensure your video has a beginning, middle, and end so people clearly know where they are when watching the playback

The above are just a tips some of which are from a book written by Greg Jarboe You Tube Video Marketing an Hour A Day. This book will help you understand the value of video marketing and how to optimize your video and do it right.

Greg’s book is just one of a number of ‘bibles’ we surrounded ourselves with to ensure our film crews were delivering best practice video production and optimisation in order for clients to succeed in online marketing.

For many of the small medium business community web marketing is still found to be somewhat complex despite the approach to marketing in general is a lot about using common sense. But there are many small businesses who are not at ease in being able to market themselves through the textual word, let alone standing in front of a camera or speaking into a microphone.

Video marketing like every other marketing technique will require you to put in a bit of effort to get targeted results, but it is worth it.

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