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SEO For Small Businesses in Glasgow Fife and All Over Scotland

Friday, April 8th, 2016

SEO is it still Alive?

Are You A Local Small Business Owner in Scotland On the Internet trying to get visitor traffic to your website?

Are You saying “I Just Want To Target Customers within 50 to 100 Miles from Where My Business Is Located?

Are Your Instead Targeting Customers All Over Scotland and So, Your Website Must be Found in Search Engine Results?

Are You Doing Local SEO or Wholly dependent on PPC Ads using Google AdWords?

Before You Decide the Help You Might Need With Your Website Marketing, take a few moments to listen to Globally renowned SEO Expert Rand Fishkin formerly of Moz and now CEO of Sparktoro on his topic:

How To Make the SEO Case to Small Businesses

WBF – The SEO Case for SMB

After you have watched this video (the full transcript of Rand’s Presentation is here) then read on below and find out:

Why The OnlineXcellence Web Marketing Team in Scotland Listen To Your Web Marketing Objections and Concerns

You will always read somewhere online the headline from some other respected Internet Marketer’s that SEO IS DEAD! MMMmmm!! Yes, well without doubt the ‘Old School of SEO is dead.

And there are those who will say that the only way to get customers is by doing Pay Per Click Advertising using mainly Google AdWords. MMMmmm!! Well, it is not the only way but I would want to have PPC Advertising included in my overall Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy.

How to Get Help In Scotland To Market Your Website and Get Proper Advice

Here at ICTADVISOR LTD, I have been an Internet Marketing Practitioner for over 18+years now starting out when Google was still called BackRub 

Since those very early days (in my opinion) is doesn’t matter which way you look at marketing a website – the web page has to be – Optimised.

Your web landing page must be tuned towards attracting the right audience whose only aim is to find the right page that will answer their need.

If Google AdWords was your only marketing strategy, you still have to ensure your website landing page is – Optimised.

If you are doing PPC, Google takes into account a number of factors associated with both your landing page and how that page aligns to the ad you have created which has to then meet with a Quality Score.

I recently read a very interesting article by Neil Patel where in his blog he made a very valid statement in his conclusion summary. Neil said “Keyword Research isn’t for lazy Marketers looking for a quick buck“.

But unfortunately that is what us Internet Marketing Practitioners in Scotland are faced with when we get approached by the Small Business Website Owners.

And, you know what? I am not going to blame the business owner for thinking like this! Because, unfortunately, there are few places that you as the business owner trying to make your website work can turn too where good solid advice and gaining some education on how to market your small business website can be given to you without you having to break the bank to get that advice and help.

OnlineXcellence Supporting Small Medium Businesses Grow Online

I identified a long time ago that the small business website owner had no place to go to get some decent help that would help them become:

  • more educated about how search marketing works today
  • get help to identify problems with their website by getting an impartial website audit review
  • to find out whether they have engaged the wrong web developer or even the wrong internet marketer
  • and be provided with information and advice on how the business owner themselves can take some steps on their own to improve their websites performance.

Now you can achieve OnlineXcellence. Right now, No Jargon, no heavy technical stuff, but good solid learning bytes that help you understand what might be going wrong, and how you can take some steps to put things right.

There are many other workshops and events that are held across Scotland – but OnlineXcellence has in our opinion some unique ingredients as to why more and more people are signing up to attend. Soon there will not just be OnlineXcellence West, but we are about to introduce OnlineXcellence East. More details on that soon if you want to be keep informed why not join the OnlineXcellence LinkedIn Group where you can get involved or let us know you want to be on the next Workshops being held in Glasgow or at the front of the queue when OnlineXcellence East goes live.

Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow Scotland

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Digital Marketing Course for Website Managers at City of Glasgow College

CoGC_LOGOCome and join other digital Marketers and sign up to the first of a number of Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow beginning with understanding Website Marketing Fundamentals. Sign up for this two part course for digital marketers if you work either in a large or small business and have the responsibility for managing the business website.

The Next Session Starts in September 2015 and will run between 6pm – 9pm dates to be confirmed

Are You The Website Marketing Manager in Your Business?

If you have the responsibility of being the website manager and your role day to day is driving the website by creating and managing pages that have to attract visitors and more importantly convert them into customers, then come and join this Digital Marketing Course being run at City of Glasgow College.

Website Marketing Fundamentals Course from Real World Internet Marketing Practitioners

These Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow will roll out a number of modules over time, but the first to be delivered is the Website Marketing Fundamentals Course that will run over two evenings at City of Glasgow College. This web marketing training program has been put together by the industry’s most respected practitioners, authors and speakers seen as the most knowledgeable both here in the UK and the USA. And so this internet marketing training program introduces to you real world Internet Marketing experiences that will teach you:

Traditional on-page concepts
• Keyword research to site architecture
• Link-building
• SEO measurement
• Create a standards document based on your business goals
• Make a new or redeveloped website search friendly and user friendly
• Defining the purpose and the goals of your website
• Respond to the calls to action on your website
• Assess your resources and budget
• How to develop your brand
• Researching the market
• Choosing web page editing software CMS (Content Management Software)


Matt Bailey – Author of Internet Marketing An Hour A Day

Mat Bailey Internet Marketer

Matt Bailey is is one of the highest rated speakers world-wide for his ability to communicate complex information in a practical, humorous way and since 1998, he has taught at over 1,000 companies, conferences and workshops.

Back in 2011 Matt teamed up with well known Internet Marketing Practitioner here in Scotland Brian Mathers and together they are helping to deliver their OnlineXcellence for Scotland Web Management Program to Scotland’s small and large business community that want to be successful with either a B2B or B2C website.

Whilst the course will involve looking at your website it will also refer to key parts of Matt’s book. The course is going to be jointly delivered by Brian and Matt who during the course join us on a video link. But, you will also be introduced to other leading Web Marketing Practioners in Scotland who have delivered a number of successful website projects.

Improve Your Digital Web Marketing Skills and Achieve OnlineXcellence

After you have completed the two part Website Marketing Fundamentals course, we invite you to join the second suite of Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow to further assist you in Achieving OnlineXcellence with YOUR website.

This two part course will run at City of Glasgow College from 6pm – 9pm on the 20 May and 27 May 2015

How to Optimise Your Website

A key objective for anybody involved in trying to market their website is to ensure they optimise their website pages to attract both visitors and search engines. A common thread known to many seasoned digital marketing managers is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. However, come and join this course and find out that SEO is just a component (one of many) that is part of the make-up that is infact Internet Marketing, which you will find is a much bigger subject and teaches you much more towards how you must work towards getting your website optimised if it is to rank in the search engines.

Website On The Page Conversion Tactics

There are still a lot of websites when analysed do not have any goals setup against important landing pages.

  • How do you know if content on your pages is actually bringing you quality traffic?
  • Have you applied clear call to actions on your landing pages and are you measuring their effectiveness?
  • How do you know whether the design of your page is helping to convert visitors into customers and clients?
  • What Tools are you using to measure the peformance of your Website?

These questions and more we will help you answer if you attend the course offered by City of Glasgow College that will Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills.


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