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Fife Business Week Digital Marketing Workshop

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Making Your B2B or B2C Website and Online Sales Machine 

What Happens During Fife Business Week?
Every Year in November the chance to attend events or workshops with a focus on Digital Marketing. 
Find out how whether your own digital marketing strategies are currently Improving Your Websites Performance?

During Fife Business Week – A Digital Marketing Workshop Presented by Digital Excellence Scotland Real World Web Marketing Practitioners 

The Fife Economy Partnership host Fife Business Week every year in November which is now an established event in the Fife business calendar in the first week of November.

The Digital Excellence Scotland  web marketing team here at ICTADVISOR Ltd who are also part of the Business Gateway Fife Expert Help Team  are instrumental in participating every year towards helping some of Fife’s Businesses achieve OnlineXcellence.
Here are just a small selection we have helped:

No matter what type of business you run, if it is supported by a website or needs to have a website in order to raise your brand, then the Digital Excellence Scotland Web Marketing Team have the jargon free and interactive workshop presentations during Fife Business Week that will focus on your business and your website needs.

Most of the time during the day you need to be at the helm of your business. But during Fife Business Week why not take a few hours away from business to explore new ideas, learn new skills on how to market your website effectively.

Bookmark this page and find out where we will be running our events during Fife Business Week.

Find Out How to Make Your B2B/B2C Website an Online Sales Machine

Without doubt it has become more challenging nowadays to both go out and first of all buy a website to support your business and then try and get people to visit the pages on your website.

Small Businesses in particular are not sure what they should have by way of a website or how it should be built. Many small business owners probably find it easier to buy their next vehicle for the business rather than purchase a website.

The challenge when purchasing a website is also knowing where it should be hosted, and what your digital marketing strategy should be. You need to understand what fuel to put into the website to make it go. All of this for a micro or small business can be a bit of a daunting task.

The OnlineXcellence team have an abundance of horror stories they can share about businesses that did not have a digital marketing strategy that totally left their website design and marketing becoming a complete disaster. Some had terrible experiences with web developers who the business owner thought did marketing but found they were not full versed in such practices. Also, get to here the stories of brand name websites who are still in existence today, but will never be able to rank as high as they used too after falling foul of the laws of Google.

If you have either a brochure website or an ecommerce website don’t make the mistakes that other small businesses have done in the past. Instead, take a few hours out and come to one of our informative workshops during Fife Business Week. Listen to the team from Digital Excellence Scotland who can help you plan to make a difference to your bottom line by having a website that should be built for purpose and have the capability of achieving OnlineXcellence.

There is no doubt you need to decide how to drive and market your website on a daily basis. So, do you try and do DIY Web Marketing yourself or do you call in Web Marketing Experts. Find out from the Digital Excellence Scotland Team of Web Marketing Practitioners

Who do you consider to be these web design and marketing experts?is it in your opinion the web developer or website agency? You might think so, but…..

  • How do you know you have engaged with the right web agency or freelance developer?
  • What should you have been looking for?

Do you want to get in front of more clients?

Every time the Expert Help team are asked to meet up with new clients, the first thing heard is ‘If only I could get in front of more potential clients

Well, come along to our Fife Business Week Workshops. Find out what other Fife based businesses achieved under the direction of the Digital Boost 1-2-1 Expert Help team some of whom are here at ICTADVISOR

We guarantee if you attend these sessions that last just over 2 hours you will leave with a plan for all of your online marketing in the next year.

The sessions are FREE TO ATTEND so don’t deny yourself of having any success with your business, come along to a Fife Business Week Workshop and see if we what help is available for your business to achieve OnlineXcellence.

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