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Why Maintain a Professional Online Business during Covid-19?

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Brian’s Thought for The Last Weekend in March 2020 
I was once sinking to the seabed in my submarine approaching crush depth and I saw, my whole life, up to that moment, playing at high speed inside my head. But when life seems at its darkest moment, it is worth bearing in mind that there is hope.

Sitting in a WEBINAR last weekend I liked how someone put it – We shall reach that MORGAN FREEMAN MOMENT. Morgan Freeman always at the end of his disaster movies, sees people across the world patting each other on the back – hugging each other again and humanity comes together to plan for the future. This is what we all want as the fall out from Covid-19. Not just for us, but more importantly for our children and the next generation, so this fragile world remains in safe hands.

Even though the situation is challenging, and being contained in isolation as we all are, it gives us time to reflect, and to look at how you can plan for a brighter new future, when COVID-19 is destroyed.

We are ALL looking to our World leaders, because as the saying goes – they have the weight of the whole world on their shoulders right now.
I don’t think any of us envy the difficult task the world leaders have of looking after everyone. While we pray they all come through to turn things around for us all – Let us take this time to all think long term – and to prepare for when that MORGAN FREEMAN MOMENT arrives.

The NHS, plus all in the medical profession around the world and scientists we must APPLAUD them every day.

The Self-Employed are very much in the spotlight on the news. We are all here because we have a passion for what we want to do in life. Delivering products and services we are all proud to provide to others. Your website should and always be your primary channel to the outside world. Some clients called me in the last few days in a panic – wanting to shut their website down for the foreseeable future. THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER.

Most of us are not in a position to make any money right now.
But, we can as micro small medium business owners at least stick together and I for one want to help get us all through this.

I value all my clients and enjoy every moment in supporting you all. During this crisis, to keep my mind busy and occupied, until we settle down into a new way of working at some point in the future, I want to ensure YOU ALL what I am doing here is to ensure your most important SUPREME COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL remains visible to the world. This means you will be ready for whatever is needed from you when the world opens for business again.

So, there are things that can and will continue doing here to help you and your business weather this storm.


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