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Monday, April 16th, 2018

Local Web Designers with Affordable Web Design and Marketing For Small Businesses

Let us assume that you are a micro or small medium business owner that can’t afford the luxury prices proposed by developers and designers based in the city and so looking for local web designers. And, let us also assume that you need to get the most out of both your web marketing and website design budget. This is why we are offering you to have a free chat with a real world internet marketing practitioner first. The chances are you could end up not just working with a good a company who can create your your website and are not just web programmers, but more importantly who also know something about digital marketing. What is always a stumbling block for the small medium business owner is finding affordable web designers and website marketers that can meet with their budget and expectation. When the micro and small business website owner cannot find that solution they will consider not using a web agency and instead decide to build your own website?

The Choice – Local Web Designers or Do You Have Time to Plan, Design, Build and Market Your Own Website?

Your website page is governed by design and having a good content strategy. Do you have sufficient knowledge to build your own website and ensure it will meet with all of today’s coding and marketing guidelines to satisfy both search engines and your target market audience?

Small businesses involved in building their own website with little or no creative knowledge can end up holding back their websites performance, becasue the business owner consider DIY website building never really set out to be a web designer or study web marketing as a subject. People like dabbling, but never really finish the job to the standard of a professional tradesman. Hence, why so many websites fail right after launch.

Surrender Your EU Domain Name

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Get Ready to Surrender Your EU Domain Name after #Brexit

The European Commission announces that UK based companies and residents that own .EU ccTLDs will have to surrender your domain names after Brexit.

Surrender EU Domain NamesOver the years when working with business owners taking them on hand-held journey to provide them with an affordable website solution, part of the process was sorting out their domain names. Securing the domain names that mattered would ensure the business had locked down its brand. One of those recommendations was to purchase the .EU domain.

#Brexit – Not Knowing Which Way the Wind Might Blow?

By recommending a business purchase the .EU domain meant at least action was being taken to secure and lock down the business brand. Even before Brexit came into our vocabularly – I was simply poinitng out back then – you just didn’t know which way the wind might blow in the future.

With our own client base I insist that the .COM domain should if possible be the primary domain to house the business website under. Unless of course the business believes that 99.99% of its business was going to come from within the UK. The, the recommendation is flip the coin and make the .CO.UK the primary domain. And simply point the .COM at the website but still have the website serve up in the browser on the .CO.UK – Buy the way, I find it amazing how many businesses still don’t configure their domains properly.

So, here we are getting back to exit from Brexit, the issue of having to surrender your EU Domain Name that will affect website owners.

We hear important Bexit news from one of our trusted voices from across the pond Barry Schwartz, who is Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns his own agency RustyBrick.  Barry is a NY based web consultant who we recognise as one of the trusted voices of real news.  I tell people here in Scotland that Barry is to our industry what our trusted political voice Brian Taylor of Reporting Scotland is to the BBC when standing outside Holyrood in Edinburg giving us his take on Scottish politics.

Barry like Brian reports on the issues as and when they happen. It is so important to have people like them in those respective industries.

Anyway, Barry’s headline post on March 30 2018 over at Search Engine Land could not be more clearer –

UK Webmasters Prepare for #Brexit

Shock and Horror – as he added to his compelling headline story that the EU is coming for your .EU domains.
The urgency towards taking any action is going to be with business owners who decided to actually hang their online website off the end of a .EU Domain.

For those of you have ever attended my Internet Marketing Workshops I deliver across Scotland on behalf of Business Gateway, or experienced some 1-2-1 support time with me helping to grow Scotland’s small business community online, then at most for you people, and me, we are simply going to be left without this domain name being a future asset.

But for anybody who has decided to put a website on their .EU domain – well its like what Barry Schwartz message suggests – you might want to consider migrating to a new domain now.

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