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Are You Ready to Choose Your Web Design Company?

So, let us be honest – there are hundreds of freelance website designers and small agencies all around Scotland and England that are still likely to be operating from home, especially with the presence of Covid-19 being around for some time to come. And it has been proven that with everyone being able to work from wherever they are located all that matters to you when choosing either a web designer or web design company is are these people any good?

Before lock down there was all your bigger agencies sitting in glass office tower blocks in the city with possibly hundreds of people employed by that website agency. Now, right away there is a big overhead – that glass building has to be paid for. So, what is the most important thing to you as a business owner when its time to decide to choose your web design company. Will a small well formed web design team with two or three people who can be very talented be your choice, or regardless cost you just want to go with those residing in that big glass city centre office? Well, you think its a nice building and you fancy seeing yourself walking in and out there because it looks important.

Lots of business owners, especially those in the micro small medium business sector, don’t really know what to ask or look for when it comes down to which type of web design business they should engage with? It is not really about – oh I must go with those in the big city centre glass office. There is a more important question once you look beyond the aesthetics of any web developers location or the websites they build. And that is can they prove they can help your business make money? There are lots of agencies and freelancers showcasing their design talents, and so a website could look nice and shiny, but does it make money. Why not ask the owners of the website? Find out how long the website has been live and whether the business is willing to share when it actually began breaking even then making a profit through marketing and making full use of their website platform.

We are not in a glass office, we have proven we don’t need to be. For us its like being a band. We love playing together, we have much more freedom for creativeness because we came together knowing we could compliment each other no matter where the graphic designer was in relation to where the full stacker coder was located. And its been like that here for 20years. If you are thinking about looking for website design services? Chat to us and hear our story as to how we work and who we have helped and why we have stuck together as a team. We have delivered lots of successful Website Projects in Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the highlands and borders across Scotland and in England – and customers found them affordable and eye catching. We are jealous that our client websites look better than our own. But that’s because our clients come first and those who have been around for 10 years or more are still with us.

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