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Google Analytics Training for Small Businesses


We offer Website Analysis¬† Training either online via SKYPE or at your company’s premises.

Start by just learning or have us deliver basic Analytics and when your ready, aim to achieve doing “Advanced Website Analysis”.

We train the business website manager to understand the critical components of Google’s website analysis tool.

When you learn Google Analytics with us we help you put together a successful web analytics strategy to support your online marketing campaigns.

If you don’t want trained in how to use Google Analytics, but still want to have a successful website, we can be your Google Analytics Partner and provide a monthly website supplemental web analysis service.

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Website Analysis for Small Businesses in Scotland

Google Analytics Beginner Training For both Micro and Small Business Owners in Scotland

Analytics training so you learn how to do this important task on a regular basis. We offer Google Analytics Beginner Training and it can be delivered on a 1-2-1 basis or to a group of people in your business. This is a handholding session of helping you setup and implement Google Analytics. Lots of business owners and even website developers get the setup of this product wrong. In doing so it can hurt your data analysis in the long term.

Website Analysis Services from Real World Web Marketing Practitioners

Businesses realise the web is a very effective marketing channel, but if you don’t measure each website page or carry out regular website analysis how will you know your website is really working for you? Can you confidently say right now that your website was built properly? That the website is fit for the purpose towards getting conversions from customers as they journey through your website pages. Has your website actually been properly optimised to get potential people wanting to those landing pages and actually do business with you?

Apart from keeping you informed of where your web pages might not be achieving their marketing objective, Google Analytics can do much more, such as measure your Google Adwords campaigns or any other offline marketing campaigns.

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