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Is WIX SEO Friendly

Does Wix SEO Work?

For probably more than a few years when delivering workshops to small businesses across Scotland who want to build and market a website, does this question arise – does Wix SEO work?

There are quite a number of off-the-shelf website platforms available now to the DIY Website builder. In many cases, the platform appeals to business owner looking for a low cost solution towards having a website presence online. And WIX is one of those off-the-shelf platforms that many small business owners gravitate towards.

You can understand why. It does appear to be easy to use and is supported by lots of HOW TO VIDEOS and other TEXTUAL SUPPORT MATERIAL. Business owners become quite pleased with themselves because first and foremost their creation has become aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But that is as far as things get.

Because, what I here from my audience and the business owners I see regularly is “I am not at all pleased with WIX because my SEO is not working. And, I don’t rank anywhere!!”

Immediately, I sympathise with the many micro and small medium businesses who have in most cases challenged themselves with this off-the-shelf website product. And, 9 times out of 10 it is this next step that has failed them – miserably!!

Get Rid of Wix – Really?

I myself should not just simply answer the frustrated business owner and say “you need to get rid of WIX and move to WORDPRESS or some other low cost easy to use website platform” Because, more and more I am finding that is not the answer many smaller business owners want to hear. And YES…..they shouldn’t have to move away from WIX.
But, we SEO professional practitioners are spoilt by the features built into other Content Management Software (CMS) platforms. Plus, we do know there are inherent problems that lurk inside the WIX CMS platform.

Hail The Website Tool Tester!

Right now one of the best forums online that is addressing having everyone air their frustrations with WIX, are the guys over at Website Tool Tester.

I have to say I love these guys because they are definitely on my wavelength regarding this topic of trying to make WIX work and discuss the for and against argument for the product. And what I like even more about them is that they take time to answer people’s comments. They are also open to exploring the issue like I am here at ICTADVISOR. I am spending more and more time both listening and analysing business owners experiences of those trying to manage, build and deploy a WIX website.

Year on year we keep living in HOPE that WIX will someday address all the issues that are not a barrier to these smaller businesses who are currently struggling to get found online.

Should I blame WIX for My SEO not Working?

NO, let us not simply dive in and blame WIX for the shortfalls it has right now, because not all of the problems are down to them and those that are – they are working at trying to resolve them.

I am sorry, but I have to return to those who are attempting to build their own website – and not JUST with WIX!!

Here in Scotland alone we have a huge community of small business owners who are the backbone of our community from the Borders to the Central Belt of Scotland, and right here where I am in Fife and all the way North through the Highlands and out to the Islands.

Hundreds of thousands of small business owners governed by the limited TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET but all trying to get online and be found so they can promote what they offer.

The WIX SEO features inside the platform are just part of the problem the small business has to overcome? It is NOT JUST the WIX platform which is currently working hard at trying to offer the ability to provide better editing features to support the most important individual stand-alone components that should be editable for SEO!!

No, much more importantly is finding the business owners themselves finding the right information and help to educate them become competent website managers.

If you don’t have the proper website marketing skills – then as business owner trying to do all things at little cost, you are going to find things difficult if you don’t properly invest towards paying to get proper help.

Why Pay for an Accountant or Garage Mechanic to Keep Your Business buoyant!! But Not Pay for SEO?

This is where I don’t understand the small business. They hire an accountant to do their books and don’t quibble about the annual cost they could end up paying for accountancy services. They have a vehicle that must be ready at all times to deliver the goods or services they provide, and if the mechanic says the vehicle is broken, you pay for the repairs.
Yet, to make money for the business to survive and be profitable, many businesses are still very much OLD SCHOOL in their approach to doing SEO??

How long are willing to spend trying to do DIY SEO on ANY web platform?

Whether you have a WIX website or have opted for any other platform to launch your website, you either need to invest in proper training and that won’t be just some one day course.

When you learned to drive a car, how many lessons did you need? If you then wanted to be skilled at advanced driving, then again you turned to a professional to teach you tactics.

So, what is the problem when it comes to properly investing in SEO support?

If you are trying to build and launch a WIX website right now, you should take more time to learn how the product works, that is going to be important. And if WIX continues to improve its product – Happy Days!! But, for your whole digital marketing strategy to come together. You should really invest in the time you will need to get your business online – properly – SEO is a slow burn at the best of times. And its true what you will read. If you have no monetary budget for marketing then look ahead to 2-3 years before your website even begins to start to mature if you are going to do everything by yourself. You might even find 2-3 years down the line – things are still not working. Now why is that???

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