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Small Business PPC

Small Business PPC Paid Ads for Micro-SMEs in Scotland

Over the last 18 months I have been surprised to find whilst delivering workshops on behalf of Business Gateway via their Digital Boost Program, how many did not turn up to attend the Paid Advertising workshop. Personally, I think this is one of the most important workshops that a small business should consider attending.

I am Brian Mathers Digital Marketing Practitioner in Scotland. I have not seen as many businesses that I would like to see attend what is in my opinion a must have component in your small business digital marketing strategy. I wonder whether a large majority of micro small business owners are still of the believe that Google is a free marketing channel and so there is no need to consider rolling out a Paid Ads campaign? But the Google Search Listing Landscape has changed so much. You just need to look at where your small business organic listing might end up for that all important search term you want to rank for. More than likely it is going to be below the screenfold. Ths is because other listings that Google wants to display have become more important.

Mainly that is the 4 Textual Ad Spots at the top of the page results along with any Shopping Image Ads. This is followed by the LOCAL SEO results that show up in what we call the 3 Pack, a list of the 3 most popular sites that reside underneath Google Maps showing where these 3 businesses are located.

Let us consider that you have just built your first website or you decided to rebuild the website you had because you felt the previous version was not working.

What do you think would be the most important thing to test with an audience that is actually searching for what you offer? That’s right, the landing pages you have created inside your website. Between you and your web developer you decided what went on that page by way of content and imagery. But how do you know this page is engaging your audience? How long are you going to wait to find out? Enter Paid Ads, so that you can properly test your website with an audience who are searching every day for what you offer.

So, to help you plan for this important step. I want you to listen to a PODCAST recently put together by my colleague Matt Bailey who does regular coffee cup sessions with some of the best people that he and I work with.

Matt Bailey Endless Coffee Cup Podcast with Ashley Schweigert

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